Takeaways from a Pelvic Healer – Women’s Sexual Freedom and Enjoyment is Being Hijacked: 30 Million Women Want To Know Why

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

Isa Herrera Reviews a Great New Article From Maxwell Williams
It’s not every day, well I don’t actually recall when a man has written something so compellingand so captivating and more importantly so true and relevant to my life mission and our profession.

I often wonder why is it that women are continuously relegated to the sidelines and many times ignored and mistreated by doctors. Is it gender bias stereotypes? Is it ignorance? Is it the “not in my back yard syndrome” or is it simply conditioning that needs to be shattered?

As a woman who suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction I can tell you the medical community failed me and it wasn’t until I went deep into my pelvic floor healing that I came out of that darkness. You might be thinking how did she do it? I did it the holistic and integrative way with pelvic massages, exercises, breathwork, yoga, meditation, bodywork, and conditioning. It was natural healing without medications, injections, and surgeries, which are still widely prescribed and many times unnecessary.

So I personally know that lifestyle medicine works and it works even better when you have guidance from a health professional who is adequately trained in the field of female pelvic health.

Can you believe that pelvic floor education/treatment/evaluations I are still not taught in medical schools?

This article written by Maxwell Williams is worth the read. The article is quite longso I’ve highlighted the most important points covered in the article.

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Millions of Women Face Astonishing Pain When They Have Sex. Why Don’t Their Doctors Take Them Seriously”, by Maxwell Williams

Here Are the Main Points in the Article:

  • Vulvodynia and Vestibulodynia are conditions that are not well known, discussed or even diagnosed in the medical community.
  • The articleincludes the story of two women who went through a treacherous journey of pain, depression, misdiagnosis and eventually found healing.
  • Traditional healthcare seems to be “stacked against women.”
  • Finding proper treatment is almost as bad as the pain itself.
  • Treatments are not taught in medical schools.
  • Funding for research in some fields of medicine are limited.
  • To obtain a grant to research some conditions is as complicated as stopping the moon from rising.
  • Pharmaceutical companies have focused on prescriptions that will numb the pain through nerve control and other methods.
  • Women are commonly told the pain is in their head, misdiagnosis and given surgeries they don’t need.
  • Some doctors only focus on the cervix and not other parts of the female anatomy.
  • Insurance companies are difficult to cover expenses and treatments related to these conditions.
  • Modern birth control has side effects that are rarely discussed and may contribute to conditions and sexual dysfunction.
  • Funding for research on women’ sexual dysfunction is taken from the same pool as obstetrics and pediatrics.

Click Here to Read the Article

The whole point of the article is that there is so much to learn and understand when it comes to sexual problems that many women experience, women we know or have seen have dealt and continue to deal with issues such as the ones mentioned.

As Professionals,We Can Make a Difference

So here is the thought provoking, puzzling, brainstorming question we need to ask ourselves,

“What am I doing to contribute to the recognition, acknowledgment, identification, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions that affect the sexual parts of the women in my circle of influence?”

Wait for the answer because if it’s what I think it is. Then I invite you to journey with me and join my Pelvic Alchemy Movement by signing up for my online trainings. Here’s the link if you want to help spearhead the is movement with me.

Together we can make a difference and be part of the solution to this silent epidemic of 30 million women.


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