Do Kegel Devices and Pelvic Floor Strengtheners Actually Work? Which are the Best?

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

You’ve probably heard the buzz about these magical electronic Kegel devices that will supposedly improve your pelvic floor strength. They’re touted as cures for urinary incontinence. And I’m pretty sure some of them will clean your house, too.

Sound too good to be true?

In my experience, when something sounds too good to be true — it usually is. And that’s why I’m breaking down the truth about Kegel devices and pelvic floor biofeedback devices in this blog. 

What Are Pelvic Floor Strengthening Devices?

First, let’s discuss what a Kegel device is and isn’t.

A Kegel device, or pelvic floor training device, is a “pelvic floor strengthening device” that is typically electronic. They may also be referred to as pelvic floor stimulation devices or pelvic floor biofeedback devices. 

Some of these Kegel exercise devices come with an app. There are some that you sit on, wear, and even ones that you insert into your vagina.

I’ll go over each of the different options in more detail, so keep reading.

The basic idea of most of these apps and devices is that they will “do your Kegels for you,” or they monitor your Kegel and tell you if you’re doing it “strong” enough.

While having a device do your Kegels for you and cure incontinence sounds intriguing, it’s really a pipe dream. The manufacturers of these devices are taking advantage of your lack of time for self-care. They are exploiting your desire to heal while outsourcing your health to a machine…a machine that makes them money.

Also, just to clarify, a Kegel weight or a jade egg is not a “kegel device.” These are non-electronic weights that have been used for centuries to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor. They can be very beneficial for some women with certain types of pelvic floor dysfunction. (1) 

What Are The Best Kegel Exercise Devices?

The best kegel device is the one that you DON’T use!

In fact, I’ll go a step further and say: the best Kegel device is your very own body, your feminine power, and the connection between your body and mind.

But, since ‘Kegel machine learning’ is all the rage right now, let’s look at a few of the examples. 

The Kegel Machine ChairIsa Herrera, MSPT CSCS, No Gadget and No Gimmick Solutions for your pelvic floor

This one is a giant chair that you have to pay thousands of dollars to your doctor to sit on. Just a consultation to see if it’s right for you will run you at least $50. Supposedly, it will cure incontinence using electromagnetic energy. 

Seriously? Are we really this disconnected from our bodies? 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you can’t outsource your pushups?” This chair is trying to outsource your Kegels and keep you paying through the nose so you can avoid a five-minute exercise session. Do not fall for this scam.  

Isa Herrera, no gadgets and no gimmicks approach to pelvic floor healingKegel Pants

Then there are the Kegel pants. These are like $400 bike shorts that shock the heck out of you. Let’s be clear here: these pants teach poor Kegel form and the process to just get them on is revolting. You’ve got to wear them for 30 minutes at a time. And you’re warned not to go near your cell phone or wifi router when you’ve got them on. Sure, definitely sounds safe…

Here’s the thing. You can do Kegel exercises in just a few minutes! Why in the world would you need to wear a pair of pants for 30 minutes that supposedly will do the Kegels for you?  

Internal Vaginal Kegel TrainersIsa Herrera, no gadget, no gimmick solution to pelvic floor care

Then there are the Kegel trainers that you have to put inside your vagina. Because putting a machine that emits electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) into your super delicate and uber-absorbent mucus membranes… sounds like a greaaat idea, right?

Here’s where these devices are extra dangerous: they could make your condition *worse* if you’re already prone to overactive pelvic floor muscles.

What Does The Research Say About These Kegel Devices?

While some of these Kegel devices have been approved by the FDA…so were mesh implants at one time. And now they’re banned.

The FDA has proven that they are willing to take chances with women’s health before. Why should we trust them now?

And just to be clear, the rigorous testing required for a drug to be approved is NOT the same for a device to be approved.

In fact, this paper said it best when describing the research on Kegel trainers and pelvic floor devices (2):

“Sample sizes were small, and there was a lack of convincing evidence for most devices. Despite this, many devices were available in the market. Our findings indicate that the process for introducing these new devices is in stark contrast with the strict requirements for introducing new drug classes.”

Bottom line: the research on these Kegel devices is scant at best. Reviews indicate unclear trials with a “moderate to high” risk of bias. (3) 

The data is wanting.

And the long-term effects of using electro-stimulation inside or outside of the body really aren’t known. 

Why Are Kegel Devices Even Available?

Probably the craziest thing that occurs to me is the amount of money and time that have been poured into these devices. 

Why are we wasting valuable resources on reinventing the wheel?

We already have extremely effective and inexpensive means for improving pelvic health.

I guess the problem is there’s no money for large corporations to make when you take your body and your pelvic floor into your own hands.

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Isa Herrera - V-Core LIft, Pelvic Healing with no gadgets or gimmicks


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