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Physical Therapist Who’s Treated Over 14,000 Women Discovers The Secret To Helping Women Resolve Their Pelvic Pain, Queefs, and Leaking By Using “Yoga KegelsTM”

Never Be Embarrassed or Lose Hope Again!

Pelvic P.R.E.S.S. YOGA will help you to…

…Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles the “Right Way” Without Feeling Pressure, Pee Leaks, or “Down There” Pain While Doing The Poses.

…Heal Your Pelvic and Back Pain By Creating Flexibility In Your “Core” & “Queendom” Body Areas.

…Keep You Safe, and won’t Hurt Your Back or Pelvis. Trust Your Body Again.

…De-stressed, Stop The Overwhelm. The ” Negative Thinking” and Unite Your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

…Get Ready to Feel 20 Years Younger.

Isn’t It Time You Reap All The Health Benefits of Yoga Without The Risk of Worsening Your Pelvic Symptoms?

Every year thousands of women and men embark on the journey of practicing yoga with hopes and aspirations of increased physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual fulfillment.

Many start this journey reaching to find an answer to the chronic pelvic floor dysfunction and pain that they are needlessly enduring.

It’s not easy living with pelvic floor dysfunction, and until now only a few have been able to overcome their condition and receive full healing.

You may have attempted many offerings, gone to different doctors, specialists, therapists, attended classes, and workshops, and you have listened to advice from well-intentioned friends and family resulting in little or no improvement.

You have probably been told that the only solution is a lifetime of treatment and worse yet, the only way to eliminate the pain is to stay on a regimen of pain medications…

…that is not what you want to hear.

Hi, I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, a licensed, pelvic physical therapist. For the last 15 years, I’ve personally helped over 14,000 women resolve their symptoms naturally in my NYC Madison Ave clinic. 

While helping women in my NYC clinic I discovered a couple of things…

Many women simply don’t know that they have 100% control over their bodies and pelvic floor,  the muscles that support their pelvic organs, the bladder, lady parts, and back.

As we get older, or after childbirth, we may lose some control over some of the pelvic organs, such as the bladder and experience urine leaking, pelvic pressure, vaginal looseness or dryness. Many women in yoga even experience vaginal flatulence ( where air escapes via the lady parts) Issues that we have led to believe are “normal” part of being a woman. My mission is to help one million women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and to help women discover a truth that’s been held back from us…

…that the pelvic floor muscles are a set of muscles that we DO have control over and we can bring them back to health using Yoga. But it’s got to be the right type of Yoga. Traditional yoga poses can overwork the pelvic floor muscles, and cause more harm than good.  

I have shouted this truth from the mountain tops for over 18 years and I am grateful to have reached national TV, radio shows and prestigious magazines. I’m so passionate about helping women heal that I’ve also written 5 books, 3  on the topic of pelvic health, and I’ve created online pelvic healing programs so that women can take back control of their “Queendoms.” 

Here’s another truth once you discover how to engage and strengthen these muscles, you’ll be amazed at the type of transformation that takes place at the core, an area that I like to call a woman’s “Queendom”.

Let me take a minute to share how I discovered the P.R.E.S.S. Yoga and how it changed my life and the lives of thousands of women forever…

Be Careful — The Wrong Yoga Exercises Will Do Your Pelvic Floor More Harm Than Good… and Why P.R.E.S.S Yoga is the Best, Clinically-Proven and Safe Yoga Option For Women Who Have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Back Pain

Yoga is without a doubt, one of the best ways to exercise your entire body, including your pelvic floor. And it’s a great mental workout, too.

But for women with pelvic floor dysfunction and back pain, it’s not something you can learn to do on your own. You really need to have someone teach you the right techniques and proper form. Traditional yoga poses can overwork the pelvic floor muscles, and cause more harm than good. I designed this yoga with your most important muscles in mind- the pelvic floor muscles.  For years I heard from thousands of women who took traditional yoga classes, only to be worse off after the class. This is when I knew I had to take action and create a safe option that protracted NOT only the pelvic floor muscles but the back as well.

You see, the pelvic floor muscles need to be stretched, strengthened, and stabilized. And while many yoga moves are ideal for this process, some can serve to work against your goals.

Any of the belly lock poses, boat poses, and even some plank poses can damage your pelvic floor if it’s already compromised.

I know that many local and virtual yoga studios aren’t familiar with pelvic floor therapy, and this is keeping an important healing tool from many women. 

Which is exactly why I created my P.R.E.S.S. Yoga program.

This program incorporates every drop of knowledge I’ve gained in my 20 years as a pelvic healer. I formulated each and every move with your pelvic floor in mind. Each pose is modified to reduce stress on the pelvic floor muscles and lower back. 

It’s completely adaptable to your specific skill level and can be completed either sitting or standing.

And it incorporates all of the things that make yoga so beneficial for the entire body — including proper breathing techniques and mindfulness.

What’s more, this series of exercises can be performed in a small space, and you don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment to start reaping the benefits. Plus you can do it from the privacy of your own home!

Plus, it costs less than a fast food dinner for the family and is way more affordable than membership at your yoga studio. If you’ve been suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction of any sort, and you haven’t given yoga a proper try, now is the time.

Do not despair.  I’ll show you how exactly how to use yoga for your benefit!

In the back of your mind…

You sense and know that something is missing and the answer is out there in the universe; meanwhile you patiently wait for your energy to draw the answer and reveal the solution to you.

A large number of people will continue to seek out the elusive solution that will bring their healing to fruition, yet the experience of mind-body integration, healing and wholeness is only seen in others and not themselves.

Perhaps this dialogue is all too familiar, and your level of frustration for yourself or your clients lingers in your consciousness, and you sense your subconscious is valiantly searching for the answer.

The odds may seem against you, and we know you do your best, but your efforts up to now have only led to seeing more imbalance, pain, and a lower quality of life.

“Where is the positive flow of energy,?” you say, “This is not harmonious living!” It’s frustrating, ​to say the least, I know personally.

Am I striking a chord with you?

Hey! It’s not your fault.

The reason you feel this way is not because of lack of effort, you work hard, and it’s not because you don’t desire to experience your healing or your client’s healing.

What has held you back in the past is you simply didn’t have the right roadmap to guide you.

Meditate on that for a moment. What that means is if you follow the right roadmap, you will experience harmony and healing!

All you need is a friend who has “been down the path before,” and you will experience the satisfaction and exhilaration of healing and the full body-mind integration that you have yearned for.

The solution is simple. You can achieve the same kind of healing that others enjoy.

The path to integrating yoga into healing your pelvic floor dysfunction involves specific movements done after a proper warm up, in the right order, combined with the right mindset and correct breathing.

You can achieve the same kind of healing that others enjoy.

Because Right Now, There’s P.R.E.S.S. Yoga for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Low Back Pain.

P.R.E.S.S. stands for Pelvic Relaxation and Elongation of Sub-structural Systems.
It’s the first Yoga series that is specifically designed to make sure no extra pressure is put on the pelvic floor or lower back during a session.

If you can roll a yoga mat, then you can receive the healing you have dreamed about!

We understand if you are skeptical about attempting a new series of yoga movements because you have tried so many methods, systems, and styles in the past and it hasn’t worked.

This Yoga series is unique because you are getting Isa’s 10+ years of experience and she is drawing from results achieved from overseeing and conducting over 14,000 healing sessions.

When you choose P.R.E.S.S. Yoga, you will receive these 7 great videos and a complete PowerPoint lecture for additional reference.

Join the press yoga course now – $47.00

Video #1 How To Stay Injury-Free with the Perfect Yoga Class Road Map

PRESS Yoga Introduction and Understanding
A detailed introduction and orientation that gives you a thorough knowledge of proper breathing and the poses and techniques that Isa will cover throughout the course. You will want to take notes because the first video is filled with wisdom and insight.

Video #2 The Pelvic Floor Warm-Up To Safely Get Your Muscles Ready For More Advanced Poses

PRESS Yoga Warmup Series
Learn a modified Sun Salute beginning with the All Fours position. Additional poses covered in the warm-up include Down Dog, High Plank, Knees Chest Chin, Baby Cobra, Up Dog, and Child’s Pose. All poses are designed to get you centered and into a state of empowerment. Instruction is given to both beginners and experienced practitioners of yoga.

Video #3 How To Stop Gripping Poses and Instead Create Balance, Flexibility, and Real Pelvic Power

PRESS PRESS Yoga Standing Series
Learn how Isa incorporates the Mountain Pose. She shows you how to engage the entire body and carry your body in space that will bring alignment to your body and reduce stress to PFM and other joints. Isa also expounds on additional standing poses that will be beneficial to your healing while keeping the PFM and lower back relaxed.

Video #4 The Mind-Body Connection Using Breath Work and Rest Periods That Will Help You Skip The Soreness and Pain Caused By Most Traditional Yoga Classes Can Cause

PRESS Yoga Transitional Series
Deep breathing poses with specific visualizations emphasizing on how to be mindful while changing poses Included in this module is a modified Spinal Twist move that focuses on the glute muscles. You will also receive an introduction to scanning the body for specific areas of pain.

Video #5 Seated Poses For Those Days At The Office- That Will Reduce Aches, Pains, and Pee Leaks Associated With Poor Posture

PRESS Yoga Seated Series
This series of exercise is imperative to someone that suffers from pelvic floor pain because it has a great focus on the hip and lumbar area. Great detail and instruction are given on many traditional poses such as Mermaid, Pretzel, Butterfly Pose, and Baby Low Squat Pose.

Video #6 Relax Your Mind and Body With Mindful Breathing Exercises: For Those Days When The Stress and Anxiety Has You Trapped In Your Mind

PRESS Restorative Meditation & Breathing Series
Learn to quiet the mind and get into the moment and release the pain you are experiencing. Review Ujjayi breathing, deep diaphragmatic breathing, and Tension Releasing Breath™ (TRB) to release both pain and tension.

Video #7 The Entire P.R.E.S.S Yoga Series to Help You Be More Confident & Master All The Poses At Your Own Pace

PRESS Yoga Entire Sequence & Flow
In the final video, you will view our certified Yoga Instructor go through all the movements in sequence for you to either follow along or to review at your own pace. This is the crown jewel because you can watch it over and over again and feel comfortable with your home practice.

By Partnering with Isa and her team of Yoga and Pelvic Floor Experts, you will discover the brilliant logic behind P.R.E.S.S. Yoga and why traditional yoga creates more pelvic floor dysfunction and why P.R.E.S.S Yoga is the best choice for your care

My Promise to you: 

• Each pose is conducted by a certified yoga instructor and has verbal cues that will help you to master the poses without pee leaks and aggravating your back pain.

• You will finally see why many traditional yoga techniques can overwork the Pelvic floor muscles and cause more harm than good to those that suffer from the pee leaks, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic and lower back pain.

• You’ll perform the seated, standing, breathe work, and whole flow program in the privacy of your own home with proper posture because all poses are verbally cued and I’ve also created lectures for you to follow and learn more. PLUS You have 24-67 access and lifetime access.

• You will feel confidant in your yoga practice and I teach you how to how to safely modified the poses to reduce stress to lower back and pelvic floor muscles.

• Proper breathing techniques for pelvic wellness and power.

• How to improve flexibility and stamina by working the right muscles and doing the right exercises for your pelvic and back issues.

• Discover specific visualizations that enhance mental relaxation and help you deal with stress and anxiety.

• Understand how to listen to your body so that you don’t overexert yourself and end up with painful flare-ups.

• Learn how to enter into poses mindfully and slowly so you are safe and font fall.

Right about now there is probably one question on your mind…

What’s the next step?

You’re smart. You have done your homework, and you know what works and what is just hype and empty promises.
There is a lot of information available in the marketplace that leads you to believe it is the secret technique or magic elixir required for your healing…

That’s not the case here. Right now there is a desperate need in the marketplace for solid, proven and reliable solutions that will assist in facilitating your healing at a price you can afford.

Trust me it’s very affordable… At $47, it’s less than a romantic dinner for two and two movie tickets.

Up until now, your only option was to pay through the roof and often with little or no results.

Today, you have an option. I saw this need, and I made a decision to do something about it.

I meditated and visualized a solution that worked, and was affordable for everyone.

That is why I created P.R.E.S.S. Yoga…To give you an answer to this dilemma.

The next step is simple.

This will be the easiest decision you’ve made in a long time.

First, remember this is the very best way to practice yoga that will expedite your healing and still give you the flexibility to receive all the benefits of yoga.

Just click the link below to claim one of the coveted spots we have available:

Join the Press Yoga Course Now

Think About This…

You’ll have the inside track on how to complete the series without any tightening of the PFM’s, and you will avoid mistakes that can increase pain, and end up costing you time and money – working with Isa will eliminate any fear or trepidation, and you won’t make any of those mistakes.

So act now!

Join the press yoga course now – $47.00

Making decisions is what you do every day…and you’re pretty good at it. This is not about making a decision.

It’s about asking the right question…

Take a deep breath, clear your mind of any distractions, consciously tell all negativity and doubt to leave, and focus solely on this question and how it can potentially transform your life…deep breath, inhale, now exhale…

What will happen if I don’t take the next step?

The answer appears, so the next question is…

Do this now or later? Give Yourself Permission to Move Forward with PRESS Yoga…

Join the press yoga course now – $47.00

The road to a pain-free you is easier that you think. If you believe you can be pain-free then you are at the halfway mark. Move the mountain one module at a time.

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