Saida Desilets and Isa Herrera Discuss the Jade Egg Imposters and the “McEgg Phenomenon”

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

Saida Desilets and Isa Herrera Discuss the Jade Egg Imposters and the "McEgg Phenomenon" 2

Yoni Eggs (aka Jade Eggs) have suddenly caught wild-fire and have made it to late night TV with Regina Hall & Conan O’Brien. Her enthusiasm is awesome, his surprise fantastic, but the sad fact remains that she was poorly trained & shared some possibly detrimental ideas. Before you go ahead & just pop a yoni egg in, you need to know how to properly use it or you may be exercising yourself into a pelvic or orgasmic dysfunction.

Yet along with this amazing evidence that more and more women desire to claim their pleasure and sexual vitality comes the sad fact that this profound practice is being diluted into “drive-thru Jade Egg practice” aka the McEgg movement.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the only real jade egg queen that I trust Saida Desilets. Watch as we discuss the dangers of improper practice of jade egg, which Saida rightly calls the McEgg Phenomenon”

She knows all things Yoni Egg ads the creator a beautiful online class that I endorse and trust. She was doing this important work long before it was mainstream and all the egg impostors came along.

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Isa and Saida discuss the McEgg phenomenon and vaginal weightlifting, among other things…


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