How 9 Questions Can Change The Course Of Your 2019

Incorporate these transforming questions into your goal setting strategy and see what a difference it makes

Can you believe 2019, is upon us? It seems like yesterday we were just enjoying our annual 4th of July Barbecue. It is amazing how quickly each year passes. Every December in between getting the house decorated for the holidays, buying gifts and still seeing over the day to day operations of my business, oh and I still see patients, I sit down and lay out my goals and objectives for the next year. This is a ritual I’ve kept for the last 20 years.

Everyone has their vision of what their ideal career, health or life looks like but often one factor that blocks our dreams is inefficient goal planning. Aren’t you frustrated that you didn’t accomplish more in 2018?

I understand, I had my ups and downs in 2018 and didn’t accomplish all that I set out to achieve; you're not alone. You’ve accomplished goals before, you can accomplish more goals in less time in 2019, I will give you some ideas that will help. I have developed 9 questions that when you answer them will change the course of your 2019.

As busy Queens, it's easy to get lackadaisical in our goal setting. Thank goodness for spell check otherwise; I would have never been able to spell lackadaisical. I get so locked in and focused on the daily grind that I lose sight of what areas of growth I desire to see transpire, in my life, my family and my business. I have to block out time and force myself to sit down and reflect on the previous twelve months and then start planning the 12 months ahead.

I must admit I am a go-getter; this stems from my desire to truly see people's lives healed and transformed through the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the last 12 years. Even so, I am still continuously fine-tuning myself to be more efficient and focused so I can help more women heal in the world.

Over time I have realized that I only have 24 hours each day, and I can only see x number of patients each day and write x number of blogs per week. As a result of this gradual revelation and the importance of it, I’ve recently stated that I am at a stage in my career where I want to duplicate my efforts and share the knowledge, skills, and wisdom I have acquired over the last 15 years.

In the next 12 months, a few of my goals is to help one person every day, offer online programs and to coach more 1:1 clients so that I can pass on and share what I have learned and put into practice over the last decade.

We are embarking on a new year. I’m so happy to see 2018 go. How about you?…

… There are always going to be challenges that arise due to something we did or didn’t do. This year I desire to think at a higher level to make better decisions, to execute more efficiently and ultimately expand the reach of my practice and see more women impacted by the programs I have created. I also need to continually reflect, evaluate and adjust as I reach established milestones.

It would be easy to get you all excited and say you can do it and give you a handful of useful and beneficial tasks to start implementing. But I have come to enjoy thinking outside of the box, and I am continually adjusting my outside of the box thinking…maybe I will make it one of my goals this year to come up with a universal term for this…hmm?

I have written a list of questions for you to study, meditate, and reflect on. I believe if you purposely take the time to ask yourself these 9 questions and then integrate them into a goal setting plan you already have in place you will be light days (as opposed to light years) ahead of your competition.

So your task in the next nine days is to reflect on these questions I have posted and see how the answers that come to you will transform you, your goals, your pelvic health and ultimately your well-being.

I have discovered over the years that when asked a question, my response depends on my understanding of the question. So to keep it simple for you I have asked one questions that you help you to clear your path and create a deep understanding of where you are heading. I sincerely hope this exercise becomes a supplement and assists in you in your goal and reclaiming your pelvic health and bladder powder.

Now get ready to write; when you do you will see the results of your efforts transpire in the next days, weeks and months!!


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Take the following action steps:

  1. Write down the questions in a special notebook that brings you joy when you look at it.
  2. Write down the answers that come to you below the question.
  3. Don’t try to address all 9 questions at once, take it in bite-sized chunks. Answer 1 or 2 a day.
  4. Take the information that you collect from answering the questions and implement them into your overall goal setting strategy.
  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Create a vision board that paints a picture of the life, pelvic health and other goals you want to reach in 2019.  Pin it to a wall in your house that you see every day. Use the vision board as a motivational tool to keep you on track and to help you achieve your heart’s desires.

9 Questions That Will Change The Course of Your 2019

Question #1

  • If I have a 90-day goal, what would my incremental goals be for 15, 30 and 60 days to achieve the 90-day goal?  Success Suggestion: Break things down into smaller steps and tackle things without getting overwhelmed.

Question #2

  • How can I make faster decisions and eliminate distractions during my decision-making process? Success Suggestion: Track your day and see how you are spending your time.

Question #3

  • What is one thing that I can start executing on today that will get me one foot closer to my goal? Success Suggestion: Sometimes it’s the small things that can make the biggest impact.

Question #4

  • If I was completely honest with an accountability partner ( coach or therapist), would they assess I am doing pretty good? Success Suggestion: Keep a gratitude journal and jot down every morning three things you are grateful for and why.

Question #5

  • What is the one area of my life that am I avoiding to address and if I addressed it what would be the potential outcome? Success Suggestion:  Categories to consider are pelvic health, health in general, business, money, love, education, connections, and community

.Question #6

  • What is the connection if any between my hopes and any known fears I have? Success Suggestion: Here you must go deep into the things that hold you back from being the most radiant Queen you can be.

Question #7

  • What metrics can I use outside of money to measure the achievement of my goals? Success Suggestion: Be creative here. Sometimes we don't track our wins and this creates a spiral of not enough.

Question #8

  • What’s the one thing you can change in your morning routine that will set you up for success for the rest of the day? Success Suggestion: mediation, Gratitude list, Morning pages, stretching

Question #9

  • How can you open yourself up more to stay even closer connected with family and friends that inspire you and support you? Success Suggestion: Call instead of text; Invite them over to your house. Invite yourself to their house; Create a book club or simply ask them to join you for tea.

Food For Thought

  • What is the one question I am not asking myself to achieve my goals for 2019?
  • Is there anything I have overlooked as I reach for my goals for 2019?
  • When I listen to the conversation-taking place in my head when it comes to goal setting and sticking with my resolutions what am I hearing?
  • As I listen to my the feedback that I say silently to myself and sometimes out loud, what am I saying? Examine every thought.
  • You ultimately become what you repeatedly do.
  • Establishing a healthy ritual and succeeding takes time so be patient and forgiving with yourself.

I get fired up when I write about goals and the pursuit of health goals. Especially self-care goals. There is so much to learn and achieve. When I learn something new, it inspires me to action and gives me the motivation to be more intentional with my thinking and the actions I take to care for myself and my  family.

I hope the questions I asked you to study will be helpful and transformative for you. I look forward to getting your feedback on how these questions inspired you to action. Please email me back. I want to know.

Big LOve and Much Success in 2019


About the Author


Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS is a New York City-based holistic women’s pelvic floor specialist, author of 5 books on pelvic health, including the 2017 international best seller Female Pelvic Alchemy and the ground-breaking self-help book, Ending Female Pain, A Woman's Manual. She has dedicated her career to advancing awareness of pelvic floor conditions so that more people can find relief from this silent epidemic that affects over 30 million people in the US alone. Ms. Herrera holds a BA in Psychology and Biology from Fordham University and also a Masters in Physical Therapy from Hunter College. Click here for a complete bio.