Four Obstacles Holding Women Back From Health and Happiness & What To Do About It

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

As women, we face many obstacles on the road to ultimate healing and a life full of happiness, joy, pleasure, and purpose. We must overcome four barriers to reach our thrones and claim our crowns as Queens. These obstacles are common to all women; sometimes, we are unaware of them, and sometimes we are not. When we understand what is holding us back, then we can take action to reclaim what is our birthright.. a beautiful, inspired life.

#1: The Obstacle of Love

Four Obstacles That Hold All Women Back From Getting What They Want 2The word love can evoke a multitude of emotions. At the very core of your being is love. So, you ask how love can be an obstacle to your Queendom?

Think back to a time when you thought you might have or even believed you were in love. You felt all the butterflies, and it seemed all your thoughts revolved around being in love. (insert your favorite love song here)

These are all wonderful and joyous moments, but how many times have you compromised in the name of love? How many times have you kept your mouth shut and not set a healthy boundary because of love? And how many times have you sacrificed, given up, or set on the back burner a goal, dream, or aspiration in the name of love?

Do you see now how love can be an obstacle? How many times do we settle for less in the name of love?

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#2: The Obstacle of Your Past

Buried deep within you are memories of your past. Some memories are suppressed. The only thing that can bring these memories to the surface is a reminder of what happened, whether it is read, heard in a conversation, or viewed via some sort of media. Even reading this may trigger some traumatic memories. I never like to see this happen to anyone. Don’t worry girl; we are here for you!

Many of my patients talk to me about their childhoods. Some of these stories are surreal, and they often tell me how these life events have held them back from achieving their dreams.

Many women are conditioned and programmed not to dream big and have huge aspirations of greatness. So many have been taught that it is impossible to achieve greatness and a life of significance. This negative and life-sucking programming blocks us from believing in ourselves.

The truth is that the word impossible has the IM-Possible in it. As you allow that to take root in you, you will begin to take ownership of POSSIBILITIES and begin to believe that everything is possible.

Who we are is no longer defined by what we have been told. From now on you, your mindset, words, and actions determine your possibilities as an Unbreakable SuperstaRR Queen.

Four Obstacles That Hold All Women Back From Getting What They Want 1

The revelation that Self-love is the most important love will set you on a course to be able to both give and receive love, which in and of itself is simply beautiful.

I believe all women are queens and all women deserve to be loved fully and completely.

#3: The Obstacle of Fear

Fear is arguably the most debilitating of all the obstacles because it freezes you and locks you in a place where you take no action and avoid opportunities that are healthy for you.

For instance, many of my patients are afraid to try different healing tools because they may cause them more pain.

In many cases, I have seen women who are afraid to confront their doctors and tell them the treatment they are receiving is not working. I have also seen patients listen to these same doctors and do what they said even when their inner voice and heart said no! (FYI – if your doctor makes you feel this way…go to another doctor!)

Fear has so paralyzed me that I was afraid to make a move because I created a scenario in my head that was so real, that I couldn’t be convinced to do anything.

There is something magical that happens when we face our fears, and most of the time, we don’t even notice it right away. Be assured that when you are at that moment where you are looking your fear right in the eye, and you step towards it and eventually break through it…. your destiny and possibilities gloriously reveal themselves.

It is in these times when you face your fears that the greatest victories and breakthroughs occur. What fear do you need to face?

#4: The Obstacle of Guilt

Pssst… I have a secret; You are worthy and deserving!

How many times have you caught yourself telling yourself; who am I to get what I want? Or, who am I to deserve to be healed completely? And this is probably the biggest one; I am not worthy to be happy and have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship?

I see so many other women stuck in their lives and not loving themselves or receiving love. At some point, you were convinced and took ownership of being guilty, and this led to sabotaging many different areas of your life.

Ladies, it is time to take your life back and tell guilt to get out! Goodbye guilt! Seriously, I, your loved ones, and the world need you to do the work that is necessary to get back on track to having a wonderful Queendom.

Did you forget already that I said you are worthy and deserving….don’t!

This is the year we are going to embrace the greatness, love, freedom, health, and wholeness that is within us and believe the possibilities for a complete and full life await us.

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My Unbreakable SuperstaRR Queen, you deserve everything! You have been designed and created to be loved completely and fully.

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Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS


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