Improving The Core and Pelvic Floor of Pregnant Women, New Moms and Female Athletes

BELLY-PUMPING-STILL-275Training the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, in the immediate post-partum period and during sports should involve a multi-system approach. For over a decade, when I rehab the pelvic floor and core muscles I work within the muscular, fascial, respiratory and nervous systems. There are two exercises that I feel are multi-system exercises that not only balance the pelvic floor muscles, but also strengthen the core, the back and provides great stability for the pregnant women.

Actress Zosia Mamet Shares About Her Grueling Six Year Struggle with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS has successfully treated over 14,000 cases of Pelvic Floor Pain Dysfunction and offers valuable insight on what Zosia shared today at the Women’s Maker’s Conference. Zosia Mamet, an actress and star on the HBO original series, “Girls,” spoke at the 2017 Maker’s Conference in Palos Verde, California and shared about her journey Pelvic Floor Pain Dysfunction. During her talk, she talked about how she has dealt and responded to it.

How to Supercharge Your Patient’s Postpartum Checkup

We live in a culture that minimizes how physically difficult it is to give birth. Our culture tends to glorify movies stars that get their postpartum bodies back before they leave the hospital. We can change that perception with good old-fashioned education. The six-week postpartum checkup sets the tone for the new mom’s recovery and what is said, done and recommended will change the course of a woman’s life forever. I believe that we can improve maternal outcomes, reduce pain and make a difference in postpartum recovery if we learn a little bit more about what the “new mother” is experiencing physically by asking the right questions — and not just tell them this is the normal recovery.

What Does It Take To Heal Today? Where is the Fountain of Youth and Fountain of Health?

BLOG-WHAT-IT-TAKES-TO-HEAL-ISA-HERRERA-MEDITATE-THUMBWhen one embarks on a healing journey there will be moments on the mountain tops and there will be moments in the valleys of deep despair. I know, I have been in both places during my own journey and what I have figured out is this; how you deal with these moments of ups and downs determines whether you find yourself healed or not.

From Pelvic Pain To Pill Popper: When Ignorance Does Not Equal Bliss

BLOG-OPIODS-SMALL Chronic Pelvic Pain is no new kid on the block. With that said, chances are most of you have probably never heard of it. A silent epidemic, this condition affects approximately 30 million women at any given time, and that’s in North America alone. That means that 1 out of 3 women will experience CPP at some point in their lives. If that number sounds like a lot, that’s because it is.