Attention Midwives, Nurses, PTs, and Medical Pros

Discover How to Have Cash Patients Anytime by Creating a Pelvic Niche Practice

Attention PTs, OTs, and Medical Pros

Discover How to Have Cash Patients Anytime by Creating a Pelvic Niche Practice



  • Groundbreaking techniques to confidently assess the pelvic floor - Using INTERNAL Methods
  • Access to the market of 30 million women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction - so you can scale to 6 figures or beyond.
  • Get certified in my method as an Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist (IHPS)
  • 38 CEU’s in one online program (!!)
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  • 38 CEU’s in one online program.(!!)
  • Groundbreaking techniques to confidently assess the pelvic floor - Using INTERNAL Methods
  • Access to the market of 30 million women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction - so you can scale to 6 figures or beyond.
  • Get certified in my method as an Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist (IHPS)
>> Enroll Today

Don’t Know What Is Accredited, Where To Start Or What Is Really Best For Your Patients or Clients?

Read on, I will show you how you can develop a new skillset, diagnose, treat and partner with your patients to eliminate their pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pelvic pain. (Plus you can increase your income and I will show you how.)

• The silent health emergency that health professionals don't know exists.
• My Journey – Why it is in my heart to bring this condition to the attention of all health professionals and what I am doing to make a difference. Our patients need our help!
• What an esteemed Medical Doctor and Physical Therapist and others had to say about Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction and this revolutionary course.
• How you can obtain 38 CEUs of credits.

Is there a desire in your heart to truly help the women that you see suffering to recover and live their lives without the discomfort and pain associated with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction? If so, then this message is for you and here’s why…

Chronic pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pain is not anything new. Women everywhere have been suffering from this condition for years. The alarming news is that most health professionals have never heard of it or paid much attention to it. There is a pretty good chance that when you were getting your education is was briefly mentioned in a lecture or part of a reading assignment, but never discussed in detail. It is a silent epidemic.

Here Are the Facts…

Those numbers are staggering! Take a moment to let those statistics sink in. Do you know someone that has had this condition or currently suffering?

The women who make up those statistics and experience pelvic floor pain feel an overwhelming amount of confusion when confronted with this condition. The pain itself, as well as loss of libido and reduction in sexual intercourse, can often cause a woman to feel as though she is “broken” or “less than.”

Unfortunately, most women don’t feel comfortable confiding in friends or loved because they may consider it taboo or inappropriate. What further complicates the issue is that when they do build up the courage to discuss it with a physician, they are often dismissed and told that the pain is, “all in their head” or that there are no effective treatments or cures.

The end results most of the time is health professionals have prescribed potentially addictive painkillers or a physical therapy regimen that doesn’t even address the primary area of the body that need healing. In other instances, these solutions only temporarily ease the discomfort, but in time the conditions often become worse than what it originally was.
Does this sound familiar to you?

Healing Starts with Awareness…

My name is Isa Herrera, and I have studied, researched and practiced the treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for over 12 years. But before I tell you more about myself and my credentials I wanted to address something that I have struggled with, and that is having awareness.

I am a busy Health Professional and my practice constantly keeps me on the go. I get so caught up in the daily tasks, appointments, and sessions that I become almost robotic in my daily routine and lose site of some of the variables in my practice that aren’t necessarily measurable metrics. I need to be more cognizant of what I have stated below:

Often in the healing process the patient needs to come to a place of awareness:

• An awareness that there is a problem.
• An awareness that if something isn’t done it only becomes worse.
• An awareness that healing is possible.
• An awareness that the healing process is going to require a certain amount of effort and that there is going to be peaks and valleys throughout the process.

As health professionals we need to be aware or become aware again:

• An awareness that we are treating people and they are not just names on a chart.
• An awareness that at one point we took and oath as health professionals (Hippocratic oath).
• An awareness that our biases and our personal treatment paradigms are not the only way to do things.
• An awareness that there is a satisfaction and fulfillment that we feel when a patient confesses that they feel better and acknowledge they are healed.
• An awareness that we play a significant role in the diagnosis, treatment and healing of many many individuals.

At the end of the day it all boils down to the patients wanting to feel better, and it is our duty to help facilitate that.

I Am On A Mission…

I am at a stage in my career where I feel it is my obligation and duty to share my knowledge and understanding with other health professionals so that they to can have the tools necessary to help women that are currently suffering.

But why should you listen to me? What are my credentials?

3- Adjunct Professor at Hunter College in New York where I teach 3rd year Doctoral level physical therapy students pelvic floor techniques.
4- I have pioneered the use of integrative techniques for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, with certifications in Maya Abdominal Massage, Reiki, and Altomisayok Energy Techniques and have innovated their use in pelvic floor treatments in combination with evidence -based therapies.
5- The author of Three Books on the subject of Pelvic Floor Pain.
6- Featured on national television shows – The Today Show, Oprah, and Live with Regis and Kelly.
7- I am an expert on pelvic pain, and I have treated thousands of women at my New York City based healing center – Renew Physical Therapy.

I don’t tell you this to impress you but rather to impress upon you that I understand pelvic floor pain and every aspect of it.

I have made it my life’s mission to help women overcome pelvic pain, and also to educate professionals on the right mix of evidence-based and integrative techniques to help patients achieve lifelong health and wellness in the area of the pelvic floor.

Through the course of my career, I have seen virtually every type of situation surrounding this condition. I have become knowledgeable and skilled to be able to address any scenario that arises and successfully treat it.

I am acutely aware of the ups and downs that these women go through because I have gone through pelvic floor issues myself after I gave birth to my child.

I believe as health professionals we need to keep learning. We need to keep improving. We need to make sure that as our career progresses, our skills increase.

Gaining new skills is how we get more clients and how we perfect our craft. If we don’t, it is our patients that we pledged to care for that, have to pay the price.

Over the past 12 years, I have pioneered the use of integrative therapies and combined it with traditional evidence-based techniques to treat pelvic floor conditions.

And now the time has come for me to share and teach these techniques to other health professionals like yourself.

It is with great excitement that I bring you this continuing online education course that will be available to you in the coming weeks.

Position Yourself for Success…Decide to Learn from Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, A Pioneer, Advocate, Expert, Leader and Teacher in the Field of Pelvic Health.


Introducing – Women's Pelvic Floor Essentials for Medical Professionals

This revolutionary online class will help you:

• Increase your skill level

• Accurately diagnose and treat Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

• Set your practice apart by offering this much-needed service.

Who is This Class For?

Finally, an online course is available that will help create a global language among all practitioners who see women with pelvic health conditions. Women’s Pelvic Floor Essentials for Health Professionals is designed for:

Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Nurse Practitioners
Medical Doctors

Enrollment Now Open

What Other’s Are Saying About This Course:

“When I went to medical school there was no pelvic floor training at all…This is the first time I have seen any type of course that is online that is so thorough.”

Dr. Jacquess Moritz, MD
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Cornell University and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital


“I took the online Pelvic Pain Relief Course for Healthcare Professionals, and I found it to be incredibly helpful to my practice…I highly recommend this course for any Healthcare Professional that treats this population…I think it is a valuable addition to your clinical practice.”

Dr. Jessica Connelly, DPT
Urogynecological Physical Therapist, Pelvic Health Expert


“I recently took Isa Herrera’s class, and it was absolutely amazing…I highly recommend it to my acupuncture colleagues…Isa is an amazing teacher, and she sets things out very clearly.”

Juliette Aiyana, L.A.c
Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist


About The Class

This Master Class Will Transform Your Practice, Your Skill Set and the Lives Of Your Clients and patients

This course is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve skills that are required to efficiently and accurately treat pelvic floor pain and dysfunction. You will be able to improve patient and client outcomes and raise your level of treatment skills and correctly diagnose this ever growing population of women who suffer from pelvic floor conditions.

Over the course of 8 intensive, informative and interactive modules (see full description of modules below) you will discover tried and true methods that will quickly increase your proficiency and skill set to a level that is comparable or possibly exceeding anyone that is currently diagnosing and treating this condition.

This master class will transform your practice, your skills and improve the lives of your clients and patients.

After completing the course, you will be able to work more confidently with severe female pelvic pain conditions. The class is also ideal for any health professionals working with women who want to expand their confidence and expertise and create a new revenue stream.

My goal is to create a global language so we can work better together as professionals to help women free themselves of debilitating pelvic floor conditions. For optimal success you should have:

1- Basic knowledge of pelvic floor muscle anatomy, external vulvar-vaginal anatomy, nerve anatomy, pelvic and hip bony landmarks from a collegiate level source like Netters or Gray’s is a plus. I cover it in incredible detail in Module 1 so if not no worries!

2- Some experience with pelvic floor internal palpation is helpful, but not required.

3- Previous education coursework with anatomy and external palpation is also recommended but not required.

Become an Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist!


(earning you 38 CEU’s in one fell swoop - aka a year’s worth of classes!)

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up…

Unlike a local “weekend certification”, this course is designed to help you synthesize the information presented, so you can implement and see the results - in your patients and in your bank account - within 3 to 4 weeks.

Besides getting 38 CEU’s, you’ll become a “Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist” - adding credibility and earning you respect from peers and clients alike.

By the time you’ve completed the program, you’ll be all set to put the techniques into practice. I’ll take you through the entire process step-by-step. The videos are professionally edited and have live (gynecological) models.

All modules contain…

  • Live Lab Recordings
  • PowerPoints
  • Instructional Videos with Live Models
  • Live Gyn-Model
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Mastery Sheets + Handouts

… so you can learn whatever way you learn best.

Course Modules – The Core 7

• Introduction to Pelvic Floor Anatomy
• Female Pelvic Floor Anatomy
• Clitoral Anatomy
• Bony Anatomy
• Causes of PFM Dysfunction

– This is the best centralized online anatomy instructional reference on the market today AND it has a live gynecological model.

I’ve broken it out in such a way that it builds upon each other and will give you the best foundation available online today.

– Detrimental Pelvic Behaviors
– Breathing Techniques
– Body Awareness
– Proper Postures for Prevention and Treatment
– Ergonomics of Sitting

– This module is all about trade secrets. I share how to set your patient up for success, so that your work is even more powerful and targeted.

• The 8 steps of a PFM external evaluation.
• Indications, precautions and contraindications.
• Clinician responsibilities.
• External vulvar-vaginal assessment.
• Perineal body assessment.

– There is so much information that you can learn from module 3, Pelvic Floor Muscle External Evaluation. Sometimes patients don’t want an internal exam, or maybe it’s not within your practice scope. This module allows you to do the work with expert eyes.

• PFM visualization
• Process for internal exam
• Grading prolapse and the PFM’s
• What type of pelvic health program is 
appropriate for your patient
• The coccyx

– This module is a golden nugget and you will learn all the ins and outs doing an internal pelvic floor muscle. I go step by step to alleviate fears and I have a live gynecological model!

• To Kegel or not to Kegel.
• What is a Reverse Kegel and down training.
• Breathing and the Reverse Kegel.
• How to cue the Reverse Kegel.

– There are nuances to re-training the pelvic floor muscles. There is no cookie cutter approach. This module provides you with an entire treatment plan for patients with overactive, tight pelvic floor muscles.

• How to get your patient to succeed
• Quick-Flick Kegels
• Mind-Body Connection to Kegels.
• Combination of Kegels.
• Multiple level Kegel exercise programs

– There is controversy on the internet on whether to Kegel or not to Kegel. In module 6, I break all barriers and teach you how to really incorporate a Kegel program into your clients or patients program. There are over 10 types of Kegels, because you need options in your treatment plans.

• Post surgical scars.
• Precautions for abdominal perineal scar therapy.
• Scar massage therapy basics.
• Abdominal scar lift, stretch and roll.
• Perineal body massage.

– So many women have pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pain secondary to scar issues in the pelvic or the abdominal area. This module is the gold standard for this type of treatment. I cover internal and external scar methods and there is tons of video instruction to ensure you and your patient’s success.


What Other’s Are Saying About This Course:

“Whatever your orientation to pelvic floor health to women is, if you're dedicated to true natural, non-evasive results you're gonna want to do this course…it’s easy, it’s concise, great videos, great instruction…I am paying attention to Isa’s wisdom on pelvic floor pain.”

Dr. Saida Desilets, PhD
Author, The Emergence of the Sensual Woman
Founder, The Desilets Method


“Going through her videos and modules and all the information that she gave during her course actually felt like such a blessing… It’s so empowering to be able to lead clients through movements that will actually help heal them.”

Charlotte Blake, Certified Pilates Instructor,


“I think it is a phenomenal tool for anyone and everyone that works with the pelvic floor…I was blown away with the depth and complexity of the material.”

Dr. Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT
Holistic Health Physician, Founder of i.m.body


Class Enrollment Now Open

So, at this point, you've seen that it's possible to develop a new skillset that can and will change the course of your patients and clients lives. I believe I have made it pretty clear that this class will be of benefit to you and your clients.

Remember all you have to do right now is enroll… together we will transform ourselves and the lives of our patients and clients

I've made sure this is an entirely safe decision for you to make, without any risk what-so-ever, so click the link below and I will let you know when the class enrollment opens up again.

I'm looking forward to helping you learn this new skill and see how it can radically transform you and your patients now and into the future!

With Much Love,

Isa Herrera

Enrollment is Now Open

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, has been featured on…

Disclaimer: Enrolling in Women's Pelvic Floor Essentials For Health Professionals Online Course does not guarantee results., Renew Physical Therapy, PC, and Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS are not responsible for what you do with the material presented in this program. You must stick within the scope of your practice and your state and national licenses when implementing the material in this course. To see our Privacy Policy, click here. For Terms & Conditions, click here.

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