From Failure To Thriving All From Meditation? Secrets Revealed

Isa Herrera’s Feminine Power Series
Presents Nate Rifkin- Author of “The Standing Meditation”

Today’s training as part of my Feminine Power Series is going to be very different.

I’m inviting a guest who has a story that’s almost beyond belief. His name’s Nate and, over 10 years ago, he was planning how to kill himself. This was AFTER he had tried every self-help trick he could get his hands on. Nate failed at all of them.

He even drank alcohol every morning just to get through the day. His story gets even crazier.

Have you ever seen those guys who stand on a street corner wearing a costume and waving around a sign? ate got a job doing that… for almost three years.

And after years of trying to grow his own business, he filed for bankruptcy.

But that’s not the end of the story…

Today, Nate’s the happiest he’s ever been. He’s married to the woman of his dreams, has an amazing career, and has even just published a book.

For a special practice check out minute 37… don’t skip ahead

What made the difference? Over 10 years ago, Nate learned a secret that he’s published in his book.

It set him on a spiritual path that went way beyond anything you’ll learn from the self-help industry. The secret comes from a spiritual tradition called Daoism. It stretches back thousands of years.

Daoists seek harmony through balance. Much information we have today on how herbs help the body, and acupuncture, comes from Daoism.

Still, very few people today in the Western world know about Daoism.

Nate’s on a mission to change that and I’m helping him.

Next week I interview Dr. Mariza Synder On Essential Oils For Women’s Health. Don’t miss this interview. I will send you the zoom link via email.

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