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Discover How to Create a Pelvic Niche Practice Using the New External Way of Treating the Pelvic Floor


  • 38 CEU’s in one online program. ACNM and DONA credits too!
  • Groundbreaking techniques to confidently assess the pelvic floor – WITHOUT having to “go inside”
  • Access to the market of 30 million women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, so you can make a bigger impact on their lives
  • Get certified in my method as an Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist, so you can scale to 6 figures or beyond.

    30 Million Women Need Your Help. . . and They Need it Now!

    Millions of women suffer from leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain, and there are not enough qualified professionals to help them. The truth is that pelvic floor education is not widely taught in professional programs making this the “missing link in women’s health. This gap in the educational system creates a BIG opportunity for professionals just like you to provide much-needed services to women who desperately need it. 

    I believe the ability to expertly evaluate and treat pelvic floor dysfunction – should be available to all professionals who intimately work with women.

    After all, we are on the “front lines” and are the first to see many of these women in our clinics, classes, and programs. 

    If you feel your patient outcomes have been “hit and miss” up till now… if you secretly wish you could do SO MUCH MORE for your female clients…

    … then I’ve got great news for you:

    You have a fantastic opportunity here to help more women who need your help and at the same grow your niche practice.

    Are you a doula, Pilates trainer, massage therapist, acupuncturist, yoga instructor, PTA, orthopedic physical therapist, naturopath, health coach, chiropractor, fitness trainer or other birth/wellness pro looking to increase your revenue?

    …then you probably already know that a “niche practice” is the way to go!

    In fact, it’s a highly lucrative way to stand out from the competition and scale your clinic or practice to multiple 6 or even 7 figures FAST (I personally scaled to 7-figures within 2 years), and…

    There’s no better time to do it with an untapped market of millions of women suffering from incontinence, chronic pelvic pain, who can’t be intimate without discomfort…. they NO LONGER accept the medical establishments’ approach of meds, injections and surgeries – which brings me to my next point…

    Considering the women’s health niche? Here’s what you need to know. . .

    All these women suffering from pelvic floor muscle dysfunction – who have sometimes spent over $50,000.00 in treatments and surgeries, but experienced no lasting results – will come banging down YOUR door for relief and healing. Honestly, there’s no better time to start your “pelvic niche” and…


    The young mom who can’t lift her baby because of prolapse? The fit 55-year-old who can’t do weights without peeing herself? The women who haven’t been intimate in months because they can’t stand the pain? We owe it to them to give them the diagnoses and treatments they DESERVE.


    Become a bestselling author, get on stage, get featured in articles, be the top choice for profitable partnerships and more! Raising your profile and becoming an authority will add MORE (passive) income streams to your business.


    With so many women suffering from pelvic dysfunction, the moment you hang up your “pelvic shingle”, clients will come flocking and what’s even better… they’ll refer you to their girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and colleagues faster than you can say “SOLD OUT!”.


    Maybe you’re doing OK-ish with your current hourly rate, and the prices you ask for your classes, but… I’ve seen my students who’ve started a pelvic niche, skyrocket their revenue by selling out high-end, deeply specialized classes and packages. This is possible for you! In short…

    Creating a niche practice can be lucrative, but. . .
    . . .if you’re anything like many other medical professionals. . . you might not feel 100% secure in your ability to diagnose and treat pelvic symptoms.

    I’m Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS and I’m here to change that.

    Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS

    My Story

    I teach women how to heal themselves, but I can only help so many women, which is why I created these programs for professionals.

    Let me tell you a little about my background and why it is so important for me to help practitioners to build successful women’s health business.

    From struggling PT in pain (living on a shoestring budget) – to thriving, 7-figure clinic owner.

    Before I stepped into my “pelvic niche” and scaled my clinic to 6-figures in the 18 months, and 7-figures within the next 2 years…

    … I was walking around in A LOT of pain, due to my own obstetric trauma ånd developed what I call the new mom trifecta leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain.

    Whenever I could, I would visit specialists for my own pelvic symptoms. from OB-GYNs, and PT’s, to massage therapists, herbalists and midwives (I call this the #doctorRoadshow), but nobody could help me relieve my pain, or heal me.

    It was devastating.

    On my daughter’s first birthday, I made the decision I would figure out how to heal my pain + humiliating issues myself (I couldn’t even sit properly, let alone be intimate). And I did. And not just for myself, but for over 14,000 women who’ve since been treated by me and my team. Now I’m on a mission to help more women help from pelvic issues and I cannot do it alone. I NEED you.

    4 Reasons Why You Can Trust Me

    I’ve healed over 14,704 women with pelvic dysfunction issues like incontinence, chronic back/hip pain, obstetric injuries and more.

    I run a wildly successful cash-based healing center in downtown NYC

    I’m an international bestselling author, and have written 4 books on pelvic health.

    I have been featured over and over again in national media including US News & World Report, Regis & Kelly Live, The Today Show, Reader’s Digest, MTV True Life, PBS,

    You’ll earn 38 CEU’s (the equivalent of a year’s worth of training, DONA and ACNM credits available too). . . position yourself as an EXPERT in the field of pelvic health. . . quickly + expertly assess and treat pelvic dysfunction issues (external methods!!). . . get 25+ new clients every month. . . and access my “trade secret” material that you can turn into specialized classes that will SELL OUT.

    All of that, so you NO LONGER have to send clients on their way to undergo invasive procedures, get prescriptions to dull the pain and, perhaps worst of all…get another misdiagnosis that doesn’t even address the core cause of their pain.

    I’m beyond excited to introduce my program…

    Track 2: Female Pelvic Floor Training for Birth and Wellness Professionals…

    … The only online program that will show you how to confidently diagnose and treat pelvic floor dysfunction externally – so you can start your own lucrative pelvic niche practice

    WITHOUT having to “go inside”

    Earning you 38 CEU’s(!!!)

    GUARANTEED to get you a slew of new clients every month

    Sell out “specialized classes” within weeks

    Become Herrera Method certified

    What Other’s Are Saying

    Success Stories

    “When I went to medical school there was no pelvic floor training at all…This is the first time I have seen any type of course that is online that is so thorough.”

    Dr. Jacquess Moritz, MD
    Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Cornell University and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

    “I took the online Pelvic Pain Relief Course for Healthcare Professionals, and I found it to be incredibly helpful to my practice…I highly recommend this course for any Healthcare Professional that treats this population…I think it is a valuable addition to your clinical practice.”

    Dr. Jessica Connelly, DPT
    Urogynecological Physical Therapist, Pelvic Health Expert

    “I think it is a phenomenal tool for anyone and everyone that works with the pelvic floor…I was blown away with the depth and complexity of the material.”

    Dr. Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT
    Holistic Health Physician, Founder of i.m.body

    “Whatever your orientation to pelvic floor health to women is, if you’re dedicated to true natural, non-evasive results you’re gonna want to do this course…it’s easy, it’s concise, great videos, great instruction…I am paying attention to Isa’s wisdom on pelvic floor pain.”

    Dr. Saida Desilets:
    Founder, The Desilet Method

    Certified Pilates Professional

    “Secret information is now available to us…”

    Founder, The Desilet Method

    “Isa has created a global language of understanding…”

    Dr. Jacques Moritz:
    Assistant Professor of OB-GYN, Cornell Univ. & Columbia Pres.

    “All professionals who treat women should take this course…”

    In this online program, I’m handing you my cutting-edge methods, including extensive pelvic anatomy, NEW Kegel exercises, gentle yoga to heal specific pelvic issues like leaking… core work, trigger point release – so you can help your clients eliminate their symptoms forever.

    Next time a woman walks into your clinic or practice with these problems… you’ll know EXACTLY how to heal them – so you get more rave reviews and referrals!

    Conditions You Will Be Able to Address After Taking This Course

    • HIP PAIN
    • SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction)
    • MUMMY TUMMY (Diastasis Recti Abdominal Separation)

    The ability to successfully heal these issues (or making an informed referral) will easily double or triple your revenue. Think of the specialized programs you could create… the trauma you could help your patients AVOID, and turning almost EVERY PATIENT into an advocate for your work and your clinic or practice.

    The Herrera Method Certification will help you take control of your patient outcomes and business!

    Here’s How This Class is Your Key

    You can’t go internal, but you DO work closely with women who suffer from pelvic dysfunction or are pregnant. This program offers you everything you need to know to instruct your girls how to NOT injure themselves – during pregnancy and post postpartum. (NOTE: included is a module that breaks down what birth positions to recommend to women with different pelvic issues – this is GOLD!!).

    Unlike your competition, you’ll know what’s REALLY going on with your female clients. And even if you can’t offer the complete solution, you’ll be able to make an informed referral your client will thank you for (and thankful clients keep coming back + send you referrals).

    Increase your knowledge-base and understand how to access the pelvic floor muscles. Play a bigger role in working collaboratively with your team of practitioners so that your patients can achieve long-lasting and fast results. Position yourself as integral to your team.

    Expect your business to BOOM! Because this knowledge will help you educate your clients BETTER – so they can deliver their babies without perineal tears or other birth injuries. On top of that, you’ll be able to advocate for your client to hospital staff (including doctors) – without being thrown off by medical jargon.

    Feel super confident about where you put your needles to treat issues like lower back pain, girdle pain, and painful intimacy + incontinence – and see your client outcomes SKYROCKET.

    You want to understand how to access the pelvic floor muscles externally, through fascial, muscular, and other body system connections – this program will help you do that. Also included are techniques for trigger point release, detailed massage tutorials to heal pelvic floor disorders.

    I’ll be honest. Most Pilates instructors over-activate the pelvic floor. With this program, you’ll be able to position yourself as a “pelvic pain expert” and bring more balance to your workouts. A Pilates instructor that went through the program last round, created a pelvic program (for postpartum women) – that always SELLS OUT.

    Pelvic dysfunction (especially prolapse) is rampant in the athletic community. If you’re able to help them overcome their injuries and pain (and teach classes that don’t make women pee themselves) you’ll have more clients than you’ll be able to handle.

    I’m a PT, just like you. And let me tell you… when I specialized in pelvic dysfunction, business exploded (I run a wildly successful clinic in NYC) – and I got more referrals than I knew how to handle. We are the perfect people to create ACE programs for our clients. And this program will help you go from “good enough” to sought-after expert for treating pregnant women, new moms and athletes.

    You’re already so skilled at understanding human anatomy. Adding a deeper understanding of “down there” issues? It’ll increase your effectiveness with so many of your female patients – and make it easy for your patients to refer you to their female friends + relatives.

    Pick your learning style, learn whenever you want, save on travel and hotel!

    Female Pelvic Floor Essentials for Medical Professionals comes with…

    Instead of having to give up a whole weekend (taking away from precious family time)… or perhaps worse: having to block-off days you normally see paying clients, to take a local – and probably inferior – class…

    … you get to go through the modules at your own pace – whenever you want (whether that’s in-between client sessions, or on the couch in your PJ’s).

    Unlike live programs, you’ll have this information for life: all the classes, the lab content, powerpoint slides, audio files, and more. Meaning… when you suddenly have to support many births in a short amount of time, or you have a family emergency… all this information waits till you’re ready to pick it up again #peaceofmind.

    I know many of my competitors have a “Thanks for buying, and hasta la vista, baby!” attitude. Not me. With live “ask me anything” Q & A sessions throughout the program, you can access me directly with your questions.

    According to our members, it’s “Worth the entire cost of the program”. Our Mastermind is filled with passionate practitioners you can collaborate with, and refer to (or get referrals from). Finally! A place where wellness + birth pros work together as a TEAM.

    There’s learning material for every style of learner, including scripts + powerpoint slides for those who prefer to READ, classes you can WATCH, or LISTEN to… there’s even lab content with a live gynecological model if you’re a DOER and want to get your hands dirty.

    Want to learn from a TOP person in this industry? That means getting your buns on a plane. Besides the obvious costs (easily up to $3,000+ in travel and expenses), the time you spent away from your business will cost you thousands as well. My advice? Skip the hotel food and airport lineups! Access the most complete pelvic-dysfunction curriculum out there, from the comforts of your own home.

    38 CEU’s (BANG!!)
    No explanation needed. I know you want those CEU’s. There’s no easier way for you to secure them than through this value-stacked online program.

    Students Speak From the Mastermind Group


    Become an Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist!


    (earning you 38 CEU’s in one fell swoop – aka a year’s worth of classes!)

    Unlike a local “weekend certification”, this course is designed to help you synthesize the information presented, so you can implement and see the results – in your clients and in your bank account – within 3 to 4 weeks.

    Besides getting 38 CEU’s, you’ll become an “Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist” – adding credibility and earning you respect from peers and clients alike.

    By the time you’ve completed the program, you’ll be all set to put the techniques into practice. I’ll take you through the entire process step-by-step. The videos are professionally edited and have live (gynecological) models.

    All modules contain…

    • Live Lab Recordings
    • PowerPoints
    • Instructional Videos with Live Models
    • Live Gyn-Model
    • Recorded LecturesMastery Sheets + Handouts

    … so you can learn whatever way you learn best.

    Course MOdules

    The Core 8

    The Ultimate Pelvic Floor Muscle Anatomy Guide for Birth and Wellness Professionals

    4 hours of extensive (not dumbed-down) anatomy you NEED to know – so you can confidently diagnose and treat pelvic pain dysfunction.

    This is the best centralized, online anatomy instructional reference on the market today, AND everything is taught on a live gynecological model. If your client outcomes aren’t consistently improving, this extensive class will help you break through to better, lasting results. It’s the best foundation available online today.

    • Introduction to Pelvic Floor Anatomy
    • Female Pelvic Floor Anatomy
    • Clitoral Anatomy
    • Bony Anatomy
    • Causes of PFM Dysfunction – hypertonic vs. hypotonic

    How Everyday Behaviors Affect Pelvic Floor Muscle Function

    The Key to discovering WHY your patients aren’t getting the results you expect – and how to fix it, one detrimental behavior at a time.

    FACT: You’re a HERO at creating a fantastic program. But… as long as your client is still sitting ON her sacrum, works behind a shitty workstation, or isn’t hydrated (even toilet habits can affect your outcomes!!)..… you (and your client) won’t get the desired results. This module is all about moving beyond ASSUMING YOUR PATIENT KNOWS WHAT TO DO.

    I share my tried and tested method on how to set your patient up for success. This way, your work is more targeted and successful. Everyday behaviors count and, without understanding what is needed, your patient won’t succeed.

    • Detrimental Pelvic Behaviors
    • Breathing Techniques
    • Body Awareness
    • Proper Postures for Prevention and Treatment
    • Ergonomics of Sitting

    Assessing the Pelvic Muscles with External Techniques and Exercises

    Because unless you can assess them – you can’t really treat them #TRUTHBOMB

    Ok. I did a bit of googling. What I discovered? My competitors are offering this module as a separate course for $2,000 to $3,000. What’s more? It’s not available to doulas, fitness pros, pilates/yoga instructors – because you’re not licensed. I get a lot of sh** for making this information available, but… I believe keeping it within the licensed PT community is a DISSERVICE to all the women out there!! So… If internal examination isn’t within your practice scope, or if your clients don’t want an internal exam…. this module is your solution. I’m sharing my “trade secrets” on how to assess and treat the pelvic floor muscles – with purely external techniques and exercises. 

    • Indications, precautions, and contraindications for Pelvic Floor Muscle evaluation
    • Clinician responsibilities.
    • External observation.
    • Pelvic floor evaluation and assessment – giving you the full pelvic floor picture

    Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy and Creating Flexibility, Healing and Preventing Tears in the Pelvic Floor Muscles with Dynamic Exercises

    Hands-on tips that’ll reduce obstetric trauma and injury in your clients by as much as 80%

    In many cases, debilitating girdle pain and obstetric trauma are AVOIDABLE.

    I’m going to show you how.

    This module is an absolute essential for anyone who works with pregnant clients, and will enable you to give them the most trauma-free birth possible. You are free to use whatever you learn in this module to design bestselling classes and packages in your new “pelvic niche”. Included are…

    • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
    • How to use belts to improve stability and reduce pelvic girdle pain
    • Labor positions that help reduce perineal tearing and promote good maternal outcomes
    • Childbirth positions that prevent orthopedic injuries during childbirth
    • Preparing the perineum of pregnant women with pregnancy perineal massage
    • Healing perineal scars with manual stretching
    • If you can go inside: dynamic pelvic exercises for pelvic floor muscle flexibility and scar healing

      Restoring Flexibility To The Tight Pelvic Floor Muscle with Reverse Kegel Exercises

      These are not your “cookie cutter” Kegels – I’m sharing my revolutionary new system with you, including the “reverse Kegel”. This module provides you with the entire (customizable) treatment plan for your patients suffering from overactive, tight pelvic floor muscles. Included are…

      • To Kegel or not to Kegel?
      • What are reverse Kegels and down training?
      • Breathing and the reverse Kegel
      • How to cue the reverse Kegel
      • Top reverse Kegel exercises that restore flexibility in the pelvic floor muscle

        The Ultimate Kegel Exercise Program for Organ Prolapse, Incontinence and Pelvic Power

        Don’t be one of those wellness/birth pros who tells their clients: “You need to do some Kegels!”. This module (which builds on module 5) is all about learning to ask the right questions – so you can describe a customized set of Kegels.

        In this module, I break all barriers and teach you how to really incorporate a Kegel program into your client’s or patient’s program. There are over ten types of Kegels because you need options in your treatment plans.

        • How to get your patient to succeed
        • Quick-flick Kegels
        • Mind-Body connection to Kegels
        • Combinations of Kegels
        • Multiple level Kegel exercise programs

          Aligning The Pelvic Bones and Restoring Core Strength For Pelvic Power

          The no-crunch approach to core training – so you can correct mommy-tummy and more… without injuring your clients.

          Besides teaching you my no-crunch approach to giving your clients the flat tummy they so desire… you’ll learn this:

          The pelvic floor (or its organs) can’t function properly unless the bones are perfectly aligned. This module will teach you how to correct mal-alignment, and restore the core – by correcting diastasis recti. This will help clients suffering from girdle pain tremendously. Included are…

          • Pelvic floor muscle and pelvic bone connection
          • Bony anatomy and landmarks
          • Determining the alignment dysfunction
          • Using muscle energy alignment techniques to restore pelvic function and reduce pain in all women
          • Abdominal diastasis recti separation testing and corrective exercise
          • Intelligent core training that works in connection with the pelvic floor muscles

            Associated Pelvic Structures Count too: External Body Work for Pelvic Vigor and Balance

            The holistic approach: because women are more than what’s between their legs…

            We’re more than a pelvic floor – a vagina. You get the lasting results (and the referrals) the moment you start seeing a woman beyond her immediate “down there” issues.

            This module will teach you step-by-step techniques (including connective tissue rolling, trigger point therapy and muscle release) to restore function and strength in women suffering from pelvic dysfunction. Included are….

            • Global connective tissue rolling for pelvic floor structures such as adductor, abdominals, sit bones and much more
            • External trigger points theory and causation
            • External trigger points commonly found in women who suffer from pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
            • Muscle release techniques

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Does this really work online?!

              That’s a reasonable question! (and the one I get most often from people right before they join). So if you’ve been wondering about this and think, “Isn’t a live setting and live teacher better?!”, check out below why this ONLINE program is by far your best option:

              1. You don’t have to settle for the education you’re able to get locally, instead you get the best I’ve performed over 14,704 pelvic healing sessions and overseen more than 51,325 healing sessions of my staff. On top of that I’ve written 4 books on the topic of chronic pelvic pain, one of which was an international bestseller.
              2. You’ll get more live interaction and direct support than you would with a weekend course or seminar. Over the course of weeks, you’re invited to live Q & A sessions with me and my team. And unlike local training, you get long term access to a (online) community of like-minded professionals and future collaborators in the private FB group.
              3. The information in the course is extensive. Not only will you learn new tools and techniques to expertly assess and heal pelvic dysfunction… this class sets the stage for a wildly successful “niche practice”, and awards you with 38 CEU’s.

              In short: you can decide for a less-qualified instructor (with little or no clinical experience)… crammed-in learning with little or no review of the material, leaving you to assimilate on your own… added travel expenses to seminars and in-person courses (and expensive away time from your clinic), OR (and this is what I recommend!)…

              High-quality education (with a live, gynecological model), and many videos making it easy to learn and review the material over and over again – in the comfort of your own home. On top of that… I offer direct support from myself and my team. Unlike my competitors, it’s not just: “Buy here and hasta la vista, baby!”. I’m making myself available as your teacher to answer your questions along the way.

              How long will this class take me?

              The class can take 4-6 weeks but I have had students finish the whole course within 2 weeks. It really depends on YOU. But guess what… you have lifetime access to all the course materials so you can pace yourself with the material.

              How do I know your course works

              I can tell you this is the one program I’m most proud of. It’s literally the content of what my competitors would sell to you as three individual programs. But… I suggest you check out the testimonials on this page. They’ll give you a clear picture of how this course has helped many different types of medical professionals, who are already MAKING BANK with the information they learned in this program.

              Isa, what are your qualifications to teach pelvic therapy?

              I’m an experienced teacher with 14,704 healings under my belt and I’ve written 4 books on the topic of pelvic health. I’ve also been featured on many media outlets and countless magazines. I’ve had a case study published in Pain Management Medical Journal and, in addition, I run a highly successful and robust “pelvic health” practice in NYC.

              What if I need help, or if I have a question about the course material?

              During our live QA support sessions I’ll answer your most pressing questions – so you can confidently put your new knowledge into practice. You’ll also be part of my “Think Tank” secret Facebook group that will be there to support your educational journey.

              You can start a highly lucrative “pelvic niche practice” in weeks from now. Will you?

              I’ve told you everything you need to know to make an informed decision. You know joining will earn you 38 CEU’s + a certificate as an “Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist”….… you’ve read that pelvic floor dysfunction is an untapped market with over 30 million women suffering in the US alone… you’ve heard about my own success, growing from struggling PT to 7-figure clinic owner (and established expert) in 3 years flat…

              …. You’ve watched the video testimonials + scrolled through the WINS my wellness + birth professionals have posted in the secret FB group

              If having 25+ new clients walk into your clinic, practice or classes is something that would make a HUGE difference in your life and their lives too… if doubling or tripling your revenue in the next months piques your interest… then join me now.

              Whether you’re a midwife, nurse, doctor, OT or PT just like me… the contents of this program *might just be* the difference between traveling from patient to patient, charging $150 or less per session, not knowing how to retain patients and getting little to no referrals…. … to SELLING OUT your expert programs, adding more depth to your group and 1-1 work, diagnosing + treating pelvic dysfunction with confidence, doubling or tripling your price per session to $300, $500 or even $595+, getting more referrals than you know what to do with, and MOST IMPORTANTLY?

              Being one of the superheroes who stepped up – helping the women who pee themselves, can barely sit, don’t dare try to be intimate… to finally find someone who can REALLY HELP THEM. Please be that hero.

              As I said, I can’t heal 30 million on my own.

              Big Love,


              Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, has been featured on. . .

              Disclaimer: Enrolling in Women’s Pelvic Floor Training for Birth and Wellness Professionals Online Course does not guarantee results., Renew Physical Therapy, PC, PPR Associates Inc. and Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS are not responsible for what you do with the material presented in this program. You must stick within the scope of your practice and your license when implementing the material in this course. To see our Privacy Policy, click here. For Terms & Conditions, click here.

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