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The Q-Tip Test & The Reverse Kegel  

As a special gift for you for attending the summit with Dr. Brighten. In my interview I spoke of the importance of the Q-Tip test and the reverse Kegel. So enjoy this handout which goes into greater detail on both topics that you can do yourself... In Just 10 Minutes Per Day.

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In this Free Gift From Isa, You'll Learn Tips About Self-Care You Won't Find Anywhere Else:  

• The Q-Tip Self-Assessment test for pelvic floor dysfunction. Learn to do this simple self-test to identify your condition.

• The art of the reverse Kegel. Why balance matters, when and how to embark on a proper reverse Kegel program for long term health.

Hi! My name is Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS.

Hi, I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, an integrative pelvic therapist with over 14,704 healings under my belt, and I help women return to their female essence by conquering their leaking, pain and pelvic heaviness

This free gift (part of my 8-phase Female Pelvic Alchemy S.TA.R.R. JumpStart Program) has been responsible for helping women to become their own inner doctors, creating a way forward from endless cycles of pain and leaking, returning women to active lifestyles.  

With this handout, you eliminate all the guesswork out of your Kegel program and can get back on the path to an enjoyable and symtom-free life. Use and enjoy! 

This short blueprint will show you how. Create your dream pelvic floor now…