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Download The Perfect Kegel Checklist
& Your Ticket To The
Masterclass Replay

Discover the 5 Step Program Guaranteed to Supercharge Your Kegels & Set The Stage For:

    Better Tone And Support For Your Organs...

    Better Orgasms

    Better Bladder Health

    In this Free 5-Step Checklist + Live “V Core” Masterclass, I’ll Show You Tips About Kegels You Won’t Find Anywhere Else:  

    • My exact 5 part, clinically proven Kegel system you can follow to increase pelvic power, conquer leaking, and sexual health without having to go to the doctor.  
    Discover the perfect way to do Kegels and how to self-assess so you are doing your Kegels correctly every single time. (even your doctor won’t be able to share this with you)  
    • Feeling stuck? or not achieving your desire pelvic results? Discover my #1 trade secret that promotes pelvic floor balance, flexibility, and strength. It’s not what you think.  

    • To master the kegel exercise many women need specific instructions and guidance. In the checklist, you will uncover different mind-body cues that will help you perform the perfect Kegel.

    This short blueprint & special training will show you how to: Create A Tight, Tone & Strong Pelvic Floor Now… 

    Hi! My name is Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS.

    Hi, I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, an integrative pelvic therapist with over 14,704 healings under my belt, and I help women return to their female essence by conquering their leaking, pain, and pelvic heaviness

    My Perfect Kegel Checklist (part of my V-Core Lift Program) has been responsible for helping women to become their own inner doctors, creating a way forward from endless cycles of pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and leaking, returning women to active lifestyles.  

    With this checklist & special masterclass, you will eliminate all the guesswork out of your Kegel program and can get back on the path to an enjoyable and symptom-free life.  

    I will send you info about the masterclass via email so be on the lookout for details.

    Use and enjoy! 

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