Special Report – The Truth You NEED to Know About Back Pain

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

The Truth About Kegels & Why Misconceptions and Misinformation Could Be Ruining Your Progress! 4


Back Pain Healing Secrets That Actually Work

A whopping 75-85% of Americans will suffer from some kind of back pain throughout their lives. Many of them will have chronic, recurring pain. You might not know this, but women are just as prone to get back pain as men, and much of it is tied directly to pelvic floor issues. 

And there are a ton of so-called “solutions” out there that promise that one single stretch or exercise will eliminate the pain for good. 

If only it were that easy. 

The reality is, there is NO magic bullet, and anyone who tells you there is… is trying to profit from your pain. Simple as that. 

You’ve undoubtedly seen them. Misleading statements, false advertising, and more. Designed specifically to fool people into thinking they can cure them at the drop of a hat. 

I really despise that kind of advertising. 

These ads target our innermost desires, fears, and vulnerabilities. Like a moth to the light, we become attracted to them and purchase them only to become hopeless because they typically don’t deliver on their promises.  

This is media sensationalism and not based on clinical experience or even based on evidence.  

This type of marketing makes me sick to my stomach, and I will not allow my community of beautiful queens to be misled! 

Right now I’m particularly angry. I sprained my back two weeks ago picking up a plant and happened to know exactly what to do to heal it. 

This is the real information that you need, especially if you have back pain. (Even if you don’t, take this information and put it in your pocket – remember, 75-85% of Americans WILL experience some kind of back pain in their lifetime – this will come in handy!) 

Like I said at the beginning, women’s back pain can happen for a number of reasons, but it’s also closely associated with pelvic floor conditions. 

Why? Because your pelvic floor muscles are interconnected with many other muscle systems in your body. This is especially true with back pain. 

I want to share exactly what I did to eliminate my back pain in just a few days after I sprained my back. It’s also something you can use for other kinds of back pain including pain related to pelvic issues. 

As a physical therapist, I’ve treated thousands of women with these issues, and what I’m about to share with you works, and you can do it at home.  

These are my TOP tips and exercises because you deserve the BEST! You’re a part of my community and it’s my job to make sure you get the full truth and no more gimmicks. 

I’ve put it all into a brand new special report. This report is designed to give you the tools to be healthy and empowered! 

The truth is that you can cure and manage back pain and sciatica (and even leaking, pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse ) without addictive pills, painful injections, or invasive surgery.

These are real, proven techniques that you can do, right from home to reclaim your body and to empower yourself so you don’t have to outsource your pelvic or back health.

The Story of How I Healed My Back Pain & Sciatica

I bent down and heard it as it happened. 

POP! I knew I was in trouble. 

Piercing PAIN straight up and down my spine. I really wanted my momma right then. 

I fell to the ground on my knees and my daughter had to help me get to the couch. 

I knew I had to take some drastic action. 

Special Report - The truth you NEED to know about back pain 3Reduce Pain With CBD & Turmeric Oil Combo-ADVANCED Liposomal Technology for optimal Bioavailability

My first line of defense was a shot of my SomaLeaf CBD-Turmeric oil combination (the liposomal type which is highly absorbable) and it kicked in quickly. Within minutes after I took the oil I immediately felt less pain and could move better. CBD and turmeric are two of the most potent anti-inflammatories on the market and Purathrive has combined them. I like CBD oil and typically use it as part of my wellness program, but when you combine it Tumeric- magic happens.  I suffer from Lyme disease and this CBD oil helps me to feel better. This CBD oil does NOT get you high. I use SomaLeaf and it’s helping.  If you have pain, anxiety or are stressed out I would recommend that you check it out by clicking here 

Reduce Pain With Heat (Ice is an option for some) 

The second thing I tried was to ice my back, which made the pain and spasms worse, so I switched to heat. I got out my heating pad and placed it under my back and positioned myself on the bed in a 90-90 position. Read on to discover how helpful the 90-90 position is for pain relief.

90-90-The Best Position To Relieve Back Pain & Spasms

Back pain immediately creates tension and spasms in the muscles that run down either side of the spine. It can also lead to a misaligned pelvis and tight hip flexors. The 90-90 position is considered a gentle spinal realignment that reduces back spasms, relaxes the body, restores proper posture, and creates gentle traction for the spine. It restores balance in the back. The 90-90 position helps to alleviate back and sciatic pain.  This position will also help reduce neck pain and upper back pain as well. It’s suitable for all fitness levels. 

The most critical thing about the 90-90 position is to keep the legs bent at a 90-degree angle at the hip and knee joints. You can do this exercise in bed or on the floor. I started in bed because I couldn’t move, and then when I felt better and could get up and down from the floor, I did the 90-90 exercise moved to the level. I find this position is suitable for promoting better posture for those who sit all day.

Alignment Counts and Must Be Addressed In All Back & Sciatica Pain & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Next thing I did, I called my chiropractor, but she wasn’t anywhere to be found (what with the pandemic and all) 

Then I called my orthopedic doctor. His plan? Pain meds and muscle relaxers. As tempted as I was to take them, I always think of the 33,000 deaths from opiate overdoses in 2015 alone. 

91 people die every single day in this country alone from an opiate overdose. 

Not a chance I want to take. 

I’m a firm believer in self-care and knowing how to care for one’s body, no meds for me. 

So I put my Physical Therapy degree to work and dedicated myself to adjust myself using something called muscle energy technique (MET). This means that you use muscle contraction to adjust a bone that is out of place. 

Adjusting the pelvis, which is the center of everything, will help keep your spine aligned and reduce muscle spasms and alleviate pain. After I made this simple adjustment, my pain decreased itself 40%, and I could walk to the bathroom. Although this MET is gentle, it is powerful, and sometimes you can hear a pop at the front of your pelvis. This is normal. If you need help figuring out how to do this on your own, please consult with one of my highly trained coaches who are also physical therapists. My coaches are all trained and certified by me. Collectively we have seen thousands of women and helped them regain their mobility, mojo, pelvic, and core strength. Click here to book a 1:1 appointment. These appointments are LIMITED and they are gold! 

Shotgun and Ilium Pelvic Corrections

Special Report - The truth you NEED to know about back pain 5

Shotgun Correction: 

The Shotgun correction is a  Muscle Energy Technique (MET)  which means you are contracting a set of muscles ( inner thighs muscles) that attach to the pubic bone and using the force of the contraction to bring the pelvis back into proper alignment. Sometimes you may hear a popping sound with the Shotgun correction technique and that’s the bones coming back into proper alignment. 

Do the shotgun correction before correcting your ilium rotations. The shotgun technique is a master alignment technique that I have used for over 15 years. Many times this is the only technique you need and it brings profound relief. This technique helps the spine and pelvis to be realigned and helps to relieve back pain, sciatica, and even great for women who leak.  


  1. Place hands outside of your knees and push knees out into the resistance of your hands. These contractions are isometric (no movement in your legs while your muscles are contracting). 
  2. Hold x 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times 
  3. Bring knees closer together and place fists hand or pillow between knees. Press your inner thighs into your hands or pillows. 
  4. Hold x 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times 

Ilium MET Correction: 

To correct your ilium bones you must first assess yourself by simply looking at your bony alignment. Don’t freak out! This is easy to master and I have taught these MET to thousands of women who suffer from back, pelvic pain, leaking and sciatica and they mastered them and you can too! We will start by knowing the locations of our Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS) Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS) and ten checking out how they relate to each other. 

How to Locate PSIS- The Dimples of Venus

Diagram Description: Notice the indentations on the skin. These dimples are called the “Dimples of Venus” and right next to them you can find the PSIS. The finger location shows you the location of the PSIS. 


Place your hands at the top of your iliac crest. Now trace your iliac crest toward your low back until you come across two rounded bony projections in the low back. These two rounded projections are your PSIS. Some people have small indentations, or dimples, next to their PSIS, making them easier to find. For most people, these are not as easy to find as ASIS.

Before You Correct Your Alignment – Find These Bony Landmarks

How to Locate The Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS)

Description: The finger placement shows you the location of the ASIS. You can easily see it in this photograph as this bony prominence sticks out anteriorly. Practice finding ASIS on your body.


Start by placing your hands on the highest part of your pelvis. Most people naturally assume this position when placing their “hands on their hips.” The highest point on your pelvic bones is called your iliac crest. Now trace your iliac crest forward until you come across two distinct, bony projections toward the front of your pelvis. These two rounded projections are your ASIS. 

How to Assess Your Pelvic Alignment: Anterior and Posterior Innominate Rotations 

Normally Aligned Pelvis

Special Report - The truth you NEED to know about back pain 8

Misaligned- Posteriorly Rotated Pelvis

Misaligned-Anterior Rotated Pelvis

Description: Notice the ASIS and PSIS and the line connecting both. The inclination of this line determines whether you are suffering from a posterior innominate or anterior innominate misalignment or both. This is normal, optimal alignment.


  1. Stand sideways in a mirror and identify your ASIS and PSIS on your right side. Picture an imaginary line going from your right PSIS to your right ASIS and take note of the angle that this line forms. 

Although this angle may vary from person to person, the line should slope downward from the PSIS to the ASIS. A recent research article found the average angle from PSIS to ASIS to be thirteen degrees sloped downward from the horizontal. 

  1. Repeat this procedure on your left side. Take careful notice of whether the line from PSIS to ASIS seems to be sloped more vertical or more horizontal than your right side. 
  2. If you find that one line is noticeably more horizontal, the innominate on this side may be rotated posteriorly, or backward, compared to the other side. This is called a posterior innominate and many times this causes back pain and sciatica and it must be corrected to alleviate pain.
  3. If you find that one line is noticeably more vertical or sloped downward, the innominate on this side may be rotated anteriorly, or forward, compared to the other side. This is called an anterior innominate and many times this causes anterior hip pain excessive traction on the spinal nerves and it must be corrected to alleviate pain.

Simultaneous Correction of An Anterior and Posterior Rotated Innominate


  1. Make sure that you have completed the shotgun correction first and have identified the side of anterior rotation and the side of posterior rotation. Right it down. These  Muscle Energy Techniques which means you are contracting a set of muscles that attach to the bones and using the force of the contraction to bring the pelvis back into proper alignment. 
  2. You may be seated or lying down for this correction. If you are seated, sit toward the front of the chair in good posture. If you are lying down, bend both of your knees so that your feet are on the exercise surface. 
  3. On the side of the anterior rotation, press your heel down into the floor. At the same time that you are pressing your heel down on one side, lift the opposite knee (on the side of the anterior rotation) and press the knee up into your hand. Hold both contractions for ten seconds and continue to breathe throughout the contraction. 
  4. Repeat the simultaneous correction, with one heel pressing down and one heel pressing up two more times, for a total of three repetitions. 
  5. Recheck to see if your alignment is restored. You may have to do this daily until your back pain gets better. Recheck and repeat the next day or the same day. 

Strengthen Your Core & Back Muscles With This One Simple Exercise

Special Report - The truth you NEED to know about back pain 11

Want to Take You Back Pain Self-Care to the Next Level?
Hire One of Our Telecoaches to Dial in Your Healing Once and For All.

The “Miracle One”- Leg Press  

The Leg Press exercise is my go-to exercise that strengthens the core, the back muscles, and the pelvic floor muscles. I call this exercise the “miracle one” because it helps to activate and bring back to life the muscles that are weekend in individuals who have back pain, sciatica, or pelvic floor dysfunction. It’s super easy to do.


  1. Sit in good posture and place the palms of your hands on your upper thighs. 
  2. As you exhale, do a gentle Kegel.
  3. Now contract your abdominals by gently bringing your belly button closer toward the spine and up towards your heart (imagine that you are trying to squeeze into an old pair of jeans that don’t fit). You have NOW contracted your Transverse Abdominal (TrA) muscle.
  4. Now hold the Kegel and the TrA hold and press your hands onto your thighs. Hold for five seconds then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat ten times. Do one to three sets per day. 

The Pain Calmer

The Pain Calmer Stretch, also known as the four-stretch, is my go-to scratch that helps reduce back pain, sciatica, and helps to increase sensation and blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles. This stretch can be performed in a laying down or seated position 


  1. While seated in good posture at the edge of your seat, place the left ankle lightly on the thigh of the right leg making a figure four. Keep your hips square, your shoulders down and back as you sit straight.
  2. If you are able, gently press your crossed leg down but not lower than your thigh. 
  3. For a deeper stretch, lean forward from the hips with a straight back. For an even deeper stretch, rotate your upper body slightly toward your feet. Hold for thirty seconds to one minute and switch sides. 
  4. Bring your body back to the center and repeat the pose on the other side. Do two to three repetitions of the stretch. 

The Nerve Soother

Special Report - The truth you NEED to know about back pain 14


The Nerve Soother is also known in PT world as the “Lean Back” exercise bought me incredible relief when my Sciatica was acting up.  If you have radiating pain into the butt or legs try the Lean Back Exercise as soon as you can.  This exercise helps to reposition any spinal disc material that is out of place and pinching on the nerves. Typically when the disc is out women experience radiating pain into the butt, thighs, and sometimes into the feet. As you repeat the Lean Back exercise the radiating pain should travel upwards in a process call centralization. Here is the thing –  radiating pain is bad.  



  1. Stand with your feet hip apart and in good posture.
  2. Place your palms on your low back with your fingers pointing down toward the floor. This will help support your low back. 
  3. Gently begin to make an arch in the low back by leaning backward. Initiate the lean back from the head first, then shoulders back, chest out, and finally, the pelvis comes forward into an anterior pelvic tilt to create a nice curve in the lumbar spine. 
  4. You should maintain a slight transverse belly-hold while doing the lean back in order to support the lumbar spine. 
  5. Hold for five to ten seconds and repeat ten times. Do one to three times a day, or as needed for pain control and you should feel the pain travel up and stop radiating down into legs or butt.

Food Is Medicine 

Food is medicine, and I treat it as such. I quickly switched my diet to an anti-inflammatory diet so I could heal from the inside out.  I eliminated all sugars, high glycemic fruits; nuts and seeds; gluten-containing compounds; dairy products, soy, alcohol, beans and legumes, and nightshades. Eating this way helped me in so many ways, and I believe during acute pain or flare-ups, and anti-inflammatory diet will help you heal faster and better. Yes, I know it’s easy to go for the cookies and ice-cream, but this will only make you feel worse. Please check with your caregiver before adopting any diet.  This diet worked for me, so that’s why I am sharing it. 


Isa Herrera’s Back and Sciatica Pain Relief Protocol Summary

  • 90-90 position- up to 20 minutes or as tolerated. 
  • Ice or heat- as much as you need. Make sure you don’t burn yourself with the heating pad. Use a pad with an automatic turn off button. 
  • Alignment – Shotgun-see instructions
  • Alignment – Ilium Correction- -see instructions
  • “The Miracle One” Leg Press- Hold for 5 seconds, repeat 5-10 times. 2-3 times daily or as tolerated.
  • “The Pain Calmer”- 4 Stretch Exercise – Hold for 30 seconds- 1 minute –  repeat 1-3 times daily or as tolerated.
  • “The Nerve Soother”- Lean Back Exercise- 10-second hold repeat 10 times 1-5 times a day or as tolerated  
  • Anti-inflammatory Diet- A must in order to heal inflammation and pain.  


Why go at it alone? Work with 1:1 with my highly trained Back Pain Coaches

Work with my trained coaches, who are also physical therapists. I have personally trained every single one of my coaches. So it’s like seeing me without the hefty price tag!  Collectively as a team, we have treated thousands of women. We help awaken your inner doctor, so you stop outsourcing your health and take back control of your back and pelvic health!  Appointments are limited so if you would like expert help I recommend you go here and book yourself an appointment.  


Medical Disclaimer:

Consult and seek the advice of your doctor and/or physical therapist before attempting the exercises or self-help tools found in this checklist. The medical information provided is for informational purposes only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is intended to be educational only and does not create any patient–physical therapist relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Serious injury could result from the improper performance of these techniques and exercises. If pain occurs with any exercise, STOP immediately. Neither PPR Associates, Inc nor Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, can be held liable for injury caused by the improper performance of these exercises or self-help tools. The self-help tips found here are merely a guide; this publication is not intended as a prescription for physical therapy. To prevent injury seek the advice of your doctor or physical therapist before attempting any exercise, self-help tip, or implementation of any of the information in this checklist. Most patients need a multi-layered approach to overcome their pelvic conditions. Make sure to see doctors and specialists in the field of female gynecology and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and then talk to your doctor about getting a referral to a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Educate yourself about your pelvic condition. Do not be afraid to ask your caregivers questions, or to get a second opinion about your condition.



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