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Why Right Now is the PERFECT Time to Heal Your Pelvic Issues Once and for All with One of Our Virtual Expert Coaches.

Right now, we’re living through times we’ve never encountered before. A time where we don’t know what’s going to happen from day to day, week to week, or month to month. 

It’s done 2 things. 

  • It’s made people more fearful, more anxious, and more concerned about their future and their health, with good reason. And… 
  •  It’s made people live much more in the NOW and realize that even in the most difficult circumstances there’s always something positive we can do or learn.

Helping women feel whole again with “virtual coaching” since 2012

You’re about to discover the most powerful way to use both the positive and negative aspects of current events to literally transform your life and your health so that you can finally take back your life and your health – once and for all. 

You’re on this page because you’ve been fighting a battle for far longer than anything else that’s happening. You’ve been struggling with prolapse discomfort, leaking, pain during intimacy, and a lot more. I want you to reclaim your “Queendom” or your pelvic floor muscles once and for all. 

If you’re like most women with pelvic problems you’ve probably been to multiple doctors to try and find the “right treatment” – with (most likely) zero lasting results. (Not to mention, going TO the doctor is OUT right now for the majority of people.) 

Also if you’re like most people right now… you find yourself with “just a little” extra time on your hands. 

One of the biggest obstacles for many women in taking control of their health is  – there’s never enough time for self-care. 

Isa Herrera and her telecoaching client Jean Herman

The reality… there’s more than enough time NOW. 

I’ve personally trained an amazing team of Expert Coaches in my methods for healing pelvic floor issues and “Lady Parts” problems. 

They’re handpicked and they’re absolutely fantastic at what they do. And they can help you from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s the thing…  

Unless you’re working directly with a coach, you may spend weeks, if not years, spinning your wheels trying to alleviate your symptoms. 

The only other options you have right now are looking at YouTube videos or searching the internet and hoping for the best. Neither of which is the right path to your permanent healing and self-empowerment because it takes the power out of your hands and puts it into the hands of someone else.

Why work with our certified virtual coaches?

Simple… working with a coach will help you to reach your goals quickly, easily, and prevent setbacks and flare-ups.

Think about it… there’s not one #1 Championship Team, not a single Elite Athlete or even award-winning performer who would have EVER made it to the top, or the finish line without the help of a key part of the equation – Their coach. 

Here are 4 major truths about your healing process: 

Telecoaching is a great option for postpartum and new moms too.
You have the power within you to heal, with the right guidance.

• Female Truth #1: You can heal your “Lady Parts” and bladder symptoms naturally as long as you put in the work, and you’re working with a highly trained telehealth pelvic coach like the ones on my team.

• Female Truth #2:Sometimes you need help to get to the next level of healing and that’s nothing to feel bad or ashamed about. We’ve found that the women who seek help heal faster, avoid pitfalls, and avoid wasting money on treatments that don’t work.

• Female Truth #3: Your “Lady Parts” can be healed through integrative and holistic practices that include massages, exercises, yoga and meditation, and mindfulness training and that should be the first line of defense.

 The FOURTH FINAL TRUTH you have more control over your body and your health than you’ve been led to believe and you hold the key to your “Lady Parts” healing. Our expert coaching can help awaken your inner pelvic healer and set you free so you can do the things you love without fear, leaking, or pain.

We do things differently and focus completely on YOU.

Together we’ll dig deep and find the root cause of your pelvic issues. 

We’ll take the time to discover clarity, develop a way forward that fits you and your life, and then we’ll put that plan into action so you can finally have the pelvic health you deserve. 

It bears saying out loud, especially right now… 

If you’ve been suffering from Pelvic Pain and discomfort – your immune system is working overtime already to try and combat the effects of your pelvic issues, and the last thing anyone needs right now is a compromised immune system. 

It’s YOUR time right NOW. My team of what I like to call “Pelvic Coaching Queen Bees” are ready and able to help you take the first step on your healing journey – just like we’ve helped thousands and thousands of women suffering, just like you.

online pelvic coaching 64

My certified coaches can… 

  • help you to heal your pelvic issues, like leaking, through simple exercises, you can do at home.
  • help you get your intimacy-life back experiencing such deep orgasms; it makes you swoon just thinking about it.
  • help you ditch that feeling of not being able to trust your body and, instead, feel like you can climb to the top of Mount Everest without feeling like a bowling ball is about to drop out of you.
  • help you to have a self-care program that brings you results QUICKLY  so you can feel confident, sexier, and happier than you’ve ever been.
  • help awaken your inner healer so you’re finally in control of your own health and know-how to care for your “divine anatomy.”

You’re Not Alone.
You’re Actually in the Majority. Your Symptoms Are Real.
You’re Not Hysterical… And It’s NOT in Your Head!

The average woman with pelvic issues sees 5-7 doctors before she gets a diagnosis and when they do see a doctor 50% of them are dissatisfied with their care. In fact, the symptoms you’re experiencing are very common. But…. while it’s common,  it doesn’t mean it’s normal…or that we should accept it as “just the way things are.” 

The truth is that…

  • 50% of older women have pelvic organ prolapse.
  • 1 out of 3 women suffers from “Down There” pain making intimacy impossible.
  • 49% of all women leak urine making them a slave to pantyliners.
  • 96% of women who suffer from low back pain also have related pelvic floor dysfunctions and have limited mobility.

The culprit? The pelvic floor muscles. Research has shown that very few doctors, during routine gynecological exams, perform a digital exam of the pelvic floor muscles, the area where the women are experiencing most of their pain and symptoms.  Heck, I’ve never had a doctor examine my pelvic floor or even speak to me about it. Have you? Yet they make recommendations without looking at the “Whole Woman.”

If you’ve been to the doctors and they’ve told you it was all in your head… or another specialist told you that you need one of those “ectomy” surgeries or a bladder lift or a mesh or botox injections….It is important to first TRY everything natural FIRST before undergoing invasive surgeries or procedures. I always recommend seeing one of my pelvic coaches or purchase one of my online self-care programs.

Side View of the Pelvic Floor
I want you to think about this. It’s a story I’ve heard over and over again.

You’re sitting at work and you’re having pelvic or bladder issues, and you’re uncomfortable or even in a lot of pain. What do you do? You call your doctor for a consult, and that visit will cost you anywhere from $350 to $500, and here’s what he’s going to tell you when you see him.

He prescribes medications to ease your pain and antibiotics just in case there’s a yeast or bladder infection, maybe even an antifungal for your vagina. The pills cost you $100, and a drive to the pharmacy. After taking them, you realize that they’re not working, and you call him back.

He calls you back into his office and says to you, “The ultrasound is negative. You need to see a pelvic pain specialist.” Now, that’s going to cost you anywhere between $500 to 1,500. Any time you see a specialist, they’re going to recommend injections or more tests, that can cost up to $1,500 or more.

So, now you’ve wasted six weeks, took off from work, and spent at least $5,000, and you still have issues. I wish I was making this scenario up, but I’m not.

The ugly side of women’s health is that it’s costly and you have to continue going back in hopes that you’ll be taught how to care for yourself.

The average doctor visit is 7-11 minutes long and many of your questions may go unanswered or wore you’re told it’s in your head; “Go home have a glass of wine and relax.” 

Here’s what a typical round of what I call The Doctor RoadshowTM will cost you:

Doctor initial Consult= $350
Medications= $75 (Plus the nasty side effects)
Pelvic Ultrasound=$525
Pelvic Specialist= $500-$1500
Botox injections= $1,500 x 3 = $4500
Total Doctor Road Show = $5500

Hit repeat on the Doctor Roadshow.  I’ve had clients spend up to $50,000 on their Doctor Roadshow ( listen to Renee’s testimonial below). Save yourself the heartache and the expense of Doctor Roadshow and work with my winning team to get the straight scoop on what you need to do to heal completely.

The research states that women with pelvic issues should see a pelvic coach and try natural healing first. We know that’s the way to GO because we’ve seen tens of thousands of our clients reclaim their mobility, ditch their pantyliners, reconnect with their partners and do the things that they love without surgeries, pills or numbing creams. We help them heal and get a tailored program that brings immediate results. And now we want to help you, too. 

We can help you to conquer your symptoms by creating pelvic self-care programs for you that bring immediate relief and results so that you will feel confident, sexier and happier than ever.

Who Are We? We are the Pelvic Floor Queen Bees.
Coaches That Are Ready to Help Bring You Back to Full Pelvic Vitality So You Can Live Your Dream Life and Do the Things You Love Again

We’re a team of dedicated pelvic healing coaches personally trained by Isa Herrera, founder of PelvicPainRelief.com, using her S.T.A.R.R. methodology that has helped over 14,000 reclaim their pelvic power…

Jessica Connelly and Luz Perez have been a part of Isa’s online and virtual team for over a decade and have been trained by Isa extensively.  They are no strangers to the field of pelvic coaching and now with the changing times, we want to bring healing into your homes using Telecoaching. We are now a fully virtual telehealth coaching team. 

When you book a session you’ll be working with an Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Master coach (IHPM) personally trained by Isa Herrera in all her  healing secrets that have already helped thousands of women heal and transform their “Lady Parts.”

We’ve decided to come together during these difficult times to help more women heal naturally and to refocus women on what’s really important “Self-Care” and “Radical Reclamation” of personal health.

We’re dedicated to your well being and to provide you with  PROVEN exercises, KEGELS
(of all types) that will stop the dribble, the ouchies, and the deep pelvic pressure so you can feel whole again, move without fear and experience the deep connection you desire.

We believe in empowerment healthcare where you are the captain of the boat and our job is to help awaken your inner healer so that you ultimately don’t need us.

Yes, that’s right. We want you to know how to care for yourself, so you no longer need our services.

How refreshing is that!

We will empower you to know how to care for yourself because we believe it is the birthright of all women to understand how to care for their divine anatomy. All women should be able to do their own self-care in the privacy of their own homes without outsourcing their pelvic floors.

Imagine NO MORE long drives, NO MORE waiting rooms, and  NO MORE hoping that the next doctor can help you. We are highly trained and will STOP at nothing to get you the results you desire and rightfully deserve.

Isa Herrera, Founder,

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, uses a unique, evidence-based & fresh approach to coaching. This is the foundation of her Pelvic Pain Relief online school for women. Isa believes that all women hold the key to their healing and all that is needed is an expert guide and the inner motivation to get the work done on your own.

To that end, she has created the Female Pelvic Alchemy, V-Core Lift, Healthy Mind Workout, and The PRESS Yoga Program. These programs help women awaken their inner healer so they can reclaim their vitality and pelvic power.  Isa’s mission is to help one million heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and she cannot do it alone. To help her accomplish this lofty goal, Isa also has created multiple professional training programs for medical, wellness, and fitness pros, all with CEU’s.

Luz Perez, IHPM, Lead Telecoach & Coordinator, Pelvic Wellness Collective Membership

Luz Perez, MSPT, IHPM, is known as the “Pelvic Intuitive,” Luz has the gift of getting to the bottom of what’s contributing to the client’s pelvic floor puzzle. She is a mother of three boys and understands the importance of self-care. Luz can coach a wide variety of pelvic clients and has been personally trained by Isa in her methodology and exercises. Luz is the chief coordinator for The Pelvic Wellness Collective. This private community helps women who want to have “Happier Lady Parts,” and Luz brings her vast expertise to this exceptional group of women. This community is open year long.

Jessica Connelly, DPT, IHPM, Female Pelvic Alchemy Program Head Telecoach

Jessica Connelly, DPT, IHPM is known as the “Pelvic Eliminator” and uses her in-depth knowledge in coaching women, so they are the best most healed versions of themselves. Jessica is the Chief Telecoach for the Female Pelvic Alchemy Program a virtual pelvic group coaching program that has helped thousands of women improve their most intimate problems.  Jessica can coach a wide variety of pelvic clients and has been personally trained by Isa in her methodology and exercises. Jessica is a proud mom of a little boy and enjoys working from home so she can spend more time with her child.

Now You Can Have a Powerful Combination of Pelvic Healing Exercises at Your Fingertips So You Can Restore Your Strength, Reclaim Your Pelvic Power and Feel Whole Again.

online pelvic coaching 34 2
Imagine Having a Customized Pelvic Exercise Program to Naturally Heal Your “Lady Parts” Created by Coaches, Each with Over 10 Years of Experience. Our Promise to You- Excellent Care and Results!

We’ve been doing telehealth virtual coaching sessions since 2012 so we know exactly how to structure your healing sessions so you can easily repeat everything on your own.  We do all of our sessions through videos and provide written instructions inside your own personal protected and HIPPA compliant folder.

• Imagine not having to travel back and forth to appointments and missing out on precious family time or missed days from work.
• Imagine knowing exactly what Kegels to do so you can throw your pantyliners away and feel confident and sexier than ever. 
• Imagine making love without pain and feeling deeply connected to your partner.
• Imagine playing with your kids, grandkids without worrying that something is about to fall out of you because you know how to protect your body.
• Imagine taking the vacation you’re always wanted (once social isolation is over) and moving without fear or inhibition.

We are committed to you and to making a difference in your life so you can get back to doing the things that you love and feeling like yourself again.

We have found that women who are ready to care for themselves and do the work with our EXPERT coaching heal quickly and reach their goals. Long gone are the days of the guru. In this healing journey, you run the show and we are your loving support team.  

What to Expect:

In our telehealth sessions we use videos, we demonstrate exercises, and we provide you with written instructions so you reach new heights of healing very quickly.

You get a recording of your video sessions, so it’s like having your own in-person healer at your fingertips. You’ll never forget the exercises because they’re right there in your private folder. We are HIPPA compliant and protect your information so you never have to worry.  

We are highly trained and each of my coaches has over 10 years of experience in pelvic healing. So we are no newbies. We know how to cut through the “unnecessary” and bring you only what works, focusing on your needs, and helping you to achieve your goals. We are results-driven!

Book your telehealth coaching session TODAY and get really clear on what you need to do to heal yourself.

Isn’t it time to rewrite the script of your life?

Isn’t it time to wear whatever you want without the bulky diapers?

Isn’t it time to enjoy making love again and feeling connected to your partner?

Isn’t it time to show our kids, our grandkids, and our family that we matter and to heal our legacies?

Isn’t It Time to Become the Heroine of Your Own StoryTM?

Pelvic Telecoaching Clients Speak

“I am able to be intimate again in a new relationship in my 50’s with no pain.” — Nancy

Nancy Was Able to Be Intimate Again and Recaptured Her Sensuality in Her 50’s.


“I’m not leaking anymore, after decades of leaking!” — Emma

See How Emma Cured her 20-Year Incontinence and Prolapse Issue and Took Back Her Womanhood Using the S.T.A.R.R. System

“I am now able to take long walks and I can enjoy staying active through yoga. Thank you, Isa! — Susan

Hear how Susan finally took control of her pelvic floor symptoms after 30 years of suffering and not knowing what do, even after spending tons of money at the best clinics.

“After spending $50,000 on the Doctor Roadshow and getting no results, Isa’s program gave me the tools I need to heal myself.” — Rene

Hear How Rene Ended Her 2-Year “Doctor Roadshow” and Learned to Care for Herself Naturally.

“Isa, you have changed my life for the better… and that is what I want people to know.” — Jeanne

Hear how Jeanne changed her life for the better with Isa’s program.

“I learned more in 3 months than in the past 6 years” — Susan

Susan returned to an active lifestyle after 30 years with pelvic pain and prolapse and stopped the PT Roadshow.

“Make time for your self-care and do this program” — Kristina

Hear how Kristina got results for her bladder, IC, and pain symptoms.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is this for?

This is for ANY woman who cares about her pelvic health. Of course, if you are currently suffering from leaking, prolapse, pain, or another pelvic condition you should definitely book a session with one of our pelvic coaches…

If you just want the best preventative tips and exercises to keep your lady parts happy, we’d love to have you work with us! Also, note that we can help you with other types of problems such as back pain, hip pain, pregnancy pain and knee, and foot pain. When you work with us it’s like ONE-STOP shopping for all your healing needs.

Q: Can you remind me what I’m getting if I book TODAY?
  • Live video calls that will be recorded and put into your healing folder. We are HIPPA compliant because we care about you enough to protect your information.
  • Downloadable cheat sheets to help you track your progress and a google doc where your coach will post your self-care routine.
  • You get bonuses too! we understand that the mind is powerful and that pelvic floor issues are distressing. So we want to set you up for success with two incredible bonuses. Bonus #1 “Happy Mindset Masterclass” with Isa that contains relaxation practices to calm your nervous system so you heal faster and easier. 

    Bonus #2 The Essential Guide to a Happier Lady Parts – Isa’s top secrets that will unleash your inner healer, so you have a healthier and stronger pelvic floor. 

Q: How much does it cost?

The coaching sessions depend on which coach you work with. Click here to check out our highly trained women’s pelvic telecoaches and finally get the straight answers that help you need to help yourself.

Isa, that sounds awesome – I want to become Book a session

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

 You can cancel or reschedule your appointment 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. After that, it’s a late cancellation and you lose your appointment and your fee.  

Q: Is it truly possible to heal with online telehealth coaching?

Yes! Thousands of women have successfully healed with our virtual coaching programs and here’s why: Our coaching sessions are built to help you heal yourself and to awaken your inner guru. We hand you everything you need: the tools, and exercises so you can tap into your body’s ability to heal in the comfort and privacy of your own home and at your own pace. If you own one of our online programs you are ahead of the game.

Q: Will there be access to you, Isa?
Yes, Isa is available for online coaching but at a MUCH higher price. We recommend that you book with one of her highly trained pelvic coaches. Isa has personally trained all of them so it’s like seeing Isa without the hefty price tag. PLUS Isa and her team of coaches have weekly meetings to discuss how to bring our client’s quick success.
Q: Are my coaching sessions covered by my health insurance?
Isa’s team and her team are pelvic coaches trained personally by Isa. Since we are coaches your sessions will not be covered by your insurance companies. Also, note that you will receive a  paid in FULL receipt for your sessions.  We don’t provide superbills nor do we provide diagnosis codes. In certain cases, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or  Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)  will cover wellness coaching. It’s very similar to personal training.
Q: What kind of technology do I need for my coaching calls?

You can access your coaching calls with any device connected to the internet. We prefer you to use a phone tablet or laptop/desktop that is fitted with a camera. All connections are AES-256 bit encrypted and we use HIPPA compliant protection for your data (even though it is not required!) Our goal is the utmost protection of your data, and we follow the same stringent protocols. My team is also available to practice with you and to help you before the session so that things run smoothly and you don’t have to worry about the technology.

And if you’re worried about the tech aspect, just FYI… Susan, a 76-year-old client of mine who didn’t know ANYTHING about technology, was brave enough to figure this “online thing” out. I’m happy to say that she’s made a full recovery after suffering from chronic pelvic pain since 1988.

Q: Can’t I learn these techniques from my doctor or YouTube?

Sure, that seems reasonable. After all, there are tons of “specialists” and doctors out there claiming to have the answer to your pain, leaking, and discomfort. But let’s get real…The fact that you’re reading this probably means your doctor or specialist has failed you.

 After seeing women come into my NYC health center in wheelchairs and on crutches… after healing incontinence in women that I’ve tried EVERYTHING – from pills, surgeries, and injections, to herbal treatments, acupuncture, and pilates – I can safely say:

 The methods we teach, you won’t find anywhere else in one place.


Q: Where did you get your stats from, Isa? Can I get the references? Here is a list of the references:

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Q: How many sessions will I need?

Well, that depends on the complexity of your symptoms and how long you’ve been suffering for and the effort that you put into the “pelvic self-care work.”

Some women will need anywhere from 1-6 sessions. We find that after the first session women feel more in control of their self-care journey and feel like their “inner healer” has been awakened. Women feel more confident in their ability to do the work on their own.  There is nothing better than having a coach on your side to help and guide you. The truth is that we can’t outsource our health anymore and we have to do be able to do the healing work on our own. The good and bad news is that you’re in control of your own health.

Q: What does the follow up look like?

Our intake form is very detailed and it is important that you fill it out before your session and come prepared for your session with a list of questions.  My team of coaches is highly trained to give you what you need to achieve immediate results.  On your first visit, you will receive a road plan to follow. This roadmap is specifically tailored to give you the results you desire. We find our clients have more clarity and hope after their first visit and follow up questions are held until the next visit.

We find that anywhere from 1-6 visits will help you to awaken your inner healer so you can take back control. Of course the more complex your condition the more sessions you will need. We also recommend you enroll in one of Isa Herrera’s pelvic healing online programs. It’s the perfect compliment. 

Thousands of Women Have Used My Pelvic Coaching Services to Achieve Pain Relief, to Tame Their Bladders and to Recapture Their Feminine Fire. Now It’s Your Turn.

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, Creator of The Queen Bee Telehealth Pelvic Coaching Program

Hi, I’m Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS and I have helped over 14,000 women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain. After a decade in private practice in NYC, I started to notice something quite remarkable. The women who were dedicated to their pelvic health and who did the work on their own with guidance healed faster and better. Being a scientist at heart I started to research why this was happening.

I discovered that a well-curated pelvic health self-care program that involves Kegels, mindfulness, meditation, and mind-body tools has a profound positive effect on the pelvic floor muscles and helps to strengthen and tone them.  I quickly created protocols that contain my best exercises, techniques, and tools to help my clients come back to pelvic vibrancy.

All of my pelvic coaches are trained in my methods and use my protocols ensuring quick results for you! Imagine knowing exactly how to care for yourself and how to get yourself out of a flare-up.

No more endless visits to the doctor that bring little relief. 

It’s with great honor that I now bring pelvic healing into the privacy of your own home so that you can focus more on the things you love.


In the telecoaching sessions, we will set you up for success with an easy program that will bring you maximum results. We believe in keeping things simple and targeted to get you fast results.

Self-care is a radical act of self-love. When we fill our cup first and focus on “US” then and only then can we be fully present for our family, partners, and friends.

The time is NOW to put yourself first on your own list and to heal yourself from a condition that is threatening to steal your joy, your movement, your intimacy, and your feminine power.

I know you can do this and with our expert coaching, you are one step closer to “Becoming the Heroine of Your Own StoryTM

Right about now there is probably one question on your mind…

What’s the next step?

You’re smart. You have done your homework, and you know what works and what is just hype and empty promises. And if you own one of my programs you are well ahead of the curve and know that self-care opens the portal to healing and you might just need a tweak or two.

There is a lot of information available in the marketplace that leads you to believe it is the secret technique or magic elixir required for your pelvic healing…

That’s not the case here. We will assist you in getting solutions that will facilitate your healing at a price you can afford.

Trust me it’s very affordable when you compare it to the wasted money you’ve already spent…

Don’t be one of those people who rely on prescriptions for band-aid solutions that won’t give you long-term natural results.

Today, you have an option. I saw this global need, and I made a decision to do something about it.

The solution is here at your fingertips…

Use The Pelvic Telecoaching Sessions to  Gain Clarity and Specific Things You Can Do On Your Own to Feel Like Your Old Self Again. The next step is simple.

This will be the BEST decision you’ve made in a long time.

Just click the link below to book a pelvic telecoaching session right now. You should know that these sessions are limited and they are first-come-first-serve so there might be a short waiting period. Trust me we are WORTH the wait.  So if you’re ready to take back control of your “Lady Parts” and ready to fall in love with yourself all over again, then we are here for you.

Reclaim your “Queendom” by booking with us now.

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