Free Masterclass Training: “The Butterfly Effect – How To Get a Tsunami of Goodness in Your Life”

Hi Queen,

Thank you for being part of my community, taking my emails, and giving my life purpose <3. I am sharing exceptional training with you that I believe will help you re-connect with your inner wisdom and intuition to help you experience more joy, contentment, and happiness in your life…RIGHT NOW by following the simple and basic steps in this masterclass training.

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?

It’s an elegant way of saying that we are all so interconnected that a butterfly can flap its wings in Hong Kong, and the result of that one small, teeny-tiny change in the atmosphere could mean a rainstorm in New York.

It symbolizes the power and effectiveness of small, consistent changes.

Want to lose weight?

Walk those 10K steps every day for a month and see what happens.

Want to get your pelvis in the best shape of your life?

Do those exercises every day for a few minutes.

I’ve seen these small steps turn into huge, life-changing, culture-making, infomercial-worthy results time and time again.

And it’s why I’m so very excited to give you access to something that only my Queens in the Pelvic Wellness Collective typically do.

This masterclass, “The Butterfly Effect – How To Get a Tsunami of Goodness in Your Life,” was so powerful that I wanted to share it with you because right now, we gotta focus on what’s important to us and stay focused on the positivity.

Free Masterclass Training: “The Butterfly Effect – How To Get a Tsunami of Goodness in Your Life”

So, as a way to say “thank you for loving me and letting me in your inbox,” I’m giving you training that has helped hundreds of women, and it will help you too.

Let me tell you, this masterclass was one of the best I’ve ever done, and I know you’re going to love it.

The truth is that the big and transformative things in life sometimes start small. For instance, a tree started from a seed, a skyscraper started with digging a hole in the ground, and a house started with one brick or one piece of wood.

I believe that small, consistent changes are what’s makes for a tsunami of goodness in your life.

It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget to see the building blocks of our lives and how we can use them to be happier and to get everything we desire out of life.

We’re so busy preparing for what could happen that we miss doing what we need to do in the moment. We need to start taking advantage of the present moment and live our lives to the fullest- happy, content, and joyous. This is our birthright!

As women, we are hardwired for unhappiness, self-sacrifice, and putting ourselves last on our own list. That’s how we’re programmed, but we can change that when we have better tools, and this masterclass has a ton of tools that will help you come back home to yourself.

And it’s why I’m so very excited to give you access to something that only my Unbreakable Queens in the Pelvic Wellness Collective typically get access to.

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6 Easy Steps to Creating a Tsunami of Goodness In Your Life- I Cover These in Greater Detail in the Above Masterclass So Watch It!

Step 1: Self-Inquiry

1- What areas in our lives are we giving it all away and NOT loving ourselves enough.

2- Look at where you don’t feed your soul and yourself.

3- How and why do I sacrifice myself?

4- Where are you occupying yourself to avoid yourself?

5- What do I need to do to feed myself?

6- Do I give myself permission to fly without getting caught in the turmoil of life? What is the story you are telling yourself about your life and yourself?

7- Is what I am saying or doing loving towards myself or another and if the answer is NO, then change it.

Step 2: Take Action Even If Imperfect

there are 3 things that paralyze us into NOT taking action in our lives and once we understand them we can move into them fearlessly.

1– I’m not good enough.

2- I am afraid to try because I will fail.

3- What will they think of me?

What would happen if you pushed those thoughts away and took action.

When we don’t take action that’s when we don’t show up for ourselves. I believe taking action even if it’s imperfect is the way to transform our lives. Don’t try for perfection! Perfection is an illusion that holds us back.

Step 3: Self-Compassion Is Everything

Don’t be discouraged by your failures. The secret to life is to fall seven times but to get up 8. Pick yourself off, dust off the loss, and keep moving! Practice the same grace towards yourself that you would towards someone else who’s in pain or has just failed.

Step 4: Self-Responsibility

There’s a masculinization of the woman. Heck, we masculinize ourselves and forget to be women. We have to re-discover for ourselves how to lean on ourselves and to take responsibility without manning up. No one is coming to save us. Our responsibility is to ourselves, so when our cups run over and are full, then and only then can we help those around us.

Step 5: What is Triggering You?

Within the trigger is the medicine for your healing. What is it that is bothering me? What are they saying to yourself?

Hear with your heart, Not your eyes. Commit to yourself and tell yourself I’m not going to lower myself to your frequency or negative vibrational levels.

Step 6: Love: You Can’t Learn Love In Love

The world is crying for a hug right now, and so many of us are suffering – If we all decide right now to work from a place of love and compassion, we would have a ripple effect that would touch hundreds of thousands. Knowing love comes from the dark times and the times of self-loathing and hate. You can’t learn love in love.

The Pelvic Wellness Collective community is special, and when we commit to ourselves, our sisters, the world around us changes, and then we become filled with goodness and happiness.

Don’t forget to wear your heart on your sleeve. No more pretense!

Work from a place of love. No more judging!

Don’t man up – cry if you must cry! Throw a tantrum if you must. Just don’t hold it inside anymore!

The next thing is to focus on joy.

If you’re experiencing trauma, anxiety, and dis-ease, also check out this article.

Also, be on the lookout for my huge Mother’s Day Sale happening this week. All of my programs and my favorite products will be on SALE! this is another way that I can express my gratitude and love for you.


Sending you Big Love and Ease,


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