The Truth About Kegels & Why Misconceptions and Misinformation Could Be Ruining Your Progress!

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

Misconceptions + Misinformation: The Truth About Kegels

Recently, I’ve seen some pretty disturbing rumors on social media suggesting that Kegels don’t work and won’t help women heal their “Lady Parts” problems.

Ultimately, this click-bait, fear-mongering nonsense only serves to confuse and disempower women who are likely in a very vulnerable place. When women are discouraged from employing tactics that can actually help them heal, everyone suffers. 

And for the most part, people that are saying these things are only trying to get a reaction out of people — rather than really and truly educate anyone.

Since I’ve dedicated my life to educating women and empowering them to take control of their pelvic health, I want to address these inaccurate claims.

If you’ve heard some of these rumors (or even if you haven’t), and think Kegels don’t work, let me assure you that nothing is further from the truth…and I’m about to break down those myths and help you understand why Kegels are effective and how to get the most out of this amazing exercise.  

The truth is all women need to do Kegels

When it comes to doing your Kegels, the best option is always to be proactive and not reactive. Kegels will help prevent pelvic, and bladder issues that may arise from hormonal changes that occur through our life stages such as pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause Strengthening your pelvic and core muscles when you are healthy and don’t have any “downstairs” issues can help avoid pelvic conditions that may develop later in life.

Proper technique is key

The Truth About Kegels & Why Misconceptions and Misinformation Could Be Ruining Your Progress! 3

One thing is for sure: if you’re doing Kegels wrong, they won’t work!

This may take some training, ladies. We are not all experienced in how to properly perform a Kegel exercise. And that’s OK! Because we can all learn how.

And we all should learn how. By some estimates, almost 50% of the women (1)  in the United States experience leaking, and 14% experience (2) pelvic organ prolapse. 16% have (3) experienced vulvodynia (4), or chronic pain of the vulva. 

The Kegel just may be the best weapon we have for healing these conditions.

But — often, I see women in my programs who tried to learn how to do Kegels on their own and then got discouraged when they “didn’t work.” After my students review the teachings in my programs and the elements of a perfect Kegel, they are amazed at how much progress they make in healing their pelvic floor and their sex lives.

There are so many studies that show when Kegels are performed properly, they can help improve leaking (5), heal prolapse (6) and increase sexual satisfaction. (7)

Kegels improve sexual function because they increase blood flow to the vulva, increase lubrication, enhance vaginal tone, promote clitoral erection, and strengthen orgasms. Kegels will supercharge your sex life as well as your partner’s. (7)

So — let’s learn how to do Kegels the right way before we dismiss them as ineffective, OK?

Kegels are just one part of a comprehensive pelvic workout

The Truth About Kegels & Why Misconceptions and Misinformation Could Be Ruining Your Progress!Your pelvic floor muscles don’t exist in a vacuum — they are part of your core — the center of your entire body. And there are also ligaments and vaginal connective tissues that are part of the pelvic floor (8). 

This is why working out just one part of your pelvis with one single, repetitive movement won’t solve everything. At least not all of the time. 

It’s important to develop a comprehensive pelvic workout that includes different types of Kegel exercises as well as abdominal exercises, lower body exercises, postural exercises and includes various breathing techniques.

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Pelvic workouts are perhaps the most empowering and effective way to reconnect with your feminine energy, and take back your life.

I believe that women many times fail at their Kegels because they are thinking too microscopically and forget that for the pelvic floor to become stronger, they have to focus on conditioning everything connected to the pelvic floor.

After teaching over 14,000 women how to heal their pelvic problems, I can assure you — Adopting these comprehensive methods supercharges your results.  

In fact, the pelvic floor and core may be even more important to challenge than any other set of muscles in the body. Because we spend so much time sitting (according to a JamaNet Published Study, 26% of American sit for more than 8 hours a day). We sit in our cars, at the computer, weakening our muscles in the literal cradle of our being.

Kegel Boredom is the real dis-ease

The Truth About Kegels & Why Misconceptions and Misinformation Could Be Ruining Your Progress! 1Too often, I see women who are struggling to heal, doing the same old Kegel every day, thinking they are doing the right thing for their bodies. And it breaks my heart. 

We have to learn how to work out using all of the tools at our disposal, not just one of them. We have to discover which techniques work for our specific issues — one type of Kegel does not fit all women, But one to three types can help women heal and reconnect to their “Queendom.”

Once they are empowered by improved pelvic function, women feel like women again. Women who are happy and engaged in their lives, instead of hiding, feeling ashamed and stuck. 

Pelvic- Kegel workouts are perhaps the most empowering and effective way to reconnect with your feminine energy, and take back your life.

Isn’t it time to step into being a confident, happy, and sexy woman who feels supported by her body. A woman who can do anything, including running, playing tennis, picking up groceries, cooking a beautiful dinner, and experiencing great pleasure while making love. The first step in doing everything that you love is having a STRONG pelvic floor.  Are you ready for that?

I’ve created a new Kegel workout program that I think you’re going to love…stay tuned I will send you details tomorrow via email.


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