Why Bad Medicine is Hurting Women and What You Can Do About It

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

Why Bad Medicine is Hurting Women and What You Can Do About It 2

Patient Case Study: From Exhausting Doctor Road Show to a Healing Partnership

Valeria used to dread coming to work. It was a field she loved with a passion, yet the company culture was extremely competitive. It was a desired workplace in a small industry, and it felt like everyone was trying to get promoted to very few available spots.

She was in the earlier stages of a new career, having dared to get a degree in her 40s after decades in entry-level positions, and she was walking around in shame. Not just about how late she felt she was to the game, but about her pelvic dysfunction and the leaking that came with it.

She was working so hard to gain everyone’s respect, that she felt she constantly had to hide what she was dealing with, professionally and personally, and hope she wouldn’t be found out. She kept asking herself, who would give a promotion to someone who can’t stop leaking?

Asking her doctor for advice didn’t help. He just kept telling her it must be in her head because there’s nothing more he can do for her. After all, she was in menopause and was aging.  So she went to another doctor, and he gave her bladder medications. She took them, and they made her worst. Then, she went to see the top specialist in the United States and he wanted to give her bladder surgery. She said no thank you and kept suffering in silence.

But one day, she got a bit of advice from the most unexpected source, and everything changed.

It’s Not in Your Head and You’re Not the Only One

It was just one of those days when nothing works. You don’t hear the alarm clock, you spill your coffee as you rush to get ready, you discover that your favorite pair of pants, the only one you really feel comfortable in, is starting to tear, you get into an argument with your kid over something that doesn’t really matter…

… and you find yourself with heavier leaking and pressure than usual when you come into the office.

When that happened to Valeria, she broke down in the bathroom despite herself.

Her colleague, Sofia, walked in, so Valeria tried pulling herself together. Her boss had told her from the beginning that Sofia will be her #1 competitor for a potential promotion down the line, and he described Sofia in a way that made Valeria want to stay as far away as possible from her. Sofia, he said, was determined to get ahead, and she didn’t care at whose expense.

But Sofia wasn’t a fool, and she didn’t let Valeria leave the ladies’ room before she told her what happened. Valeria tried to resist and pretend she’s OK, but she was too upset to pull it off. She had felt alone and needed to talk to someone for a long time, and the way that morning started was just the last straw. She ended up opening up against her better judgment.

As she buried her head in her hands, beating herself up for sharing, certain her health challenge will now be spread across the office and used against her, Sofia said the most surprising sentence:

It happened to her too. She has suffered for years after her hysterectomy with leaking, scar pain, and pelvic organ prolapse. Sofia had been on her own Doctor Roadshow and recommended  Valeria see Isa Herrera for pelvic floor PT. Isa helped Sofia understand how to care for her scared anatomy. 

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Valeria went to see Isa Herrera in person and discovered she was doing Kegels incorrectly and that her core was weak. Isa told her she also had a Diastasis Recti (a separation of the abdominal) and quickly helped Valeria understand what exercises to heal the separation. Within weeks of at-home core exercises, Valeria’s tummy was flat. Valeria had no idea how everything in her body was connected. She was shocked to know that the food she was eating was also connected to her pelvic and bladder issues. She was even more shocked to discover that she could own the healing journey and stop outsourcing her care to doctors and Physical Therapists.

Valeria was shocked to discover that her experience is common and that the average woman with pelvic issues can see up to 7 doctors before she gets a diagnosis.

With Isa’s help, Valeria finally understood a couple of things on how to get off the Doctor Roadshow:

1. Choose a Healthcare Provider that Honors Your Journey – It’s essential to choose a provider who puts the phone aside and listens to you instead of making you feel hysterical or claiming it’s all in your head. A provider who shows that she or he cares about how your physical challenges impact the rest of your life.

2. Choose a Healthcare Provider that Sees You as a Partner – Valeria was determined to find a healthcare provider who explained why things are happening. A provider who explained different options and their impact (positive and negative), someone who teaches her what *she* has the power to do for herself between appointments.

3. Take Charge of Your Healing Journey – Valeria started to do Isa’s online program and was healing herself with simple exercises NO doctor had ever told her about. She felt confident and dedicated herself to a daily self-care routine, and in a couple of weeks, she didn’t have to use the pantyliners and could wear whatever she wanted. For the first time, Valeria started running again.

4. Speak Up for Yourself and Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes- For the first time in her life, Valeria was surrounded by proactive women about creating the life they wanted. She wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass her by, and she joined Isa’s exclusive Pelvic Wellness Community. There she found additional exercises and tips that helped her to heal her bladder once and for all. Valeria finally stopped feeling alone, and if she had a question, she knew that Isa and her team were there to help.

Watch the Truth About The Doctor Road Show Video below. This is a MUST watch for all women who want to take back control of their pelvic health and reclaim their pelvic power naturally without gimmicks, gadgets, surgeries, or pills!


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