Discover How To Have A Strong and Toned Body Without Damaging Your Pelvic Floor Using The 5 C System: Women Over 40 Can Now Exercise Safely, Prevent Leaks, and Achieve a Toned, Strong and Fit Body in 14 Days!


The Fitness Industry’s Dirty Secret: How It’s Failing Women Over 40

The fitness industry is one of the most profitable, powerful, and relentless industries globally, yet it’s failing women over 40!

If you’re like many women over 40 you’re probably doing something to maintain your fitness and GOOD for you.

But there’s a HUGE problem that could be making your pelvic pain, prolapse, pressure, and leaking WORSE.

Of course, exercise should be a part of your life especially as you age.

Research has proven that physical activity and working out helps maintain healthy blood pressure, keep weight at a healthy level, keep bone density in check, and even help blood sugar and high cholesterol.

And frankly, it just makes you feel happier and better about yourself.

But the fitness “industry” isn’t there to help. I realize that might sound harsh, but if you’re a woman over 40 the fitness industry has forgotten you even exist.

You’re there to line their pockets. Period. 

The problem is… your body has some very special needs and attention as you age.

The HIGH-intensity workouts that might benefit the younger generation could actually harm your pelvic floor and threaten your health.

And the fitness industry is FINE with that (as long as you keep paying for classes and trainers and memberships!)

They target our deepest insecurities and feed us pseudoscience babble in their marketing and advertising, knowing it will keep us coming back.

The fitness industry has turned into an insipid elite marketing machine.

Especially on their social media platforms, bombarding us with so much information that we don’t know what is true or where to begin our health journeys.

It’s left us “Regular Jane’s” feeling like we don’t belong or, worse like our past failures, define our future healthy selves.

The truth is that older women are losing bone density, losing muscle mass and worst of all, 50% of older women leak or suffer from pelvic organ prolapse and these conditions get worse with improper exercise.

The last thing any woman needs is to go to a fitness class and leave the class sopping wet in her underpants or worse with organs that have fallen too low into the pelvis or even worse than that in a painful flare that keeps her in bed for weeks.

These issues arise because older women are almost NEVER advised on proper exercises, (because most trainers don’t have the right training or experience!)

They simply don’t know how to modify the exercises for an older woman’s body and pelvic floor. 

Worse than that? With the current restrictions and the quarantine, most gyms are closed leaving you few other options.

This is your chance to take back YOUR power and health from the privacy of your own home.

And I’m here to offer you my highest level of guidance to do just that!

I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, a Licensed, Pelvic Physical Therapist & a Personal Trainer.

For the last 15 years, I’ve Personally Helped Over 15,000 Women Strengthen Their Bodies and Pelvic Floors in My NYC Madison Ave Clinic & With My Online Programs

While helping women in my NYC clinic I discovered a couple of things…

Many women over 40 have been misled.

Misled by doctors.

Misled by the internet and even brainwashed by the fitness industry itself.

They’re convinced that they don’t have ANY control over their bodies, their pelvic floor, the muscles that support their pelvic organs, bladder, and lady parts.

The opposite is actually true. At almost ANY age, you have complete control of your body and your health!

As we get older we may lose some control over some of the pelvic organs, such as the bladder, and experience urine leaking, pelvic pressure, and pain especially when we are exercising and trying to stay fit and trim.

Issues that we have been led to believe are a “normal” part of aging or being a woman.

My mission is to help one million women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and to help women discover a truth that’s been held back from us…

…our bodies and pelvic floor muscles are AGELESS and that we can stay young, fit, and vibrant forever with the right exercises without having to resort to pills, botox, or invasive surgeries.

With the system you’re about to discover on this very page you’ll learn how to engage and strengthen your muscles and transform what I call “the woman’s pelvic center.

And the transformation in your own body will amaze you.

Let me take a minute to share how I discovered The Fit Strong and Balance Program and how it changed my life and the lives of thousands of women forever…

I Thought I Would Never Share This Story.

It’s a personal story of the dark night of the soul, a near-death experience, and the healing journey that brought me back to life.

Here’s how it happened.

Fair warning, it’s a pretty scary thing.

My husband and I were planning a night out on the town.

Our daughter had gone to summer camp and we had several glorious days of alone time and romance on the horizon!

Or so we thought.

Here’s what my husband witnessed in his own words:

“I had seen Isa just 5 minutes earlier and talked to her while I was shaving.

Getting ready for a well deserved night out. I came down the stairs to find her unconscious on the floor! I didn’t even hear her fall down. I was panicked as I tried to rouse her.

When I finally did, she was completely out of it. She didn’t know what happened and was pretty incoherent. I loaded her in the car and took her to the ER.

They did a quick blood test and her platelets were under 70,000! (which is bad) the doctors initially thought she had systemic cancer and immediately wanted to do leukemia tests.

It turned out NOT to be cancer of any kind, but that just set us on a frustrating quest to find out what had happened and why.”

I don’t remember passing out, but in the days and weeks that followed I deteriorated even more.

I couldn’t get out of bed at all and often my husband had to literally feed me.

Think about that for a minute. It was soul-crushing and embarrassing.

After passing out and falling face-first on the floor, rushing to the hospital, and being told I might have systemic cancer the doctors found…

Nothing. Literally nothing. 

They put me on antibiotics for 30 days and it only made me worse. I couldn’t get up and down the stairs and some days I couldn’t even turn the doorknob.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and looked like I had aged 10 years in just weeks.

I Felt Weak, Tired, Out of Shape, and Embarrassed, and Betrayed by My Own Body

I laid in bed suffering and wondering what in the world was wrong with me… so I asked the universe, deep in meditation “Please tell me what’s wrong, I’m begging”

And a gentle voice in my head whispered – Get tested for Lyme disease.

So I did, and that, my queens is what I had.

I had a bad case with two co-infections. One was eating my red blood cells, and one was eating my white blood cells by babesia and ehrlichiosis. It’s like a rowdy frat party was trashing the house, and the house was my body.

I was a mess. But I was determined to get back to full health.

It took me over 12 weeks to even become a semblance of my old self, but I did it.

Every day I did one baby exercise to help me feel stronger. I focused on what I called the 5 C’s of my comeback.

They are:

• Core
• Connection
• Circuit training
• Combo exercises
• Co-contraction

These are the 5 C’s developed from my own personal struggle and have now gone on to help thousands and thousands of women across the country and the globe.

The 5 C’s are the fitness principles that I learned as a personal trainer and pelvic floor physical therapist. These are the 5 principles that helped me develop The Fit Strong and Balance Program.

A workout so powerful and yet so gentle that anyone woman, regardless of her fitness level, can do at home or even in bed and feel strong again in a matter of days.

So many women that I talk to have all said the same thing:

“Everyone keeps telling me workout harder, exercise more; you’re just weak.

That’s why your ‘Lady Parts’ and ‘your body’ are so out of shape, but NO one listened to what I was actually trying to say. Not my doctors, not my personal trainer. Nobody.”

Unfortunately, the fitness and wellness industry NOT listening to women isn’t a new story.

They’re one of the highest profitable industries in the world yet women are sicker, weaker, and in more pain than ever!


There’s so much WRONG information being thrown around in the fitness and wellness industry each and every day that I’ve made it my mission to put a STOP to it.

So let’s clear up a few of the most dangerous myths and tall tales right now.

Four Dangerous “Tall-Tales” Women Should NEVER Believe About Their Workouts

Isa Herrera, MSPT CSCS, No Gadget and No Gimmick Solutions for your pelvic floor


You’re going to find this absolutely outrageous (I did!) Some trainers and big fitness companies actually BELIEVE that if a woman pees on herself while working out… she’s getting a GOOD workout! 

Completely unreal, untrue, and potentially harmful.

Contrary to popular belief peeing during workouts IS NOT NORMAL! Yes, I know the fitness industry has women believing that a few drops of urine on your panties don’t matter, but it does.

Leaking is a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction and that the fitness program is ALL wrong and too high intensity for that person. “Going harder” will only make it worse too.  

Isa Herrera, MSPT CSCS, No Gadget and No Gimmick Solutions for your pelvic floor


The no-pain, no-gain philosophy among many women athletes and trainers can set women up a lifetime of pain and permanent damage.

It is important that all women connect deeply to the messages of their body and NEVER override a pain signal.

Pain during a workout is a warning sign that you need to modify the exercise or stop it altogether.

Beware of trainers and instructors who ask you to do too much too early or ask you to go for the “burn” and try harder.

Isa Herrera, MSPT CSCS, No Gadget and No Gimmick Solutions for your pelvic floor


The female body works in unison with many muscles where they co-contract together. This is called functional training, and it helps keep women strong, fit, and young.

But there is a growing trend in doing exercises that focus on one muscle group at a time.

Why? Vanity, that’s why! And doing those exercises super slowly.

So to stay toned, fit, and feel vital, your exercise programs must have exercises that exercise many muscles works at once.

Isa Herrera, MSPT CSCS, No Gadget and No Gimmick Solutions for your pelvic floor


Over-gripping and over-tightening can prematurely fatigue your pelvic floor muscles, back muscles, and core muscles, which stabilize and protect the female body.

When these muscles get fatigued because you are over-gripping, you’re at a higher risk of permanent injuries, pelvic organ prolapse, back pain, and leaking.

There is a safe way to stabilize your spine and pelvis without having to suck everything in, and I cover that in The Fit Strong and Balance Program.

These Tall Tales Have Caused So Much Heartbreak…

Because every woman with prolapse, leaking, or pain who believes them, is one more woman who may suffer (maybe for years), without knowing that a solution exists.

I’ve seen and heard so many stories from the 14,704+ women that I’ve treated that have broken my heart.

These False Fitness Beliefs Have Caused Women Bodily Injuries and Created Havoc on Their Pelvic Floor Muscles

Because every woman with pelvic organ prolapse, leaking, or pain who believes them, is one more woman who may suffer (maybe for years) without knowing that a solution exists. I’ve seen and heard so many stories from the 14,704+ women that I’ve treated that have broken my heart… Things like

I went to the gym, and while I was working out with my trainer, I felt something fall into my vagina. It felt like a ball. It was an odd feeling of pressure.

I didn’t know what happened, and I was scared to move. My trainer didn’t know what to do. She just panicked and told me to call the doctor. 

“I called my doctor, and he told me it sounds like your organs dropped low and you have a pelvic organ prolapse. You’ll need surgery.” 

There’s no other way to help you. I was devastated to learn that a simple exercise like the leg press could hurt me so much.

I wish I had known how to exercise better and to listen to my body.”…Susan B.


I thought leaking on myself was a normal part of my workout. 

The top fitness instructor at my gym (a woman) kept telling all the women- if you’re leaking, you’re working hard- no shame in that.

It was like a running joke in the class I took every Thursday night. Keep going, that’s what she told tall the women in the class and we listened.

She would say don’t let the leaking stop you from being strong. 

I was embarrassed and shame, but I keep going back to her class. I wore black leggings and a pantyliner so no one would see the stains.” …Laura S.


I started working out at home to get back into shape after my daughter was born.

I thought I was doing all the right things after all the virtual workout program I was doing was designed by a top celebrity trainer who had an amazing body. 

After 3 weeks of doing the workout, I started to get back pain, and my belly looked more pregnant than ever even though I gave birth 6 months ago. 

I was confused. I thought my belly would look flatter but it didn’t. 

I just kept doing the exercises even though I looked and felt worse. I started to hate my body. …Penny L.

If These Stories Resonate with You, the System You’re About to Discover Will Help You:

• Never feel ashamed or embarrassed by your body again. You’ll be stronger with every exercise!

• Build muscle, build bone, and perfect your posture so you can do the things you love.

• Stop doing exercises that only make you weaker and make your pelvic condition worse instead of better! No more leaking, pain, or prolapse. That ends today.

• Quit “outsourcing” your health and wellness to fancy gyms or trainers out for just your membership fees and not your health. Give your body what it truly needs.

• Have expert virtual guidance right from home. No more need to even leave your house to become the strong fit woman you deserve to be!


There’s a Workout Solution That Will Do ALL of this and more…

It includes the same workouts and strategies that I’ve used for the last 20 years to help thousands of women get a stronger, tight, and toned bodies without hurting their pelvic floors.

Introducing The Fit Strong Balance Program

A Workout Created By A Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Who’s Treated Over 15,000 Patients That Helps Women Over 40 Transform, Tone, and Strengthen Their Bodies & Pelvic Floor Muscles Without Leaking, Pressure, or Pain

A solution that’s backed by science and clinically proven with thousands of women. The Fit Strong Balance program will get you back into shape without hurting your female organs and or pelvic floor muscles…

It focuses on…
• Perfecting posture
• Building age-related muscle loss and bone
• Increasing energy levels
• Strengthening the key female muscles that enhance female pelvic vitality.
• Protects the pelvic floor muscles

Real Women, Real Results with the Fit Strong Balance Program 

“I have changed so much of the way I use my body thanks to this program. I feel in charge of my health again.” — Susan, age 70

“I’m not ashamed anymore. I have other women just like me that I can talk to.” — Myra, age 55

“I love the 24-7 access to the material so I have the answers that I need at my fingertips.” — Katerina, age 62

“I used to spend HOURS trying on the internet putting the pieces together and now I follow the workouts. I was convinced I would always have to go it alone and take my chances.” — Carmela, age 49

This is NOT just about losing weight…it’s bigger than that. 

It’s about having the body you deserve to do the things that you love without fear and inhibition.

You deserve to be the strongest & best version of yourself without compromising your pelvic health and your body and Fit Strong Program is the portal to having  MORE power, more strength, and more activity.

The Fit Strong and Balance Program is based on a simple yet powerful, step-by-step series of key exercises straight from my 5 C System.

They’re specifically designed to help you regain strength, tone, and transformation!

You will feel stronger, taller, and more confident within 14 days or less.

The First C: Crunch-less Core- Women who want a flat, toner midsection must train the core correctly to prevent leaking, pain, or pressure.

Unlike traditional abdominal exercises, my “Crunch-less Core” exercises work with the pelvic floor and not against it to protect the bladder, the spine, and the pelvic organs.

The Second C: Combination – Exercises that work multiple muscles at once are called combination exercises.

They save you time and help you train your body more functionally so you can tackle anything that comes your way and NOT feel like your body will crap out on you the moment you decide to do be more active or lift something.

The Third C: Co-Contraction-The pelvic floor muscles are global connectors.

They contract in every activity you do, but women start to feel pressure and leak when their co-contract ability is lost.

This workout shows women how to safely activate and deactivate the pelvic floor muscles during every exercise to maintain their power center strong.

The Fourth C: Circuit Training – The Fit Strong and Balance Program circuit training cuts boredom out of your fitness routine and helps you to get stronger faster.

Working out in this new way helps you burn calories, lose weight, keep your heart healthy, and body strong for the long term.

The Fifth C: Connection- Being mindful and connecting with the exercises you do will keep you safe and out of injury and end the pee leaks, pressure, and pain.

You will find a ton of cues in this program- they include visualizations, verbal cues, and specific pelvic floor breathwork. 

All of them to maintain excellent posture and form.

6 Simple Workout Modules That Will Awaken Your Passion & Feminine Energy, Turn Back The Clock, and Let You Live in Harmony with Your Body for The Rest of Your Life!

These 6 mini-workouts contain everything you need to stay fit FOREVER. The tips, exercises, and strategies in The Fit Strong Balance Program are the exact ones I gave to thousands of women in my clinic in NYC.

These are exercises that not only tone and firm but will also protect your pelvic floor injury. 

The 6 workouts included in The Fit Strong Balance Program are the equivalent of 10 Physical Therapy sessions in my clinic, and it’s valued at $1900.

The workout coaching, the information, and the exercises in The Fit Strong Balance Program are INSIDE information typically reserved for the elite coaching clients that pay me $6,000 to work with 1:1.

But you won’t pay anything near that because my mission is to help one million heal from pelvic floor dysfunction, and I know that price would be out of reach for many women, and I want every woman to have accessed to this science-backed and clinically proven program.

I want to help my community of women thrive and strive during this health crisis and to feel incredible during this time of uncertainty.

The most important thing is to keep you safe and free of injury, and this program does just that!

Every exercise is explained and demonstrated and requires no fancy equipment. As a matter of fact, you can even do them in bed!

The workout is simple and exciting, and once you start to see the results, you’ll never feel unmotivated to work out again.

Introducing… The Unstoppable Fitness Booster Bonus Toolkit

  • Bonus #1: Massive Savings – Enjoy a whopping 60% discount and save $116 on your purchase!
  • Bonus #2: Lifetime Access – Gain unlimited, lifetime access to 6 expertly-crafted workout modules tailored specifically for a woman’s body, ensuring you have the tools to succeed.
  • Bonus #3: Exclusive Masterclass – Unlock access to a valuable pre-recorded masterclass revealing the 5 Secrets to a Tight, Toned, and Fit Body using the revolutionary “fascia” system – a $250 value!
  • Bonus #4: Inspiring Workouts & Coaching – Receive two pre-recorded workouts with Isa to motivate and empower you on your fitness journey, complete with Q&A coaching sessions at the end to set you up for success – a $250 value!
  • Bonus #5: Live Expert Guidance – Experience a one-of-a-kind live workout with Isa’s certified pelvic floor coach to ensure optimal results and support for your pelvic health – a $195 value!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your fitness experience and achieve the toned, strong body you’ve always wanted!

Normally $195Now $79 Through the Weekend Save 60%

What’s Inside The Fit Strong Balance Program

Every single exercise is engineered for a woman’s body, with beginner and advanced levels to suit all fitness levels.

The Fit Strong Balance Program focuses on building age-related muscle loss, perfecting posture, staying energized, and getting strong and toned.

All the exercises are demonstrated and explained to keep you and your pelvic floor SAFE & free of injury

Module 1: The Pelvic Floor Injury Prevention – Warm-Up Program

A warm-up series that’s so sexy and fun to do, you’ll actually look forward to working out again.

This warm-up focuses on the hips movements that help women improve blood flow to the pelvis so their precious “Down There” muscles stay strong without injury and pee leaks.

Module 2: The “Juicy Pelvis” Mobility Workout –

Pelvic mobility exercises are often overlooked in traditional physical therapy, and it’s a missing piece in keeping the pelvic floor muscles strong and juicy.

These pelvic exercises improve blood to the lady parts, improve sexual function, and strengthen the orgasms.

Module 3: The “Good Posture” Upper Body Workout

Let’s face no one wants to look like an old lady! The upper body exercises focus on posture because these exercises reduce pressure on the pelvis, take the pressure off your organs, and help us look taller, sexier, and more confident.

Every exercise selected helps to also to activate and engage the core and the pelvic floor muscles.

Module 4: The Crunchless Core Workout For A Flatter Tummy

This extraordinary workout helps to flatten, strengthen, and tone the abdominal muscles without creating trigger points or pressure in our “down there” muscles.

I guarantee you’ve never worked out your core in this way, and you will feel like you are 25 years old again.

Module 5: The Anti-Flare & Keep Yourself Stable Workout

The pelvic floor muscles’ bones must be stable so that the pelvic floor muscles can maintain their flexibility, suppleness, power, and you don’t experience leaking, pressure back, or pelvic pain.

To stabilize the pelvis, we use exercises that keep bones fixed and tone and strengthen all the muscles attached to your “Down There” area.

Module 6: Tone Legs and Slim Thighs Workout

The exercises in this session target the whole lower body, including the inner thighs, butt, and hip muscles, giving you the freedom to return to doing the things you love like walking, playing with the grandkids, or even playing tennis again.

You will have strong, toned, and slim legs that connected and protect your precious, intimate areas.

Everything is connected, and when the leg muscles are weak, the pelvic floor muscles are weak too.

Normally $195Now $79 Through the Weekend Save 60%

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this program work for me?

A: After treating over 15,000 women with pelvic floor problems, yes, I have the confidence to say that this will work for any woman. If you’re experiencing body weakness, back pain, mummy tummy, or even feel a bit flabby and out of shape. I CAN HELP YOU to exercise again without hurting your pelvic floor by teaching you my 5 C System of Female Vitality- this is the backbone of The Fit Strong and Balance Program.

Q: Is it truly possible to heal my body with an online virtual exercise program?

A: Yes! Thousands of women have successfully gone through my online programs and heal their bodies. The Fit Strong and Balance Program is also an addition to my other programs that help women have strong, energized, and vibrant bodies.

Q: My programs are built to help you heal yourself, and they awaken your inner guru!

A: I hand you everything you need: so you can have a strong and powerful body in the comfort and privacy of your own home at your own pace.

And if you’re worried about the tech aspect… Susan, a 76-year-old client of mine who didn’t know ANYTHING about technology, was brave enough to figure this “online thing” out. I’m happy to say that she’s made a full recovery after suffering since 1988. 

Q: Can’t I learn these exercises from a Youtube Fitness Expert,  virtual classes, or even from my fitness trainer?

A: After seeing women come into my NYC health center with their organs hanging out of their bodies after working out or on crutches due to painful flare-ups after working their trainers… And women telling me that they’ve tried EVERYTHING – from CrossFit to Pilates to Pelton to Soul Cycle to diet pills– I can safely say:

The exercises I teach, you won’t find anywhere else. Like the “Pelvic Stability Workout.” 

Let’s face it the exercises your trainer and YouTube “Fitness Experts” recommend are making you leak even more!

My exercises will help you to work out without damaging your pelvic floor and without having pain and more pressure afterward! Finally, exercise without leaking, pain, or deep pressure like it has done for the thousands of women before you.

Q: Will I have TIME to go through all the material and create a workout that suits me?

A: If you make time to go through the program and actually do the exercises, in as little as 10 minutes a day, you will see a dramatic improvement in the tone and strength of your body –

Imagine saying goodbye to the panty-liner lifestyle, dark leggings, and having an easy time exercising and actually enjoying your workout! And even better than that…Think of all the time you save by skipping the gyms, training sessions… trying one exercise specialist after the other, only to feel more defeated after you realize, “This isn’t going to work either.”

Especially now, when the SAFEST place to be is at home.  Save yourself years on the FITNESS ROADSHOW (as well as feeling hopeless) by joining me today.

Q: I’ve tried everything already… will this exercise program really deliver?

A: Let me guess… You’ve had your fill of experts that claim to have the “miracle exercise program.” Perhaps you’re like my client Elaine, who spent $10,000 on expensive gym memberships and trainers, with nothing to show for it.

Here’s my promise to you… This will work for YOU: The Fit Strong and Balance Program has a 96% success rate. The 4% that didn’t get results didn’t do the workouts and were not consistent.

If you’re committed to setting aside time every week and doing the exercises in the right order, you will feel stronger, tighter, and toner. This workout program is clinically proven and has been refined over the course of 10 years and 52,000 successful healing sessions at my NYC health center.

Q: Can you remind me what I’m getting if I enroll TODAY?

– Lifetime Acess to all the workouts.
– A TIGHT TONED BODY – (Value – Priceless) 
no more self-doubt, feeling left out, embarrassment, and shame over the way your body looks.

Q: Why should I join NOW?

A: There are many reasons:

– NOW is the time to take back control of your physical health so that you can enjoy life and be the healthiest version of yourself  This program gives you FREEDOM more than anything. Freedom to walk, to feel energized, and to say, “I can think instead of I can’t.” Freedom to roll around on the grass and play with your kids without hurting. Freedom to love your body again.
– You’ll feel happier, sexier, and more confident than you have in years.
– You’ll stand taller and finally do the things that bring you joy.

Q: Is it really risk-free?

A: The risk is 100% on me. Get it, check it out for a FULL 14 DAYS… and… if you’re not happy with it for any reason (or no reason at all), shoot me an email and you’ll receive a FULL and immediate refund. No questions asked.

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