REPLAY: Watch An Intimate Q&A With Isa And Listen To 4 Women Who Have Used V Core Lift To Reclaim Their Power!

**New Advanced Reverse Kegel Bonus Added**

Index of Testimonials & QA:
1) 11:00:01 – Hear how Diane regained her function after severe prolapse put her life on hold

2) 21:05:00 – If you’ve tried everything, listen to this

3) 24:08:03 – Maria speaks about how complete the healing tools are and how Isa inspired her to keep going

4) 36:24:18 – Isa gives extraordinary answers & healing recipes for women suffering from pain & intimacy problems.

5) 53:29:07 – Isa’s student Lorna talks about how the program finally helped her to see her condition in a global way and how she found healing for prolapse, incontinence, and discomfort.

6) 1:08:18 –  Wanda talks about how she overcame her shame and thoughts that she was broken to go on and restore her pelvic floor function.

Pelvic Wellness Collective 29

Pelvic Wellness Collective 29

Plus, your investment is 100% risk free

Try out the program for 14 days, starting on Mar 28, 2022. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you back every penny – no questions asked.

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