Is the Voice in Your Head Your Worst Enemy?

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with world-trnowned psychologist Zee Selvili and talk to her about self-compassion and how to tackle that voice in your head. Many times our voice in our head ends up being our worst enemy, especially for those of us who are sufering from pelvic floor conditions. Zee really knows hw to tell it like it is, read more to hear her truth bombs.

Are Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP) the Panacea You Thought They Would Be?

There are 10 million women in the Unites States using “The Pill” as their primary means of contraception (Guttmacher). Unfortunately, most women don’t know how the pill works nor do they understand the profound effect the Pill is having on their lady parts. What’s even crazier is that I have seen “The Pill” prescribed for everything under the sun including but not limited to depression, migraines, infertility, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, acne and mood swings. Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein are putting the final touches on their new movie “Sweetening the Pill” and I wanted to take a moment to update all of my readers about the importance of the topic.

Improving The Core and Pelvic Floor of Pregnant Women, New Moms and Female Athletes

BELLY-PUMPING-STILL-275Training the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, in the immediate post-partum period and during sports should involve a multi-system approach. For over a decade, when I rehab the pelvic floor and core muscles I work within the muscular, fascial, respiratory and nervous systems. There are two exercises that I feel are multi-system exercises that not only balance the pelvic floor muscles, but also strengthen the core, the back and provides great stability for the pregnant women.

Shotgun Technique and Belting for Pubic Symphysis

ISA-HERREA-ENDING-PAIN-IN-PREGNANCY-THUMBBetter Birth 360 Exclusive – This is your video training for the shotgun technique and belting for pubic symphysis. I spoke about it during my interview and I wanted to make sure you guys have this one under your belt as it is one of the best techniques I have found to alleviate this condition.

Actress Zosia Mamet Shares About Her Grueling Six Year Struggle with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS has successfully treated over 14,000 cases of Pelvic Floor Pain Dysfunction and offers valuable insight on what Zosia shared today at the Women’s Maker’s Conference. Zosia Mamet, an actress and star on the HBO original series, “Girls,” spoke at the 2017 Maker’s Conference in Palos Verde, California and shared about her journey Pelvic Floor Pain Dysfunction. During her talk, she talked about how she has dealt and responded to it.

How 7 Questions Can Change The Course Of Your 2017

Everyone has their vision of what their ideal career or practice looks like but often one factor that blocks that dream is inefficient goal planning. Aren’t you frustrated that you didn’t accomplish more in 2016? I understand, I had my ups and downs in 2016 and didn’t accomplish all that I set out to achieve; you’re not alone. You’ve accomplished goals before, you can accomplish more goals in less time in 2017, I will give you some ideas that will help.