How To Be Your Own Guru: 3 Easy Ways You Can Learn to Trust Yourself Again

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

How To Be Your Own Guru: 3 Easy Ways You Can Learn to Trust Yourself Again

How To Be Your Own Guru: 3 Easy Ways You Can Learn to Trust Yourself Again 1

We women are much more powerful than we have been led to believe.

We have been taught that the “man in the white lab coat” knows what’s best for us. 

But what about other types of healers, the so-called gurus, and experts that want to take our money and leave us dependent on them for our healing?

In my book, they’re just as bad.

You see, over 15 years ago, I set out on a mission.

A mission to empower as many women as I can to take control of their own pelvic health.

A mission to educate women in exactly how their bodies work.

A mission to become a conduit for healing — not a crutch.

And during the execution of this mission, I learned something.

I learned that a lot of women simply don’t trust themselves anymore. 

They buy into myths of a society that doesn’t fully value them. Myths about their appearance. Myths about their role in the household. Myths about how they should talk and act.

But you know what? The minute we claim our independence and shift our mindset, we become powerful. Powerful enough to change our lives. Powerful enough to change the lives of others.

Here are a few ways I like to coach women to shift their mindsets and take their power back.

Let go of the need for a guru

Ladies, not one single person on this planet knows more about what you need to heal than you do.

This is an indisputable fact.

Problem is, you’ve been told for so long that you can’t trust yourself. That your instincts are wrong. 

But if you’re really and truly ready to heal, you have to take your power back. Take your fate out of the hands of others and clasp it firmly on your own. 

You don’t need someone to tell you what to do. You need someone to guide you.

You don’t need someone to tell you that what you’re doing isn’t enough. You need a cheerleader on the sidelines.

No gimmicks. Just tips, simple exercises and tools that will help you to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor.

And you certainly don’t need any temporary fixes — you need permanent tools in your toolkit that you can refer to time and again.

To be honest, my main goal is that by the end of my programs, you’ll feel so empowered and educated that you simply…don’t need me anymore. Nothing gives me more pleasure and pride than seeing a woman who stands fully in her power, with the tools and knowledge to succeed on her own.

Let go of fear

How To Be Your Own Guru: 3 Easy Ways You Can Learn to Trust Yourself Again 2
Letting go of fear is such an important thing to master if we want to accomplish pretty much anything in this world. And it’s essential if we want to learn to trust ourselves again.

Fear is that insidious monster that tells us we’ll never be good enough or smart enough. It tells us that we’ll never find the answers that we’re seeking. Or it tells us to distrust others and ourselves.

Believe me, I know this is easier said than done. Fear is one of the toughest things to work through because it feels so real. And often, we don’t even realize that we’ve taken on fear, it just becomes a part of how we think.

But I promise, my beautiful Queen, that if you commit to leaving fear behind you that you can change your life.

Just for an exercise, write down a fear or limiting belief you have. Then write down the exact opposite belief. Repeat the positive version to yourself over and over again until believing it is just as easy as believing the fear. It’s a small but powerful exercise that can help turn fear into triumph. 

Release judgment

Ultimately, most of our fears are completely in our heads. We are lucky to live in a time where we aren’t being attacked by wild saber tooth tigers. Our fears are of things like a failure or looking silly. 

These are things we actually don’t need to be afraid of! 

In fact, if you ask me, failure only brings us closer to success. If we’re failing, at least we’re trying! Staying safely within our comfort zone only serves to keep us stuck, which is exactly where that fear wants us to remain.

How To Be Your Own Guru: 3 Easy Ways You Can Learn to Trust Yourself Again 3And guess what? We all look silly from time to time. Who cares? Releasing that judgment of ourselves and others is the path to freedom.

The next time you catch yourself judging someone else or yourself, try to re-frame the judgment. Release it and give the person a break (even if the person you’re judging is yourself).

Being gentle with yourself and others is much more conducive to creating joy and happiness in our lives than sitting in constant negative judgment.

Plus, you’ll find that as you let go of negativity, you have more energy and zest for life. Healing becomes within your grasp. Things that seemed impossible to achieve suddenly become attracted to you. 

It’s all about changing that mindset. It’s such a critical and often overlooked component of health. 

It’s my dream for every woman in the world to feel empowered and educated, especially about their own sacred feminine anatomy and health.

I know that we have a long way to go, and I have a lot of work left to do on this earth.

But I’m not going to let my fears stop me. I’m on a mission.

And I want you to join me. 

If you are ready to embrace your own inner guru, live a life free of fear, judgment, and pelvic pain? 

Get access to the methods I’ve used to help heal almost 15,000 women — all without spending a dime. 


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