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Discover The Ancient Secret To Reducing Stress By Changing Your Brain Waves So You Can Decrease Overwhelm, Have Less Pain, & Boost Your Immune System

Why Is It That There Are So Many Articles, Books and Programs Teaching Us To De-Stress and Yet We Are More Stressed and Sicker Than Ever?

Did you know that 80% of all primary care doctor visits are related to stress? Nearly half of all Americans are suffering from stress-related illnesses and symptoms. They are reporting unhealthy stress levels at work, stress related to their kids, home and even in social situations. In this modern world being “stressed out” is fast becoming the norm and its ramifications are seen in every aspect of our lives. It is a well-known fact that stress makes us more susceptible to illness by lowering our immunity.

So now more than ever we need to reframe how we think about stress and how we cope with it. Let’s face we cannot avoid stress. No one can. Stress is all around us every single day of every single moment. But you can control how you relate to it and how you manage it. It is important to have confidence and mastery in your stress coping skills so you use stress to your benefit because some stress keeps us sharp, motivated and makes us stronger- gasp. Read on and discover how to make stress your new best friend.

30.6 Million Americans Use Xanax Every Day to Cope With Stress and Anxiety.
80% of All Doctor Visits are Related to Stress.

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way…

Sound healing dates back thousands of years, helps reduce pain, depression, and stress, and has numerous physical health benefits.

Sound therapy is the use of physical sound vibrations for therapeutic benefit. There are many different types of sound healing modalities, including self-voice toning, chimes, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, and tuning forks as part of your sound healing experience.

Sound healing is said to date back to the beginning of times and has been in existence for thousands of years. It’s the ancient secret that has been forgotten and is now coming back fast, becoming mainstream with sound bath classes, drumming circles and

According to Tom Kenyon, a scientific and spiritual expert in brain re-education, sound healing has been creating real change for a long time. “Indigenous shamans and healers using treatments such as the human voice, drums, flutes, and percussive instruments have been documented to alter brain states” and bring about great spiritual and mental transformation.

Sound healing is often associated with stress relief. In fact, a “study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) found that 95% of clients suffering from stress-related disorders felt an increased state of calm following sound therapy.” The Journal of Aging found that sound healing reduced pain and depression by 25%.

Sound healing can help you in so many situations. To give you some examples: Improve overall well-being, insomnia, back pain, migraines and neck pain, hyperactivity, improve injury recovery, and pain management. And guess what? Learning how to become your own inner sound healer is easier than ever with our Healthy Mind With Sound Healing Workout Program.

Secret Teachings Help You To Become Your Own Sound Healer and Change your Brain Waves From Frazzled to Calm

Sound is one of the most powerful healing modalities in energy medicine and it’s the field of neuro acoustic and Its power to heal is well documented in the research. Over the past few years, sound healing’s popularity has been growing and it has become more mainstream and more accepted. Ever turned on the radio in the morning, when you were still trying to remind your brain how to work, only to hear your favorite song and feel energized right away?

This is a photograph of a thin layer of water responding to being toned by a human voice. Your body is made up up of more than 60% water… so sound healing has a big impact on your body

This is a photograph of a thin layer of water responding to being toned by a human voice. Your body is made up up of more than 60% water… so sound healing has a big impact on your body

Sounds can change our moods in seconds. They can transport us to another time in our lives, another place, make us dance and make us cry, or remind us how lucky we are as we hear an ambulance siren blaring through the street beside us. Sounds touch us deeply, and have a greater power to heal us than most people imagine.

Optimize Your Stress Relief By Becoming YOUR OWN Sound Healer

In this program, you will master your inner own sound healer so you can become more relaxed, focused and sleep better through the night. Expert Sound Healer, David Ondrick, takes you through a very specific exercise that can be done anyway, any place and at any time. Once you incorporate this exercise into your day, you will feel the stress melt off your body, spirit, and soul. You don’t have to be a trained singer nor do you have to know how to sing. Sound healing is primordial and all you have to do is want is remain open, learn some basic information and you are on your way to being your own sound healer.

Change Your Brain Waves To Destress Yourself

In this program, you will find a recorded sound healing session made especially for you. David Ondrick uses Tibetan bowls and the sounds of these bowls bring about a deep sense of relaxation and help you to change your brain waves from frazzled beta waves to calm alpha waves.

At first brain science may see very woo-woo and can be a little intimidating to understand so here are the basics. Your brain has 4 different types of brain waves

  • Beta brain waves that happen when you are focused, alert, anxious or in fight or flight.
  • Alpha waves are relaxation waves and happen during meditation, relaxed and are associated with serotonin production (the happy hormone).
  • Theta waves are associated with REM sleep, dreaming and deep states of meditation.
  • Delta is associated with the deepest, dreamless sleep.

The truth is that most of us live in Beta waves keeping us alert, concentrated but also stressed. It is important for us to change our brain waves to alpha so we are more relaxed and stress-free. Sound healing is one of the most effective modalities that help you to change your brain waves to alpha.

And guess what? You don’t need to be a trained monk or a yogi to achieve theta and even delta brain waves. All you need is a trained certified teacher like David Ondrick to guide you through the process and to show you how to awaken your own inner sound healer.

Imagine Having a Complete Toolkit of Highly Effective Ways to Naturally Relieve Stress and Relax

Let’s face it we all want the same things. We want our families protected, we want to make a good living, we want to contribute something positive to the world and we want to do these things without STRESS. But before we go any further I must confess stress is part of life and it is impossible to avoid. It’s not about eliminating stress is about discovering ways to effectively manage it.

It is well known in the literature that natural remedies like breathing, meditation, journaling, exercises, visualization and all effective in taming the stress monster. Some of you may be familiar with some of these techniques and others may not be. Now at your fingertips, you have a complete toolbox of techniques to choose from that are a guaranteed to bring you back to tranquility.

Now You Can Have A Powerful Combination of Sound Healing and Mind-Body Tools at Your Fingertips so You Can Reset Your Own Nervous System.

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, Creator of The Healthy Mind Workout

Thousands Of Women Have Used Healthy Mind Workout To Achieve Pain and Stress Relief

Hi, I’m Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS and I have helped over 14,000 women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain. After a decade in private practice in NYC, I started to notice something quite remarkable. The women who had their stress under control healed faster and better. Being a scientist at heart I started to research why this was happening. I discovered that mindfulness, meditation, and mind-body have a profound positive effect on stress management. I quickly created exercises, techniques, and tools to help my patients come back to calmness, balance, vibrancy. It is with great honor that I now share these clinically proven and evidence-based exercises with you in the Healthy Mind With Sound Healing Workout.

In the Healthy Mind Workout and Sound Healing Program, you’ll find several different exercises that will help you to feel more connected, grounded and in control of your emotions and thoughts. Sound healing is the new medicine.

Introducing Healthy Mind Workout and Sound Healing Program

Stress management is not just about meditation and sitting in a lotus position hoping that you will reach the top of the calm mountain. No! It’s an interactive play between the mind, heart, spirit, and soul. We all need different tools to help us cope and manage with day to day stresses, and these tools need to be easy, fun and effective.

In the Healthy Mind Workout and Sound Healing Program, you’ll find a compilation of the best stress management tips, exercise, and techniques in the world. This program will help you get your stress back under control so you can be more productive at work, sleep through the night like a baby and re-connect to your inner peace.

Here’s What’s In the Healthy Mind Workout with Sound Healing

How to Be Your Own Sound Healer Exercises – You’ll discover an easy multi-layered sound healing exercise that helps to change your brain waves from stressed out to relaxed waves. The best part is you can do it for yourself.

Sound Healing Live Recording that you can play over and over again to feel relaxed, happy and connected. Get ready to say goodbye to your pain, anxiety and feel amazing.

Breathing, Mantras, Meditation, and Mindfulness focuses on the wandering mind and relieves anxious thoughts. No more cobwebs in the mind. Instead, you get yourself in a state of bliss and happiness that trickles down to the rest of your life.

Progressive Relaxation melts the muscle tightness in your entire body so you feel less pain and tightness and can move with better ease.

Affirmations That Clear the cobwebs in the mind and help to create the reality you want.

Journaling, Gratitude Training improves your mood and gives you a greater sense of emotional well-being and happiness.

Creative Visualizations uses your imagination to reshape limiting beliefs and to create happy things in your life.

Completely Reset Yourself and Say Good Bye To Stress and Boost Your Immunity With Our Healthy Mind Workout

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Bonus #1: Sound Healing Meditation Song – Change your brain waves instantly from frazzled to calm when you attend and listen to the only meditation song you’ll ever need!! (Deepak and Oprah use this too. This incredible song with our resident sound healer David Ondrick was featured in their 21 meditation challenge)

Bonus #2: Recorded “Happy Mindset Masterclass” with Isa where I take a deep dive into simple relaxation practices that’ll keep you feeling calm, cool, collected and healthy.

Bonus #3: The Essential Guide to a Happy and Relaxed Mind – Four easy ways to unleash your positive mindset, so you have a healthier body, have endless energy, and feel calmer than ever!

Video #1: Quick Relaxation Methods

Isa goes on a deep dive on the importance of implementing healthy mind techniques as a key component to your healing journey. Use this foundation instead of prescriptions or other unhealthy habits for ultimate natural stress relief.

Video #2: Create an Anti-Fragile Mind and Boost Your Health

Isa continues her deep dive into these powerful stress reduction techniques and covers ways to combine various techniques to enhance mental clarity, and tranquility.

Video #3: Be Your Own Sound Healer and Feel More Relaxed Than Ever

Learn first-hand how to become your own sound healer with this 3-phased humming technique, taught by certified sound healer David Ondrick. You will discover how to use self-toning to communicate deeply with your body’s own cells, which respond profoundly to hearing your own self-created tones. No singing or musical experience needed!

Video #4: Listen to This Incredible Sound Healing Bath and Feel Peaceful Again

Enjoy this sound healing performance from David Ondrick, complete with healing codes and intentions to relax your nervous system, energize your healing systems, and to spread tranquility around your entire being.

Video #5: Extra Help on How to Incorporate the Relaxation Techniques Into Your Life

Tie it all together and get on the road to being your own sound healer by using the techniques to quiet your mind and change your brain state, so you feel healthier than ever.

Right about now there is probably one question on your mind…

What’s the next step?

You’re smart. You have done your homework, and you know what works and what is just hype and empty promises.

There is a lot of information available in the marketplace that leads you to believe it is the secret technique or magic elixir required for your healing…

That’s not the case here. Right now there is a desperate need in the marketplace for solid, proven and reliable solutions that will assist in facilitating your healing at a price you can afford.

Trust me it’s very affordable… At $47, it’s less than a romantic dinner for two and two movie tickets.

Don’t be one of those people who rely on prescriptions for band-aid solutions that won’t give you long-term natural results.

Today, you have an option. I saw this need, and I made a decision to do something about it.

The solution is here at your fingertips…

Use The Healthy Mind Workout to “Set the Tone” for Your Day…Everyday

The next step is simple.

This will be the easiest decision you’ve made in a long time.

Just click the link below to claim one of the coveted spots we have available:

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Use The Healthy Mind Workout to Feel Relaxed, Vibrant, Connected, and Grounded… and Feel Healthy Everyday

Making decisions is what you do every day…and you’re pretty good at it. This is not about making a decision.

It’s about asking the right question…

Take a deep breath, clear your mind of any distractions, consciously tell all negativity and doubt to leave, and focus solely on this question and how it can potentially transform your life…deep breath, inhale, now exhale…

What will happen if I don’t take the next step?

The answer appears, so the next question is…

Do this now or later? Give Yourself Permission to Move Forward with The Healthy Mind Program…

Join the Healthy Mind Workout Program Now – $47.00

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