(V-Blog) How to Heal Incontinence

By Isa Herrera, MSPT

Isa Herrera PelvicPainRelief [dot] com

Ep 2: Can food and drink sensitivities cause bladder irritation and my leakage? I find myself thinking about the bathroom everywhere I go.”

I want to do more… And I want to do something that provides great value for my tribe.
I was recently interviewed by a podcaster and she told me” Isa you know what would be great? A ‘Dear-Abby’ column all about the lady parts.”…

…So I took her advice and I’ll be doing weekly Vlog and answering questions related to pelvic healing…

…“The Truth About Pelvic Healing Vblog” series (still working on the name)  is all about unlocking the secret codes to stronger, happier lady parts, more freedom, and more pleasure.

Here is this week’s question From Brenda C:

“Are Kegels really a good exercise to do to help with bladder and rectal prolapse? Also, I would love to gently move on a mini trampoline. Would that be a bad idea for someone with prolapse?”


Isa Herrera:
Is your bladder making you live La Vida Loca? Looking for the bathroom, everywhere you go. This week’s question comes from Debra, and this is her question: Can food and drink sensitivities cause bladder irritation and my leakage? I find myself thinking about the bathroom everywhere I go.

Here’s the truth. Your bladder is so easy to train. Once we make the decision that it is trainable, it becomes trainable, right? Because what we think, we become. Now, of all the organs in the body, the bladder is the easiest one. First thing, avoid going to the bathroom at every single urge that you have. The bladder can hold up to four hours, so avoid J.I.C-ing. J.I.C-ing is ‘just in case’ urination. That is the first thing I want you to do. I want you to really think and track your bladder habits, Deborah, okay? Because you can control this.

The other thing is that there’s this big myth out there that the less you drink, the less you’re going to pee, and the less urge you’re going to have. Guess what? That is one hundred percent completely wrong. If you dehydrate, if you stop drinking water, you’re going to have more issues with urge and with leaking. So my recommendation is to space your water out. Really important. Carbonated drinks are not water, right? I know on the east coast, we’re going into our spring and our summer, and a lot of women love their carbonated drinks, but carbonated drinks are a bladder irritant. So we really have to know and trust our bodies. Our bodies and our bladders are not our enemies. What we have to do is understand how to make them perform better and how to make them perform better for us so that we’re not Living La Vida Loca everywhere we go.

So those are my tips for how to heal your bladder. Remember that the bladder wants to be healed, the bladder wants to be tamed, and all you have to do is bring awareness to that healing. Thank you. This is Isa Herrera, thank you for watching my video, and I hope it helps you.


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