If You’re A Woman Over 40… Here’s Why Most Collagen Supplements Can Actually Hurt You, Causing Unexplained Anxiety, “Down There” & Bladder Problems!

What do leaking, pelvic weakness, vulva dryness, wrinkles, stiff joints, and poor digestion have in common?

Dear Unbreakable Queen,

They’re all signs that your body’s collagen (firming protein) levels are deficient and in serious need of replenishment. If you’re a woman over 40, there’s almost a 100 % chance that you are not getting enough of this firming protein. This protein is one of the most vital compounds in your body. It’s also one of the most beneficial for you to stay as young as possible.

It’s often touted as being a “fountain of youth” or an “anti-aging miracle,” but there’s far more to it than that, especially when it comes to your pelvic floor health. (more on that in a minute…)

The female body relies on this firming protein to support healthy pelvic floor muscles, vulva skin, hair, skin, nails, bone and joint health, and digestion.

From our pelvic floor muscles to our bones and everything else in between, maintaining this protein’s production is essential for overall pelvic health, feminine wellness, and for looking young.

(And if you *think* you can guess what it is, keep reading because there’s some very important information based on NEW research that most women don’t have that can actually cause more harm than help with this protein.)

Collagen Had Been Declining In My Body Since My Twenties, Weakening My Lady Parts, Bladder & Destroying Me From The Inside Out

My name is Isa Herrera and I’m a pelvic floor Physical Therapist, an international best-selling author, and a mom and wife. I’ve treated over 15,000 women at my Madison Avenue center in NYC.

I have been a pioneer in getting information about pelvic health out to the world, by appearing on countless media outlets and authoring 5 books. I recently discovered a hidden danger about the women’s firming protein that I’m going to tell you all about in one moment.

Not so long ago after the birth of my daughter, I ended up with severe pelvic floor dysfunction. I had leaking, prolapse, and excruciating pelvic pain.

I managed to heal myself from intimacy pain and leaking but once I healed my pelvic floor dysfunction I was left with vaginal laxity, vaginal atrophy, and a stubborn pelvic organ prolapse that kept me from being active and feeling like half a woman.

These pelvic floor issues hurt my confidence, lifestyle, and my relationship with my husband. I just didn’t feel tight enough for intimacy and my muscles no matter how many Kegels I did were not enough to hold my organs in place, especially after menopause.

So I went on the search for answers to feel stronger and tighter “Down There”

From my research as a personal trainer and pelvic floor physical therapist, I knew about the importance of the women’s firming protein for skin elasticity, muscle strength, and joint health.

So I immediately started to add this firming protein into my smoothies every morning. At first, I could feel a difference, and I felt tighter and better “Down There” by adding the firming protein to my favorites beverages, and it was working for me.

But then things started to change and get bad.

I will continue this story in a moment but first, let me reveal what the women’s firming protein is – Collagen!

What Exactly IS Collagen and Why Is It So Vital?

We tend to say “Collagen” like it’s a single thing, but truth be told, Collagen is a set of proteins found throughout the human body, and it’s not a single thing. In fact, there are more than 20 types of Collagen in your body!
And it’s one of the most powerful compounds in your entire female system, responsible for the elasticity in your skin, the flexibility of your joints, the beauty of your hair, and the strength of your nails… but it goes far deeper than that.

Collagen is actually the key component in your joints, your ligaments, and your tendons too! It’s very literally “the glue” that holds your body together. (Fun fact, the word collagen itself comes from the Greek word for glue!)

It’s the largest collection of proteins in your entire body, making up 25% to 35% of ALL the proteins in your body. But there’s a big problem…

As we age, our collagen levels drop steeply! Starting in our 20’s collagen production goes down year after year, and by the time we reach our 80’s our body produces over four times LESS than it did in our 20’s.

This is why we have visible signs of aging like –

  • Weak muscles including the pelvic floor muscles
  • Less support for our reproductive organs
  • Sagging skin with cellulite 
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Stiff joints
  • Poor mobility
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Grey hair and thinning hair 
  • Poor eyesight
  • Leaky gut and digestive issues
And all the other things we commonly associate with aging. But there’s one incredibly important aspect of collagen in aging, especially for women that are often overlooked. But women often don’t realize Collagen is important for a specific part of their body.

Collagen Is NOT just for beauty, it plays a key role in keeping your pelvic floor muscles healthy and strong. 
Millions of women, especially over the age of 40, start to experience pelvic floor conditions including leaking, pain during intercourse, prolapse, constipation, incontinence, and more due to the degeneration of the pelvic floor muscles and related organs. It usually starts after childbirth and gets much worse during and after menopause. There have been many studies on the relationship between collagen and the pelvic floor…scientists have found that women with stress urinary incontinence (ladies that pee when they sneeze, cough, or laugh) and pelvic organ prolapse have significantly decreased collagen levels in their pelvic floor and vaginal tissues. 

This holds true even for younger women. One study found a 30% lower collagen level in study participants compared to healthy control samples from women of the same age. Other studies found that the pelvic floor tissues in women with pelvic organ prolapse were looser and contain less collagen than the pelvic tissues of the women in the control group.

Recent studies have shown that over 25% of women in the U.S. alone will experience moderate to severe pelvic conditions in their lifetime! And believe it or not, collagen plays a huge role in your pelvic health (more on that in just a moment) First let’s look at –

Every Day Your Collagen is NOT Optimized Your Body Ages Faster & You Lose Out On…

– Decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for more youthful radiant skin at any age.

 Supporting joints and ligaments.

– Increasing elasticity in your “lady parts” and improved vulva skin hydration.

– Improved Kegel contraction and pelvic floor muscle strength.

 Helps support a healthy weight.

– Maintaining healthy arteries – studies have shown that collagen helps keep your arteries and veins more flexible and healthier.  

– Protecting your liver function so your body can process toxins more efficiently

– Improving your mood – Now more than ever having a more positive attitude and mood can have long-lasting health benefits in this chaotic time.

– Improving your sleep – Collagen contains an amino acid called glycine that’s been shown to help your body sleep more deeply for better rest and more energy!

And a whole lot more.

Why Is Collagen So Important For Your “Lady Parts” and Overall Pelvic Health?

One of the fascinating things about collagen is its ability to keep things lubricated, flexible and elastic. This is why it’s so important for your ligaments (the stretchy things that keep your bones held together) and cartilage (the squishy things that keep your bones from touching each other).

It’s this moisture-augmenting property that makes collagen supplement powder the most powerful choice for pelvic floor health and vitality.

Collagen is a natural moisture barrier, which means that it prevents your skin, ligaments, and tendons from losing water. And when your body’s no longer making collagen on its own, collagen supplementation has shown to increase collagen density in the dermis, skin elasticity, and hydration.  This is good news for women with vulva dryness and thinning of their “Down There” tissues.

Collagen is also an integral part of the structure of the pelvic floor. The ligaments and fascia that comprise your pelvic floor are collagen fibers that are interwoven with muscles and vascular structures. The cardinal ligaments, which are what attach the uterus to the wall of the pelvis, get their strength from collagen as well.

So in addition to being a structural support system for the skin and tissues of the pelvic floor, collagen also helps keep your vaginal skin lubricated and your organ supported.

Since pelvic prolapse has been shown to possibly have a genetic component, one study suggested that these inherited genetic mutations can result in disordered collagen metabolism, which is what weakens the fascial support for the pelvic organs — resulting in prolapse.

The good news is that I have seen women in my clinic and online programs improve their pelvic organ prolapse by supplementing with high-quality collagen.

Now you may be reading this thinking “I don’t have a pelvic condition” and that’s fantastic – but I’ve met thousands of more women who experience other complications, especially in their Lady Parts.

A recent study showed that as women age, they experience more “Down There” issues.  Especially things like lack of proper lubrication, lack of sensation, and a loosening of the vaginal muscles, and a drying up of the skin in the vulva. The power of collagen can actually help each of these issues even if you don’t have an ongoing pelvic condition.

Healing Our “Lady Parts” From The Inside Out

But for those of you who DO suffer from things like bladder leakage, overactive bladder dysfunction, pelvic pain, prolapse, or pelvic floor weakness– adding a collagen supplement could enhance your healing process. Collagen supplementation helps increase elasticity and helps strengthen your muscles and organ systems.

Collagen also helps you with exercises like Kegels and massage for your pelvic condition.

Like I mentioned before, I went through dozens of collagen supplements in the search for one that would work for my own personal pelvic floor condition, and I found that a lot of them made it even worse.

Here’s the Problem With How Most Women Get Their Collagen

Now let’s back to my story and I will tell you the challenges I came into and what went wrong when I started taking collagen.

I was taking collagen consistently and then it was working for a while. Then something strange happened- I started to experience not only anxiety but also bladder and pelvic problems again.

I knew from the research that collagen should be helping with my mood issues, vaginal laxity, bladder prolapse issues… but it simply wasn’t.

So, if you’re a woman who cares about her health, then supplementing with collagen becomes one of the best things you can do for yourself. And many women are starting to realize this and are taking collagen supplements.

There are TWO BIG PROBLEMS with how most women get their Collagen…

I was taking my collagen religiously. Then something strange happened. My anxiety was through the roof and I couldn’t understand why. I wasn’t doing anything differently than I had been… except taking my new collagen supplement! As I usually do when faced with a problem I dived into the research and figured out that the Collagen supplement I was taking was “incomplete” – interestingly, enough most collagens are missing one single compound that would make it a “complete” protein, and without this key ingredient, my collagen supplement was depleting my serotonin levels causing this anxiety to surface.

Serotonin is famous for regulating your mood and keeping your emotions balanced. When serotonin levels are low, you can have a mood or anxiety disorder, and that’s precisely what was happening to me. And further research led me to discover that our bodies don’t naturally create this key ingredient, so we have to consume it directly to tame the anxiety!

Here’s Another Hidden Problem With Collagen That You Should Be Aware Of…

While I was taking my Collagen supplement, I felt the constant urge to pee and spent more time in the bathroom than almost anywhere else. It was disheartening. I also felt a deep irritation in my pelvis that felt like a bladder infection and I started to experience pelvic pain again. I thought I had healed those issues a long time ago and I had. But, they were back in full force. The Vitamin C in the collagen supplements that I was taking was making all of my pelvic and bladder issues come back!


The Best Way to Help Your Body Improve, Maintain and Even Increase Internal Collagen Production is With Collagen Supplementation, But There’s a Catch

I started looking high and low for a collagen supplement of any kind that didn’t have added Vitamin C and was a complete protein that contained all 5 collagen peptides.  I couldn’t find a single one.  So I kept experimenting with brand-name collagen supplements and my anxiety, pelvic, and bladder issues worsened.

That’s when I finally had my AH-HA moment that would save my marriage and my love life.

One of the tragic problems with collagen supplements is that most manufacturers combine it with a high dose of vitamin C…which is a known bladder irritant for women. The other problem is that most Collagens are NOT a complete protein and lack a key ingredient that can negatively affect your serotonin levels.

The supplement industry has women believing that all Collagen supplements are complete proteins and need Vitamin C to be effective and these are two of the biggest myths out there right now.

There are 2 enzymes that are directly involved in collagen production and Vitamin C is essential to their activation. Studies have shown that applying topical vitamin C to your skin helps boost collagen production and that eating vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables can also help maintain higher collagen levels.

Yes, vitamin C is a cofactor for collagen synthesis. However, combining your collagen supplement with a vitamin C supplement is a recipe for having to run to the bathroom every five minutes and or feeling pain in your pelvic region.  Not exactly a positive experience for ladies taking collagen to help strengthen their pelvic floor, right?

The BIG PROBLEM with Vitamin C for women is that it’s a bladder irritant. For many women with pelvic floor dysfunction who suffer from leaking, urge, or pain, Vitamin C will make bladder and pain issues worse. Most Collagens on the market have added Vitamin C, making them a poor choice for women who want healthy bladders and happy lady parts.

Your Collagen Supplement Needs I, II, III, V, and X Peptide Types Plus Tryptophan… Anything Less & You Put Overall Health At Risk

The best way to help your body improve, maintain and even increase internal collagen production is with collagen supplementation.

Collagen supplements are created using animal connective tissues and have been shown to be effective in maintaining and increasing collagen levels in your body. Studies show that collagen peptides can actually trigger your body’s own collagen production, especially in the skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

But all collagen supplements are NOT created equally.

There are also collagen lotions and ointments that literally only permeate the very top layer of your skin, and while that might slightly help fine lines and wrinkles, it does nothing for the rest of your body.

As you might recall, there are over 20 different kinds of collagen protein in the human body, but there are some that are far more important to your health than others.

The ones we’re most concerned about right now are Types 1, 2,  3, 5, and 10. These are vital to your overall health, here’s how they break down:

Collagen Type I: Supports Healthy Skin, Nails, Teeth, Tendons & Ligaments

This is by far the most prevalent type of collagen protein in the female body. It clocks in at nearly 90% of your entire collagen makeup and is responsible for some very important areas of your body. It helps maintain strong bones, thick lustrous hair and nails, healthy teeth, and even your tendons and ligaments. It’s a must-have in any collagen supplement. This type of Collagen helps to tighten vaginal and vulva tissue.

Collagen Type II: Maintains Healthy Joints

Every single joint in your body contains cartilage that can degrade and become damaged over time. This is why so many people over a certain age end up with hip replacements and knee replacements. Type 2 collagen is a large part of what makes up the cartilage in your joints keeping you healthy and active!

Collagen Type III: Supports Pelvic Organs Including Uterus, Intestines & Arteries

Type 3 collagen is incredibly important. It’s the second most common collagen in your body and it helps maintain the pliability of your organs, your arteries, and your skin. This particular collagen is important because it helps maintain your organs and that includes your pelvic floor organs, your vagina, your bladder, and more.

Collagen Type V: Involved in Healthy Hair & Elastic Skin

Type V collagen is found on the surface of your skin, helping elasticity and it’s also found directly in your hair as well and it can help your hair become fuller, healthier, and far less brittle over time. It’s also the kind of collagen found in the placenta. Placental collagen has long been used as a skin hydrating, lifting, and firming agent. So we had to add Type V collagen to this powerful formula. If you want lustrous vibrant hair and skin, getting Type V into your body is a MUST!

Collagen Type X: Keeps Bones & Tendons Strong

This is one of the least known yet incredibly important collagen peptides. It’s responsible for bone strength and bone formation. It’s also an important component of the cartilage that keeps your joints and tendons flexible and strong. Studies have shown that Type X collagen can help prevent some of the more common conditions of “aging” like arthritis and osteoporosis. It’s most commonly found in chickens and the membrane inside chicken eggs (which got it the nickname “eggshell collagen”) It’s vital to helping with your aging. 

 But alas,  even having all 5 of the most powerful collagens in a supplement doesn’t make it GREAT. (And I was on a mission to develop the BEST collagen supplement in the world for women over 40 and the specific health and pelvic health issues they face!)

There are two more compounds that are vitally essential to getting the most out of collagen supplementation….And the missing ingredients are… Tryptophan & L Theanine


You’re most likely familiar with tryptophan from its association with turkey on Thanksgiving and its reputation for making you drowsy (That’s actually somewhat of a myth though, the only way tryptophan can make you immediately sleepy is if you take it all by itself without any other amino acids) It’s an essential amino acid and the ONLY amino acid missing from collagen peptides. Collagen contains 8 out of the 9 amino acids that make up what’s called a “complete protein” and it has some amazing properties. Taking a collagen supplement that doesn’t contain tryptophan can actually deplete your serotonin levels and lead to worry despair and irritability. (And nobody’s got time for that!) Tryptophan actually helps maintain and boost those levels to help keep anxiety at bay! And it rounds out collagen making it a complete protein.

But tryptophan has a sister amino acid that takes feelings of worry or despair and serotonin benefits to the next level and that amino acid is – L Theanine.

L Theanine

L Theanine is actually a very unique amino acid. It’s almost exclusively found in green tea! L Theanine is the compound that gives green tea the reputation to have relaxing qualities and it’s backed up by science. In studies, adults who ingested L Theanine had an increase in a specific brainwave pattern called “A waves.” These brain waves are considered to be an index of relaxation. And when adult humans were given an oral dose of L Theanine of between 50 to 200 mg, they experienced an increase in A-waves within 40 minutes of taking this amino acid.

This increase signifies relaxation without causing drowsiness. It has also proven to modify key neurotransmitters involved with focus, concentration, mood, and memory- as well as enhancing the production of dopamine and serotonin.

It was a MUST add for our proprietary collagen formula. More on that in a minute.

And after my experience taking collagen that was MISSING these key ingredients, I knew that for women who desperately needed the benefits of collagen for their pelvic floor, it was a TRAGEDY that they were having to suffer with the side effects of the very thing that they were trying to help!

That just sounded too crazy to me. So I set out to create the BEST collagen supplement for women over 40. I dug into the research even more, and here’s what I realized:

*Be Advised* – Collagen Supplements Are NOT Created Equally And Many Are Not Even Tested

Most Collagens Fall Short for Women

If you’re planning to use a collagen supplement there are some very important things you need to know. All collagen supplements are NOT created equal. Many, if not most, collagen supplements on the market right now contain only one and maybe two of the most important collagen proteins. A lot of them contain fillers and junk that are not only unnecessary but are a little questionable to boot.

Collagen is everywhere, at your local grocery, your drugstore, your pharmacy. But most manufacturers employ substandard testing and sourcing that makes them much less effective than they could be. You need a collagen supplement that has ALL 5 of the major collagen peptide proteins, plus Tryptophan- with no additives and no fillers.

When I started hearing about all the benefits of adding a collagen supplement to your daily health routine, I went through over a dozen of them with little to no real discernable results. As a matter of fact, as I said before I found myself more anxious and with more pelvic issues. Yikes!

I knew a solution HAD to be out there so I kept looking, but the choices got slimmer and I couldn’t find a single one powerful enough to provide the benefits of additional collagen and the ability to stimulate your body’s own collagen production.

This led me to do something I never thought I’d do in my entire life or career… (more on that in a moment)

The one thing I was seeking was a fully “female-friendly” collagen supplement. One that addressed the unique challenges that many women face as they grow older.

I wanted a collagen supplement that was designed specifically for the benefits that I wanted in my own life. Not just “anti-aging” not just “anti-wrinkle” – no, I wanted to find a supplement that had total body rejuvenation benefits for the long term.

I knew that at that point I needed to take matters into my own hands, and use my experience with healing women to guide me.

So I went to work creating the ultimate Collagen supplement specifically for women to help decrease the visible signs of aging of course, but more importantly to help INTERNALLY with the most common pelvic conditions that many women like you encounter as they age.

I started putting together exactly what I wanted in a collagen supplement (and very importantly what I did NOT want) I sourced suppliers and laboratories across the country to try and help me formulate the exact supplement that would bring all of the health benefits with NO downside.

I finally found the right lab and the right ingredients, and it’s led me to this…


Total Fem Collagen

The BEST Collagen Supplement for Women – A COMPLETE Protein With the Top Five Most Important Peptides (That Won’t Cause Bladder Irritation or Mood Issues Like Other Collagens Might!)

I’ve got fantastic news for you. My frustration, my personal suffering, and years of searching for the perfect Collagen supplement without vitamin C  that was a complete protein did not end in vain.

I knew that I needed to formulate a very specific super high-quality Collagen supplement WITHOUT added Vitamin C and with Tryptophan.

So I got to work and found a lab and formulator that would work with me to make it happen.

And that’s how Rootganic was born. The first and only supplement line specifically created for the pelvic floor and our “lady-parts“.

I believe that every woman should be supplementing with collagen, not just for pelvic health but for all the other amazing benefits that taking a regular collagen supplement can bring… and that’s how Total Fem Body Collagen was born!

I want Total Fem Collagen to help women have happier “Lady Parts”, strong pelvic organs, less discomfort, and healthy vulva-vaginal skin as they age and go through perimenopause and menopause. 

Besides the added benefits to the pelvic floor, I also want women to look their best with amazing youthful skin, full hair, and strong muscles that keep them active and feeling their best, and that’s another reason why I created Total Fem Collagen.

Rootganic Supplements Are Research and Science-Based, With the Highest-Quality Ingredients, Highest Standards of Testing…

So why should you order Total Fem Collagen as opposed to any of the other supplements out there?

Well, I can tell you that we believe you deserve products that are free of chemicals and harmful additives, which is why we created the Rootagnic Truth Process which ensures you get top-quality supplements that are research-based. 

And I can also tell you horror stories about the supplement industry – which is why every single one of our supplements goes through a rigorous testing process.

We test ALL ingredients before, during, and after manufacturing, giving you the best and highest quality supplement on the market today!

I can also tell you how important the QUALITY of ingredients is to us – which I’ll explain more about in a moment. 

But really, what it comes down to is: I have decades of experience healing thousands of women from pelvic floor issues. I went through the same struggles myself. This is just another part of my greater mission: to help ALL women heal from pelvic floor issues, take back their power, and become the QUEENS that they truly are. 

Women need to be able to trust the supplements they’re putting into their bodies and not have to spend countless hours trying to research and make sure their supplements are high quality and reliable.

For years I recommended dozens and dozens of supplements to my community of women and came to the dreadful realization that almost all of these supplements fell short in one or more areas and just didn’t do what they promised.

I got frustrated with the lack of research and information these supplement companies would provide.

So, I knew I would just have to do it myself, using my decades of experience and knowledge of what really works for women (let’s face it, the dudes running many of the supplement companies just don’t get it – or care).

The Cold Hard Truth

The supplement industry doesn’t have very many checks and balances. Many of them make wild claims about their products that mislead women into buying them with their “good marketing.” Additionally, many supplements contain fillers, are laden with pesticides, and contain GMO products, and they don’t even label that on their bottles. YIKES!

Worse than that, most of the supplements across the industry don’t go through a rigorous testing process, so, in the end, you can’t even be sure whether the supplement contains the RIGHT amounts of the RIGHT ingredients even to be effective at all.

As the founder of Rootganic, I set out to create the highest quality female-oriented supplements anywhere… the ones that were completely “missing in action”  when I needed them.

At RootganicTMwe believe in research-backed supplements sourced responsibility and without added chemicals or toxins. We believe in transparency and that’s what we give all of our customers. 

Now more than ever before and especially during this time of crisis, we as women have to elevate our health and be the most vibrant healthiest versions of ourselves.

One of the very BEST ways to do that is through supplementation, but you have to be 100% confident in the supplements and the company that makes them.

It’s the only way to be sure your supplements are going to do what they claim they can do. 

That’s why we searched high and low for the very best quality ingredients for Total Fem Collagen Peptides. Our proprietary formula has not one, not two, but five extraordinary collagen peptides and NO added Vitamin C so you don’t have to worry about upsetting your bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, or pelvic pain. Not only that…


Total Fem Collagen Is Made With The Most Bioavailable, Absorbable, and Science-Backed & Tested Collagens on The Planet

The Total Fem Collagen is the secret to aging well and to maintaining a youthful appearance because it contains scientifically backed peptides that stimulate different collagen cells helping women to feel and look more youthful.

We’ve sourced our ingredients from the world’s leading collagen peptide experts and suppliers.  One thing I found in my research is that the reason almost ALL of the collagen supplements out there right now contain added Vitamin C – is because of the quality of the collagen peptides themselves. 

Lower quality peptides aren’t absorbed as well by your body and Vitamin C helps the absorption rate. That’s not the case with Total Fem Collagen because…

Total Fem Collagen contains potent and pure collagen peptides that are vigorously tested for pureness, potency, and ethically sourced with strict guidelines that minimize our environmental impact.

Our unique blend contains, not one, not two, but five collagen peptides supported by a mountain of clinical research that shows their efficacy for supporting your own collagen production, bone strength, joint health, and integrity, skin elasticity, and more.

Its quality is far above current industry standards.

When I set out on the journey to start creating the very BEST supplements on the market specifically for women I knew that I needed an incredible manufacturer to partner with that shared my same core values. I wanted to make absolutely certain that we could go above and beyond in our quality and our testing.

You can rest assured that Total Fem Collagen Peptides and all our other upcoming Rootganic supplements are tested every single step of the way to make sure they work and have the highest possible standard.

We do a lot to make it happen too – Before, During, and AFTER production –

 Before production (we test to ensure that the raw materials are of the highest quality)

 During manufacturing (we test throughout the process to make sure the product is not compromised in any way)

 After packaging (we test to make sure that the ingredients stay pure and free of any contamination or heavy metals)

Total Fem Collagen Is Quality Assured, non-GMO, Keto, and Paleo Friendly!

Our GMP Certified Lab also makes sure that the Total Fem Collagen Peptides is made with top-quality peptides that are gluten-free and soy protein-free… with ZERO artificial sweeteners or fillers. Following GMP practices we ensure that our Collagen is free from contamination, that it is consistent in its manufacture, that its manufacture has been well documented, that all personnel is well trained and that the product has been checked for quality before, during, and after manufacture.

It’s also non-GMO, Keto, and Paleo-friendly!

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All orders of Total Fem Collagen are also backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee

At Rootganic we believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a Risk-Free 60-Day Return & Refund Policy. If you don’t start to see improvements or results in your life, just return the unused portion and we’ll happily refund your purchase by simply reaching out to our friendly Customer Care Center for refund assistance. No questions at all.

Rest assured you can order Total Fem Collagen with confidence and know that your purchase is backed by our iron-clad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We’re dedicated to bringing the very best women’s supplements to the market and helping you achieve the health goals in your life and we mean it!

Real Testimonials From Real People

Total Fem Collagen Is Doctor Recommended. Collagen is the firming protein that keeps women’s bodies, skin, and bones feeling younger and functioning optimally. Collagen is a much-needed product that helps women with the aging process, improve pelvic issues and heal diseases of the bones and joints. As women age, the need for Collagen becomes essential.

I believe that Collagen can help slow down and reverse the aging process, and it’s an essential nutrient for women’s healing. I always recommend Total Fem Collagen to my patients because it helps with hormonal disorders, gut imbalances, and aging joints. Many women in my practice who consistently take Total Fem Collagen have fuller hair, youth skin, and more tone in their pelvic floors.

There is a BIG difference in the quality and effectiveness between Total Fem Collagen and your everyday collagen peptides. My patients get results with Total Fem Collagen, which is important to me as their gynecologist.

For Collagen to effectively support women’s bodies, joints, hair skin, it needs to be in its purest and cleanest form. Total Fem Collagen contains all five types of peptides and nutrients that provide maximum effect and positively support the aging process.” … Dr. Moshe Dekel, Holistic Gynecologist & Anti-Aging Doctor

Total Fem Collagen Has Made My Skin Look Younger and Smoother. After Many Years Of Down There Problems, I Now Feel More Confident and Have Started Dating Again.

“I looked in the mirror one day and started to notice wrinkles, and it was beginning to bother me. I’ve divorced for five years and was looking to get back into dating. I didn’t want to do Botox. I wanted to do something more natural for my skin. I discover Total Fem Collagen, and I love it! My skin looks smoother, and my nails don’t break, and I feel better. Plus, I’m not in pain after my workouts which is a big plus as well” …Nancy Mercado

My Hair is Now Fuller and Has Stopped Falling Out. Thank God I Found Total Fem Collagen. I No Longer See Clumps of Hair In The Shower.

“My hair was thinning out and falling out. I was very concerned and went to get tested. Everything was normal.  So I thought it must be my hormones since I am going through the change. My friend told me that her hair was thick, wavy, and healthy since she started using Total Fem Collagen. So I immediately brought myself a bottle and after 4 weeks I notice my hair was not falling out in the shower” …Crystal Rodriguez

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What makes Total Fem Collagen more effective for women than other collagen?

The Fem Total Collagen contains collagen peptides I, II, III, V, and X making it full-spectrum collagen.

Our collagen peptides have better availability and are therefore more clinically therapeutic.

There is also going to be more consistency and quality from a batch-to-batch perspective.

Q: Why is Total Fem Collagen considered the safest collagen for women?

All our raw materials in Total Fem Collagen are tested by an accredited 3rd party lab or in-house to confirm specification (we don’t rely on supplier’s CofAs).

We test for identity, potency, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic), micros (plate count, total yeast/mold, e.coli, salmonella, and s.aureus), rancidity/oxidative markers, pesticides and perform other applicable testing depending on the ingredient/formulation. Total Fem Collagen Get Tested before, during, and after formulation. Our process guarantees a high degree of safety, as demonstrated in numerous international studies.

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Q: What does the Total Fem Collagen taste like?

Total Fem Collagen is a flavorless, tasteless, and odorless fine powder. It mixes well into smoothies, soups, teas, coffee, baked goods leaving no nasty aftertaste. Click here to purchase now and get the Female Collagen Anti-Aging Cookbook for FREE. The recipes in this cookbook are ones that I have personally cooked and have helped me heal from the inside out. Over 25 recipes that are wheat-free-gluten-free and diary-free.

Q: What is the methodology used to extract the collagen in Total Fem Collagen?

Total Fem collagen peptides are produced through the specific and controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen derived from bovine hide and bone. They are obtained when these raw materials are subjected to technical processes including extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis, purification, concentration, sterilization, and drying.

Q: What is the best source of collagen for women?

Total Fem Collagen contains all the vital collagen peptides ( 1,2,3 5 and 19) that women need better health.

Q: Are there any known side effects of taking Total Fem Collagen?

Some of the wonderful effects (results) that our customers have reported as a result of taking Total Fem Collagen include:

• Less facial wrinkles
• Less vulva dryness
• More vulva-vaginal moisture
• Radiant skin that’s hydrated and not day
• Increased mobility and activity
• Faster growing nails and stronger nails
• Stronger pelvic floor muscles and Better kegel exercises
• Faster growing hair and thicker, fuller hair
• Better sleep
• Less knee, hip, and overall joint pain
• Less soreness after workouts
• Less brown spots & acne blemishes

With that said, with any supplement, every woman’s body is different and can react differently, we recommend that you consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any new supplement.

Q: How will this product be shipped to me and how quickly?

For all United States and Canada orders, you can expect your order within 5 to 7 business days. International orders typically take 8 to 15 business days (plus customs clearance times).

Q: Is it really safe to order this product from this online website?

Yes. Our website is fully AES 256-Bit encrypted and protected by Trust-Guard, an online PCI Compliant Security Scanner software that prohibits security holes from compromising your shopping experience. The Security-Scanned seal is intended to inform shoppers that our business is certified and trusted as safe, responsible, and totally awesome.

Q: What if this product doesn’t work for me?

Many of our customers begin to see and feel a difference shortly after adding our Total Fem Collagen powder into their diets on a daily basis. We want to make sure there’s absolutely no risk involved when it comes to investing in any of our Rootganic products.

That’s why you can try our science-backed Total Fem Collagen for an entire 60 days and if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with it, please contact our Customer Care team and you will receive a full refund. So you can trust that you can complete your order today knowing that you’re protected by our risk-free money-back guarantee.

Q: Do you have the research you used to develop Total Fem Collagen?

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