Are You Feeling Lost on Your Pelvic & Bladder Healing Journey?  Let’s Get You Moving Forward With The Momentum Healing Group Coaching Call Package: STUDENTS ONLY

ENJOY the VIP Student V-Core Secrets Workshop Replay.
Regain your momentum and recommit to your healing with my Discounted Momentum Call + Bonus Package. Details under the video!

Pelvic Wellness Collective 29

Heal Faster and Better With the Help of Our Expert Guidance in These Specialized Group Coaching Calls + Bonuses

Momentum Healing Bundle Includes:

1- FOUR Guided Group Clinical Coaching CallsGet The Support, Motivation, and Guidance You Need To Succeed In Healing Your Pelvic & Bladder  so you can move forward and  live your most desired life

2- Bonus Kick-Off Call: Setting the Body/Mind Foundation for Healing

3- VIP Pelvic Power Early Bird Bonuses – Isa’s Best Never Before Released

Isa’s VIP Pelvic Power Early Bird Bonuses ($6,800 Value!)

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Bonus #1: Instant $100 Discount – save 50% off when and recommit to your healing. We want to make sure this information and momentum gets into the hands of all students so during this active enrollment you will get a huge discount.

vcore2022q2 bonus fascia

Bonus #2: The New Fascia Interactive Workout ($350 value) Fascia has long been considered the “forgotten” part of our musculoskeletal system. This is the “missing piece” to gaining relief from leaking, pain, tightness, and pelvic organ prolapse, and strengthening your pelvic floor using gentle yet powerful exercises. 

vcore2022q2 bonus prolapse

Bonus #3: Prolapse Prevention Workshop ($275 value) Over 50% of women have a pelvic organ prolapse – HALF! This workshop covers 5 secrets to help most women stabilize their organs, prevent prolapse and let them live active, happier, and fuller lives without worrying about pressure and bulging.

vcore2022q2 bonus smart kegels

Bonus #4: Smart Kegel Workshop ($425 value) We’re clearing up the confusion about Kegels ONCE and for ALL! With specific information not found anywhere else, this training goes into in-depth information on how to structure your Kegel program so you are NEVER confused again about your Kegels or what’s happening “down there” so you can feel stronger, juicy, and happier down there.

vcore2022q2 bonus pwc

Bonus #5: (30) Days of On-Demand Help in My Forever Unbreakable Community($950 value) A place where you can connect with women just like you in a safe and comfortable space and ask Isa and her team of experts questions to resolve your concerns immediately. Ask a q question and get an answer within 24 hours so you can achieve your best possible pelvic and bladder health in the shortest time with our on-demand help! 

Plus, your investment is 100% risk free

Try out the program for 14 days, starting on June 23, 2022, after our kickoff call.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you back every penny – no questions asked.

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