Lady Parts 101:

5 Ways to Naturally Heal Leaking, Prolapse, and Intimacy Pain 

Join me when I share my groundbreaking discoveries from healing over 14,704 women from pelvic pain and discomfort in this One Time Only Live Training Event.

January 17, 2018 @ 8PM EST


Has your life has shrunk due to pelvic issues that seem totally out of your control? In fact, you … 

  • Leak urine as you laugh, cough, sneeze, lift stuff or even as you shift your legs. Whenever you have a good time, you hold back your joy thinking, “Did I just pee on myself?”  
  • Can’t carry the groceries, stand in line or cook a meal without feeling you NEED to sit or lay down.  
  • Avoid intimacy because it hurts too damn much. You’re afraid you’ll leak (oh, the embarrassment!). Despite it “not feeling right” you consent, go through the motions, have a weak/no orgasm and feel deeply lonely and broken afterwards.  

I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT,CSCS, pelvic healer and author. I help women who’ve been incontinent for years… who’ve experienced excruciating pain during relations… who feel betrayed by their bodies and don’t know where to turn make a full recovery. I know how you feel because I have been here myself and after curing myself and overseeing 52,000 healings I know how to help you heal naturally from pelvic pain. 

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Becasue of the intimate nature of this subject, I am capping the seats at 200. Make sure you reserve before the class is full.

Learn Tips and Tools You Won't Find Anywhere Else:

  • What kind of ladybits you have and why you should care through a set of simple questions 
  • Why kegels might be causing incontinence or making it WORSE, and what to do instead (your doctor won’t be able to share this with you) 
  • My signature technique that’ll almost instantly relieve annoying pain or pressure in the pelvic area.  
  • A special (and super easy) pelvic massage you MUST try if you’ve been experiencing ANY pain during intimate relations and have been avoiding intimacy with your love partner.  
  • 3 PROVEN methods you can apply today to naturally heal incontinence - whether you have an occasional wet spot in your panties, or have been wearing panty-liners for the last decade. THIS WORKS.  

Space is Limited