Ageless & Strong Pelvic Floor Workshop Bonuses


You dedicated the time to yourself and stayed to the end of my masterclass, here are the bonuses I promised you for putting yourself first!

These gifts are available to you for free for just over one month – until June 1, 2022. Please download the PDFs, so you have it for your healing notebook.

When performing the exercises in the webinar book or in these eBooks – LISTEN to your body and work with what you can do. Some women can do more reps and set others can NOT. So start out slow. Never override a pain signal.

Please check in with your MD. These bonuses and workouts are NOT a substitute for medical care.

The Limited Masterclass Replay is Available

sept 2021 webinar bonus page

Take advantage of the VIP discount code and get extra savings on my proven programs and supplements.

My team and I have over 40 years of collective experience treating pelvic floor conditions, and we are here to provide you with safe and accurate self-care information and products.

This masterclass and all of my programs are not a 1-surgery, 1-pill, 1-exercise, 1-stretch gimmick or trick… we’re talking about a complete lifetime access transformation toolkit. Learn to assess yourself, be your own detective, and then have all the tools needed to make positive changes in your life.

Masterclass Bonus #1:
The Strong Pelvic Floor Manifesto

2022q2momday bonus manifesto

Masterclass Bonus #2:
Three Steps to Claiming Your Crown

2022q2momday bonus 3 steps

Masterclass Bonus #3:
Relentless Self-Care Manifesto

relentless v2 image bonus

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