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Here’s What They Are Saying About the Masterclass:

Ninette – Much more interesting and hope-giving than I thought!

Susan – It’s very educational, informational, and anatomical. 😉

Izett – Really interesting and loads of very useful information

Barbara – best help I ever got

Kristen – It is very informative with action steps.

Stephane – Yes, I could really connect with the last exercise

Kelly – Finally someone is talking openly about these issues!

Nicky – learning so much about me

Beth – A really thorough introduction to pelvic health

Michelle – This masterclass gives me tools on how to approach my pelvic pain after years of doctors telling me it’s all in my head

Heather – Amazing info and so important

Barbara – Helps to help myself, but I have to be in practice

Sheila – Brilliant as always

Nettie – This masterclass is so enlightening!


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