Partnership Healthcare: Put Yourself First and Become the Heroine of Your Own Story

Ever go see your doctor and your doctor’s nose is buried in his paperwork or in their screen, and he didn’t look up at you and glosses over everything you are saying to him?

  • You might have left thinking…wow, I don’t think he heard a word I said to him.
  • You might even say to yourself…I’m not sure he understood exactly what was going on with me.
  • You might have felt…like an intruder and you might have thought to yourself maybe I’m making a big deal out of my sexual pain, urine leaking or pelvic pressure.
  • Maybe you left well…feeling small.
  • You might have just taken his prescription because you didn’t want to rock the boat and left wondering is this all there is?


Join me this Friday, January 18, 2019 @ 1 PM EST, where I will break down how to work in partnership with your doctor. Special Gift if you type PARTNERSHIP in the comments!

Paternalistic vs. Partnership Healthcare

What I described above is called “Paternalistic Healthcare” and our medical system thrives on it and is still stuck in doing things in this matter. But there is another way.

In this video, I dig deep into what a modern medicine must evolve into if it’s going to help us heal and if it’s going to survive.

There is a new way of being in relationship with your caregiver and medical team and its called Partnership Healthcare.

Let me explain further in Partnership Healthcare you are the captain of the boat. Everyone works for you and puts your interest first and they are not motivated by profits or quick fixes.

I truly believe Partnership Healthcare is the only way we are going to finally heal ourselves as women. We must reclaim and insist on this type of care and nothing else will do!!

The goal of every doctor and therapist should be to empower their patient/client so that they can care for themselves naturally, holistically and effectively and nothing else will do.


I declare 2019 “The Year of Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Healing”

I want you to “Become The Heroine Of Your Own Story”

Are you in?

About the Author


Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS is a New York City-based holistic women’s pelvic floor specialist, author of 5 books on pelvic health, including the 2017 international best seller Female Pelvic Alchemy and the ground-breaking self-help book, Ending Female Pain, A Woman's Manual. She has dedicated her career to advancing awareness of pelvic floor conditions so that more people can find relief from this silent epidemic that affects over 30 million people in the US alone. Ms. Herrera holds a BA in Psychology and Biology from Fordham University and also a Masters in Physical Therapy from Hunter College. Click here for a complete bio.