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Isa Herrera’s Pelvic Floor Secrets Workshop Free E-Book Bundle

Online Pelvic Coaching 29Thank you for registering for my upcoming Pelvic Floor Secrets free workshop. As promised, this page contains the (2) e-Book bonus bundles that are part of the masterclass.

You’ll need both the guides below and the masterclass to fully reclaim your pelvic power, and strength and to take back control of your “Queendom.”

Your VIP ticket to the workshop is coming to your email shortly. Be on the lookout for your login information for my live, interactive workshop. We will send that to you in a separate email and some remainder emails, so you don’t miss out.

Remember, I am in your corner now and always…I GOT YOU! No gimmicks or magic pill thinking, I am here to arm you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

I share even MORE great tips, resources, Kegel exercises, and clinically proven techniques (not covered in the guide) that have helped over 15,000 women in my NYC healing center in my live workshop. 

Every year thousands of women join me live on my workshops to get answers to their most pressing questions about their pelvic floors, bladders, and pelvic organ prolapse.

My QA’s are epic, so make sure to stay around until the end. This is when I will be doing healing hot seats and answering your most pressing questions. Some women say this is the best part of our time together. Plus, I have some additional giveaways and contests for those who show up live.

Pelvic Wellness Collective - Discounted 10

The “Lady Parts” Natural First Aid Toolkit by Isa Herrera

Everything You Need to Know to Fix Common “Down There” Problems and Keep Your “Lady Parts” Young, Fit & Vibrant

Includes Basic Tools for More Vibrant and Healthy Vulva Skin Tissues, what to Do When Intimacy Hurts, and so much more. Proven by thousands of women and with easy-to-follow instructions to get back to feeling delicious “Down There.”

Total Fem Masterclass - E-Book Bonuses

The Vaginal Dryness Survival Guide,  by Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS

Discover How to Heal “Down There” Dryness, Reclaim Your Energy, Get Back Your Sensuality and Enhance Libido… By Using Food and Simple Wellness Practices! Reconnect with your partner and with your passion & feel confident like you haven’t had since your 20’s!

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