The One Core Exercise Every Woman Should Be Doing

I am so grateful to Marissa Laliberte at Reader’s Digest for interviewing me about this topic that causes so much confusion with so many women. We met a recent event and got to talking about how we really needed to set the record straight on this topic…Read More…

The Significance of Incontinence – Not Many Escape This Unpleasant Condition, Not Even the Young

Incontinence does not respect you.  It can occur at virtually anytime with little or no warning.  And when it does happen, you have that thought you have is typically along the lines, “Oh no, not again, I hope it is not that bad.”  

Until recently, incontinence has primarily been recognized as a condition amongst women who have recently given birth or who are older.  Athletes and fitness enthusiasts even have had the mindset that dealing with this issue is just part of the price you need to pay to be physically fit.

This is not entirely accurate.  Although each woman needs to be individually diagnosed, there are some commonalities that you need to be conscious of when it comes to identifying, acknowledging, addressing and treating incontinence.Read More…

How To Exercise Successfully Even When You Don’t Want To

For the past twelve years as a pelvic healer, there is one question that I get over and over again.  Maybe the question is because we lead busy lives with grueling schedules or maybe it’s that time plays a cruel joke on us.  Time waits for no one, and this is a fundamental truth.  The question that I get asked most often is, “What exercises do I have to do on a daily basis to heal?   That question is usually followed with I’m very busy with limited time and we have to work around my schedule. Read More…

“Mesh Doctors” You Promised First To Do No Harm. What Happened? (Part 1)

Mesh surgeries for incontinence and organ prolapse have been in the forefront of the media for several years. Watch late night TV in America and you see that there are many class actions lawsuits occurring here in America as well as in Australia.

Recently, more media attention has risen because several hundred Australian women decided to stand up for their rights and say hell no we won’t take it anymore and bought a class action suit to the “mesh doctors.” After reading these articles, I became even more determined to set the record straight from the perspective of a pelvic healer. Many of these women in the Australian class action lawsuit, as a result of these mesh surgeries, suffered from permanent sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain. Read More…

What 12 Years of Providing Physical Therapy Taught Me About Treating Mummy Tummy (Diastasis Recti Abdominis, DRA)

As a physical therapist and expert in pelvic floor health, I believe that all “disease” is multifactorial and involves multiple systems including the spirit and soul.

The recent NPR article “Flattening The ‘Mummy Tummy’ With 1 Exercise, 10 Minutes A Day” by Michaleen Doucleff hit a nerve with several professionals in my line of work, myself included. There was a fury of action with rebuttals and opinion pieces. Read More…

Takeaways from a Pelvic Healer – Women’s Sexual Freedom and Enjoyment is Being Hijacked: 30 Million Women Want To Know Why

It’s not every day, well I don’t actually recall when a man has written something so compelling and so captivating and more importantly so true and relevant to my life mission and our profession.

I often wonder why is it that women are continuously relegated to the sidelines and many times ignored and mistreated by doctors. Is it gender bias stereotypes? Is it ignorance? Is it the “not in my back yard syndrome” or is it simply conditioning that needs to be shattered?

As a woman who suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction, I can tell you the medical community failed me and it wasn’t until I went deep into my pelvic floor healing that I came out of that darkness. Read More…

Is the Voice in Your Head Your Worst Enemy?

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with world-trnowned psychologist Zee Selvili and talk to her about self-compassion and how to tackle that voice in your head. Many times our voice in our head ends up being our worst enemy, especially for those of us who are sufering from pelvic floor conditions. Zee really knows hw to tell it like it is, read more to hear her truth bombs.

Are Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP) the Panacea You Thought They Would Be?

There are 10 million women in the Unites States using “The Pill” as their primary means of contraception (Guttmacher). Unfortunately, most women don’t know how the pill works nor do they understand the profound effect the Pill is having on their lady parts. What’s even crazier is that I have seen “The Pill” prescribed for everything under the sun including but not limited to depression, migraines, infertility, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, acne and mood swings. Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein are putting the final touches on their new movie “Sweetening the Pill” and I wanted to take a moment to update all of my readers about the importance of the topic.