Lady Parts 101: Free Online Masterclass 

5 Steps to Naturally Heal Leaking, Prolapse, and Intimacy Pain 

Join me when I share my groundbreaking discoveries from healing over 14,704 women from pelvic pain and discomfort in this One Time Only Live Training Event.

Has your life has shrunk due to pelvic issues that seem totally out of your control? In fact, you … 

  • Leak urine as you laugh, cough, sneeze, lift stuff or even as you shift your legs. Whenever you have a good time, you hold back your joy thinking, “Did I just pee on myself?”  
  • Can’t carry the groceries, stand in line or cook a meal without feeling you NEED to sit or lay down.  
  • Avoid intimacy because it hurts too damn much. You’re afraid you’ll leak (oh, the embarrassment!). Despite it “not feeling right” you consent, go through the motions, have a weak/no orgasm and feel deeply lonely and broken afterwards.  

I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT,CSCS, pelvic healer and author. I help women who’ve been incontinent for years… who’ve experienced excruciating pain during relations… who feel betrayed by their bodies and don’t know where to turn make a full recovery. I know how you feel because I have been here myself and after curing myself and overseeing 52,000 healings I know how to help you heal naturally from pelvic pain. 

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Becasue of the intimate nature of this subject, I am capping the seats at 200. Make sure you reserve before the class is full.

Learn Tips and Tools You Won't Find Anywhere Else:

  • What kind of ladybits you have and why you should care through a set of simple questions 
  • Why kegels might be causing incontinence or making it WORSE, and what to do instead (your doctor won’t be able to share this with you) 
  • My signature technique that’ll almost instantly relieve annoying pain or pressure in the pelvic area.  
  • A special (and super easy) pelvic massage you MUST try if you’ve been experiencing ANY pain during intimate relations and have been avoiding intimacy with your love partner.  
  • 3 PROVEN methods you can apply today to naturally heal incontinence - whether you have an occasional wet spot in your panties, or have been wearing panty-liners for the last decade. THIS WORKS.  

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