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Discover the #1 Secret to Stronger Lady Parts So You Can Stop Peeing Your Pants, Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor,  Heal Your Prolapse & Improve Sensation…Without Harmful Surgeries, Drugs, Gimmicks, or Gadgets


49% of Women Struggle with Leakage and 50% of Older Women Have Prolapse…It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way!

If you are one of the 50% of women suffering from leakage, you know how much it affects your quality of life.

You have to worry about carrying pantyliners everywhere; make sure you don’t wear anything that would draw attention to leaks and embarrassing stains…You might even have to cross your legs to keep yourself dry. Honestly, at any given moment, you can be soaking wet.

And the worst part? You have to live with the fact that you don’t have bladder control, as though your body is betraying you.

Or, if you’re part of the 49% of older women whose life has diminished due to Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and you find yourself experiencing deep pelvic pressure, lower back pain, discomfort with intimacy, or unable to live your life the way you want.

Or if you’re that women who have a feeling that something is just not right “Down There” and you are looking to PREVENT future issues naturally…

Do not despair.

Plus, many of you may have experienced the frustrating fact that doctors can’t help you and that many have no idea how to help. The only answers many doctors have for you are surgeries, injections or pills. Other doctors have told women that leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, dryness, and lack of sensation are normal parts of aging. So suck it up!

I know how distressing all of this is because I’ve been there… but there is a better way.

Hi, I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, a licensed, pelvic physical therapist. For the last 15 years, I’ve personally helped over 15,100 women resolve their symptoms naturally in my NYC Madison Ave clinic.

While helping women in my NYC clinic I discovered a couple of things…

Many women simply don’t know that they have 100% control over their pelvic floor,  the muscles that support their pelvic organs, the bladder, and lady parts.

As we get older, or after childbirth, we may lose some control over some of the pelvic organs, such as the bladder, and experience urine leaking, pelvic pressure, vaginal looseness, or dryness. Issues that we have been led to believe are a “normal” part of being a woman. My mission is to help one million women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and to help women discover a truth that’s been held back from us…

…that the pelvic floor muscles are a set of muscles that we DO have control over and we can bring them back to health using natural methods and exercise.

I have shouted this truth from the mountain tops for over 18 years and I am grateful to have reached national TV, radio shows, and prestigious magazines. I’m so passionate about helping women heal that I’ve also written 5 books, 3  on the topic of pelvic health, and I’ve created online pelvic healing programs so that women can take back control of their “Queendoms.” 

V-Core Lift Program 35Here’s another truth once you discover how to engage and strengthen these muscles, you’ll be amazed at the type of transformation that takes place at the core, an area that I like to call a woman’s “V-Core”. 

Let me take a minute to share how I discovered the V-Core and how it changed my life and the lives of thousands of women forever…

There Was a Time When I Felt Like Half a Woman…

Even though I now help thousands of women restore their lady parts and feel like a woman again, there was a time when I couldn’t even heal myself. When my daughter was born back in 2004, I went through an intense birthing process and an even harder recovery. 

I had the “new mom trifecta” of leaking, painful intercourse, and bladder prolapse…

And no one had warned me about how it would affect literally every part of my life.

I had zero interest in being intimate and I felt a wave of guilt every time I told my partner I wasn’t in the mood…

I carried panty liners and pads everywhere I went…

And I could barely do everyday things, like lifting my daughter or walking around the supermarket…

I Felt Alone, Ashamed, and Broken.

And when I finally said, “enough is enough” and started making appointments with the best doctors in NYC…I discovered that they actually had no clue what was going on with me!

I took myself on a “Doctor Roadshow” where I was prescribed pain meds, muscle relaxers, and even Botox injections down there (ouch!). I paid out thousands of dollars to these doctors and I still had no answers. Not a single one of these doctors touched or examined my pelvic floor.

That “doctor roadshow” is something that I’ve heard from so many women who are looking for answers to the question, “what’s wrong with me?”

And the doctor will either say “just do more Kegels” or go straight to talking about surgery.

If you’ve been to a doctor (or two, or three, or four), and they weren’t able to help you, maybe you know what I’m talking about.

What I call the #DoctorRoadshow is real and impacts so many of the women I have treated

Sadly, this is the reality today for many women.

If you leak every time you sneeze or cough… Making you a slave to the pantyliners…

If you’ve ever said no to something that you wanted to do because of your “Lady Parts” issues…

Or if you’re running to the bathroom all the time… Or you’re constantly worried about what to wear that won’t show…

And if it’s uncomfortable to stand up for too long… Or you’ve had a baby or two and things just haven’t been the same “down there” ever since…

I get you, girl.

And chances are… if you go to your doctor, they won’t have a solution for you.

The sad truth is, most doctors have been taught to treat problems with band-aid solutions, pain pills, and surgery. They don’t go any deeper to address the root cause.

Until now you’ve probably been told that Kegels are the solution to strengthen your pelvic floor and stop leaking and prolapse…

Doctors and even health coaches say it all the time. “Just do some Kegel exercises and you’ll be okay.”

And they can be…

But ONLY if you do the right kinds of Kegels for you…

In the right way, and at the right time. 

Because the truth is, there is NO ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to Kegels that we’ve all been led to believe.

So let’s blast away all the B.S. and expose the Kegel myths once and for all. Because there’s an unspoken TRUTH about how you can stop the leakage and experience more pleasure than you ever thought possible, in just 5 minutes a day.

I’m here to share what I discovered that will finally put an end to all the discomfort and embarrassment you’re experiencing. Imagine being able to:

  • Regain control over your body
  • Feel carefree and confident while you play with your kids or grandkids
  • Reclaim your Queendom and enjoy being a woman again
  • Resolve your symptoms in the privacy and comfort of home
  • Just say no to invasive treatments, injections or medication

You can have all of this and so much more, simply by harnessing the power that already exists within you because…

Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

Finally, Discover  How to Make Peace With Yourself and Fall In Love With You All Over Again

You’re about to discover a way to harness your strong inner core and realign your body. You’ll strengthen the foundations of your pelvis, so you can stand, sit, sleep, pick things up and exercise without fear of leaking or discomfort.

  • Imagine how liberating it would be to feel totally at ease with your body again.
  • Imagine feeling confident, sexy and wearing whatever you want without the bulky panty liners.
  • Imagine moving without fear or inhibitions and feeling free to do the things that you love.

But I have to warn you, before I show you the simple techniques that will give you back the keys to your life…you’ll need to ‘unlearn’ something that might actually have been making things worse — like Kegel exercises you were NEVER meant to do in the first place!

So Let’s Start With Busting 3 Myths About Kegels That Your Doctor Doesn’t Even Know:

These Kegel myths are dangerous because if you believe them, you’re missing out on the simple tweaks which actually do make your Kegels effective…and you might even be doing MORE damage.

Kegel Myth #1:
Squeezing The “Down There” Muscles Is Enough

THE TRUTH. Just like lifting weights, the WAY you do something matters. If you lift weights the wrong way or do too many repetitions, you risk overstraining your muscles or hurting yourself—the same thing with Kegels. More is not better. There are some precise techniques involving Kegels, things like breathing, the right way, posture, and proper form. If you’re not using these techniques, you may be damaging your pelvic muscle and doing more harm than good. When your pelvic muscles are damaged, it could take a long time to repair them—so knowing how many Kegels to do and what type is the magic sauce to ending all your pelvic and bladder issues.

Doing Kegels correctly will also help bring back your lubrication, reduce dryness and increase sensation. So Kegels are REAL medicine for women.

Kegel Myth #2:
There’s Only ONE Type of Kegel

FACT: Just like you wouldn’t want to get in shape ONLY by doing planks, or sit-ups, or leg lifts…

Your lady parts need more than just one type of Kegels to be happy, healthy, and strong. Your pelvic floor is a complex web of muscles and it requires many types of different Kegels to regain its strength and tone. This is the main reason why most women continue to pee in their pants, have disappointing orgasms, and avoid exercising and pleasure. 

Plus, doing just one thing all the time is boring! I can think of at least 13 DIFFERENT types of Kegels that I walk women through, and they’re all different to strengthen different things. There are many poorly written Kegel programs on the market that fail women because they just teach one to two different kinds of Kegels. 

So how do you choose the RIGHT type of Kegels for you?

How do you know which ones to do – or even what they all are?

We’ll get to that in a second, but first…

Kegel Myth #3:
Kegels Are Just For The Pelvic Floor

This is the one that really gets me because there’s a reason they call it your “CORE.”

Your pelvic floor is the CENTER of your body, so strengthening your lady parts and your pelvic floor will have an effect on your overall health and wellness too. I call the pelvic floor muscles The “Grand Central Station” of our “Lady Bits” because they are influenced by what is happening in your core, legs, and even your back, and vice versa they can also influence your core, hips, and even your back. 

It affects how you sit and stand, which in turn has an effect on your neck, your back, your legs…


You’re probably starting to see why building a strong foundation for your pelvic floor affects your WHOLE body.

These Myths Have Caused So Much Heartbreak…

Because every woman with prolapse, leakage, or pelvic pressure who believes them, is one more woman who may suffer (maybe for years), without knowing that a solution exists. I’ve seen and heard so many heartbreaking stories from the over 15,000 women that I’ve treated to date.

Hear True Success Stories From Real Women Who’ve Solved Their “Lady Parts” Problems

Marta says, “I’ve finally taken back control of my pelvic health”
Lisa talks about how “My bladder is healthy and I am sleeping through the night”
After years of shame and silence, Emma has overcome her fear of failure and she can trust her body again.
Susan realized she could do the exercises and Kegels on her own, and it took her little time to see results.
Michelle feels whole and loved again by her husband and is so strong in her ladyparts that she has become multi-orgasmic.
After spending thousands of $ on MDs, Karen says this program is hands down the best money she has ever spent on herself.
“I got better and you can too…” — Kelly
“I am so much more body-aware” — Myra
“I can run now without leaking… Thank You, Isa! — Rachel
“I can now take my daughter to the park, every day, for about an hour” — Veronica

The V-Core Lift Complete Live Group Coaching Program

Everything You Need To Know To Build A Strong Foundation For Your Pelvic Floor, Improve Leaking and Prolapse, Enjoy Intimacy, and Be the Strong Woman You Were Meant To Be

I created the program for all the women out there who know that they need a stronger, healthier pelvic floor but they’re not sure how to get there…

It’s based on my S.T.A.R.R. System, which is my signature method to learning how to trust your body again, figure out what’s really going on down there, and practice the key exercises that will help you see rapid improvement with just 5 minutes a day.

How it Works

Lifetime Access to the Entire Program + The Strong Pelvic Floor Treasure Box Bonus Package

The V-Core Lift Complete Program helps women awaken their inner healers so they can confidently do their “ Lady Parts” self-care program from the comfort of their homes. We provide you with a step-by-step process that brings quick results. You Get Lifetime Access to the entire program, which includes six multimedia core modules, recordings of (4) group coaching calls, downloadable checklists, notes, and other materials.

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Pelvic and Bladder Healing Has Never Been This Easy

Log on to your account anytime that fits into your schedule from any device, anywhere. As a lifetime member, you get access to the 6 foundational modules complete with detailed PowerPoint videos, live demo videos, downloadable lectures, and printable resources that will help secure long-lasting results.

The modules and supplemental materials serve as a foundation for your self-help journey. You have access to your account 24 hours a day and can watch video lessons as many times as needed.

The modules are designed to empower you with knowledge and confidence so you can tune in and take action to the messages your body is sending you.

Forget The Guessing… We Give You Customized Exercises That WORK! How? Because We Know Your “Down There” Type

I have treated over 15,000 women and based on this vast clinical experience I’ve been able to classify the pelvic floor into 4 different types. Did you know that there are four different types of “Down There” muscles?

We will show you the BEST tips and healing exercises for overcoming your leaking, pain, or prolapse issues, so have the lady parts you deserve.

You’ll also get awesome unique videos on caring for and protecting what I call “your most precious source of life, pleasure, and feminine power.”

I promise you’re going to be enlightened by your results, your supercharged confidence, and your newfound happiness.

Lifetime Access To The Entire Program So You Heal At Your Pace:


Six healing modules filled with exercises, tips, and techniques that are clinically proven, science-based,  tested, and perfected with 15,000 women – THERE ARE NO GIMMICKS HERE (Original price $698)

You can watch or listen online anytime from any place. This is truly self-paced healing and a lifetime of accurate information for your changing body.

You’ll also get LIFETIME ACCESS… it’s like an ace in your back pocket. A lifetime of accurate and safe pelvic and bladder information for any stage of your life.


Group Coaching QA session Replays

Lifetime access to all call recordings so you can review and take notes and you will always learn from all questions that are asked – Value – $350


Access to our secured classroom (PRICELESS) where all of your program materials, weekly session replays, videos, and other downloadable resources and handouts from Isa will be safely stored and accessed for life. You get LIFETIME ACCESS to everything!

The Modules

Module 1 – Empowerment Strategies For Pelvic Vitality & Power

Discover the true power of changing your everyday behaviors so that you can create long-term healing and stop the rebounding and relapsing into pee leaks, pressure, and numbness. You will discover the building blocks to an unbreakable body and pelvic floor

You will: 

  • Discover the roots of your leaking and the lifestyle changes necessary to overcome pelvic imbalance and suffering.

  • Connect with your body’s messages and understand your symptoms so you can make changes that truly heal the root causes of your bladder and pelvic symptoms.

  • Explore breath work and guided meditation to connect with your inner wisdom and feminine wisdom.

  • Explore proper posture, movement patterns and reconnect with the power of the pelvis and a tamed bladder.

  • Understand the untapped power of the female body and how to use it to generate more joy and less fear and inhibitions in your life.

V-Core Lift Program 47

V-Core Lift Program 48

Module 2 – Discover How Strong Your “Lady Parts” Are

In this module, you will understand how your pelvic floor actually works and the overall state and strength of your lady parts. Knowledge is power and when you know better you will feel more empowered and heal faster. You will know everything about your “Lady Parts” and that in itself will liberate and help you become the CHO (Chief Health Officer) of your life. 

You will:

  • Learn the levels and anatomy of the pelvic floor and how they work together to provide a perfect pathway for developing pelvic power, bladder control, and awareness so that you can feel like your old self again.

  • Learn how to shift your knowledge so you can take charge of your physical wellbeing and never outsource your care again.

  • Discover how to test for the strength of the pelvic floor and what to do about it so you generate comfort, confidence, and stability in your pelvis and in your life.

  • Understand the nature of what’s really happening in your pelvis and how to work with it to increase your life force, happiness, and joy. It’s time to step out of old habits and into fullness.

V-Core Lift Program 47

V-Core Lift Program 48

Module 3 – Rejuvenate Your Pelvic Floor & Bladder With The Perfect Kegel Series

You’ve long known that there is more to strengthening your pelvic floor life than meets the eye. You’ve dreamt of stepping out of weakness and into your own innate capacity to heal your pelvic floor and bladder naturally. In this module, you will learn different types of Kegels and what I call the Un-Kegel so you can reclaim the power of your pelvis and bladder to regenerate pelvic health and rewrite your relationship with your body. The Kegels you will discover will give you an ageless pelvic floor.

You will:

  • Understand how different types of Kegels and Unkegels will lead you directly to healing your leaking, prolapse, and diminished sensation.  You gain access to reestablishing your pelvic health, wellbeing, and joy.

  • Experience powerful, yet simple ways to do Kegels the right way so you can empower yourself and heal the symptoms that disrupt your life.

  • Activate your capacity to understand long-held vaginal tensions and traumas that are stored in your pelvis.

  • Step out of recurring Kegel habits that affect your health and keep you trapped in an unhealthy way of being.

  • Develop a deeply centered understanding of your body that attracts harmony in your body and empowers balanced personal and healthy relationships with yourself and others.

V-Core Lift Program 47

V-Core Lift Program 48

Module 4 – Repair And Flatten Your Abs With The Crunchless Core

You’ve dreamt of stepping out of poorly designed exercise routines and fitness mazes that give you hit-or-miss results. You’ve been searching for ways to improve your body and flattening your tummy, but keep finding that almost everything out here is based on a twenty-something body and is NOT pelvic floor safe.  In this module, you will learn proven abdominal exercises that will flatten your tummy and will level up the power of the pelvic floor so you get faster results. You will also learn how to heal the Mummy Tummy also known as Diastasis Recti Separation,

You will:

  • Be guided into a core exercise routine that you can do at home to stand taller, look better, and feel more confident than ever.

  • Discover how to strengthen your abdominal muscles to support your pelvic floor, and pelvic organs and heal your diastasis recti (abdominal separation or “Mummy Tummy”) using my revolutionary Crunchless-Core-Routine.

  • Discover abdominal exercises to maintain body positivity and unconditional right relationship with yourself so that you can love yourself always.

  • Be given proven exercises to finally get the midsection and flat tummy you desire.

V-Core Lift Program 47

V-Core Lift Program 48

Module 5 – Prevention- Heal Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Pressure

Modern culture has taught us to rely on doctors to ensure our safety and protection. In doing so, we have all but forgotten how to tap into our own innate healing powers. Imagine not suffering from pressure, low backache, or pelvic dullness. It’s time to trust that you can take care of yourself with lifestyle changes and exercises. Imagine a life where your pelvic and bladder health does not suffer from pressure, pain, or leaking, nor is dependent on doctors. In this module, you will learn about the power of self-healing and what to do to maintain your pelvic floor strong and your organs in place.

You will:

  • Learn to see symptoms as opportunities for healing.

  • Tap into your power of feminine intuition to create lifestyle changes that bring incredible healing to your organs and help them to stay in place.

  • Explore the messages of your body so that you are not dependent on MDs, and gurus and can make immediate changes to stay on the road to long-term healing.

  • Learn the tools necessary to experience personal sovereignty, and true essence as you master your exercises and make simple changes that bring profound healing results.

  • Discover how to address your symptoms, and trust that you now have the knowledge now to heal completely and live freely without fear or inhibitions.

V-Core Lift Program 47

V-Core Lift Program 48

Module 6 – Reconnect With Your “Queendom” – Body Work & Fascia & Scar Healing Techniques

You are one who has strived to care for yourself but you feel like you are missing part of the pelvic floor-bladder puzzle. You are ready to work on your body because you know that everything is connected and you want to create a body that is pain-free and working for you. You feel stuck in a body that needs to be repaired and you desire how to take better care of your queendom but need information you can trust. You are ready to listen to the messages of your body step up and birth a body you wish to live in. In this module, you will discover what it takes to put your body together for long-term vitality and movement.

You will:

  • Learn to perform a simple self-massage that frees you from scar pain, body pain, and the need to pee all the time.

  • Learn to live from a place of knowing exactly how to touch your body with purpose so you can feel free again.

  • Embrace your own unique body so you no longer compare yourself to others

  • Encounter guidance and learn to integrate everything you’ve learned in the past modules into your personal journey.

  • Understand the importance of bodywork as the gateway to self-empowerment and to being an unbreakable female body and pelvic floor.

V-Core Lift Program 47

Radically Redefine Your Pelvic Health and Reclaim Your Pelvic Power with the V Core-Lift Complete Live Group Coaching Program

V-Core Lift program has all the bells and whistles you need to achieve real results in the shortest time possible. This program helped me, and over 15,100 women, heal, strengthen, tone their pelvic floor muscles and reclaim their confidence and happiness.  

Here’s What’s in the V Core-Lift Complete Live Group Coaching Program

  • 6 Modules, LIFETIME access, with videos, cheat sheets, powerpoints, and mastery sheets. 
  • Recorded lectures where everything is explained for easy understanding ensuring you are safe with all the work.
  • High-quality videos of all Kegel exercises, massages, and tools.
  • Live gynecological model demonstrations so you can learn more easily and safely.
  • Exclusive bonuses to support your healing journey.

If I were to teach you all of this, it would be the equivalent of 10 sessions of physical therapy.

If you enrolled in one of my group coaching programs, it would be over $1000, Yet, just for being open to learning these ideas, you won’t be paying anything near that.

You can get access to the V Core-Lift Complete Live Group Coaching Program for just 1 payment of $698 or 4 easy payments of $181.25.

When you think about it that way, $698 is a small investment to make to solve this, once and for all!

I’m offering the V-Core Lift Complete Live Group Coaching this summer at such an affordable price because it’s my MISSION to get this information to as many women as possible who desperately need it.


V-Core Complete Live Group Coaching Program Summer Semester Is Open for Enrollment 



Your Covered With a
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Get it, check it out for a FULL 14 DAYS… and… if you’re not happy with it for any reason (or no reason at all), shoot me an email and you’ll receive a FULL and immediate refund. No questions asked.

I know, for many women, this is a sensitive issue. There’s a feeling that our bodies have “failed” us in some way, or that we’re somehow “broken”.

And that couldn’t be further from the truth. YOU are a Queen, and you deserve to be in charge of your Queendom – without leaking, without embarrassment, and without shame.

All you have to do is click the button below and fill out your details on the next page to get instant access to the V-Core Lift Program.

Your Future is in Your Hands
In just 5 minutes a day, you can stop leaking and START enjoying life more.

You’ll smile as you start to feel improvements…you start to feel stronger…you experience more pleasure…

And you’ll know that you did the RIGHT thing for you and your body.

Picture the moment that you finally find the answer you’ve been looking for to your leaking or prolapse. You feel so happy that you can leave the house without a pantyliner, wearing your skinny jeans or a cute white dress, and get compliments on how confident you look…

You can’t wait to get your partner home for some “alone time” in the bedroom because YOU are finally getting what you need and experiencing deep pleasure and connection…

And you’re relaxed and open to what life has to bring because you’re strong in mind, body, and spirit – not weighed down by guilt and shame.

In short, you’re experiencing the life that you were meant to live.

And today is your opportunity to take the first step towards that life, by joining me in the V-Core Lift Complete Live Group Coaching Program.

I am so positive that if you give it a chance (and do the exercises) that you’ll see the results that so many others have seen, and I’m backing it up with a no-questions-asked guarantee.

Don’t put this off any longer.

One more very important reason to do this right away: unless you take action right now, you may never do it.

You may fall victim to the “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse…

And we all know that tomorrow usually turns into next week…next month…next year.

Let’s make sure you get what you really want.

And do the only smart thing you can do:

Take advantage of this limited offer while you still can…

And let’s do this together!

Big LOve, 

P.S. Now, I know you may still be a little bit skeptical if this can really work for you.

So here’s what I recommend.

Join now to claim your discounted price. Go through all the modules, watch all the videos, and try the exercises out for yourself.

If you’re not happy for any reason, just let me know within 14 days and I’ll refund every penny.

So you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

(they are also recordedQ: What’s included in the V-Core Lift Program? 

Before I go into what’s in it, I just want to quickly say what it’s going to do for you. Because the videos, demonstrations, and mastery sheets are designed with one thing in mind – to give you freedom! Freedom to live your life without worrying about leaking, running to the bathroom all the time, or making sure you have a stash of pantyliners in your purse. Freedom to get intimate with your partner and have mind-blowing orgasms. And freedom to take control of your healing, with the tools and knowledge that you’ll gain from the program.     

The actual program contains: 

  • 6 Core Video Modules, focusing on everything that you need to prevent or improve leaking and prolapse.
  • Cheat sheets and mastery sheets, so you can stay on track of your progress and make sure you’re doing everything right. 
  • Recorded lectures where everything is explained for easy understanding ensuring you are safe with all the work.
  • High-quality videos of all Kegel exercises, massages, and tools.
  • Live gynecological model demonstrations so you can learn more easily and safely.

Q: What’s the deadline to take advantage of this? 

THe V-Core Complete Lve Group Coaching Program opens for enrollemt on June 15, 2022, as we embark on our summer of healing. Get expert guidance from Isa on a series of LIVE group coaching calls (they are also recorded too!), as she takes you thru the curriculum.

Q: How much time is this going to take?

A: Once you go through the modules and put together a 5-minute daily routine that works for you, you’ll need JUST 5-10 minutes a day to do the simple exercises and see results.

Q: How long before I start to see results?

A: It depends…if you’ve had these issues for a while, it may take longer to see improvements. But if you put in the effort, You’ll feel an improvement in as little as 2 weeks, depending on the effort you put in and how long you’ve had the condition.

Q: My doctor says I need surgery, is this for me?

A: First of all, you should know that conservative therapy (like the V-Core Lift program), should always be tried first before resorting to surgery. And even if you do need surgery in the end, you can (and should) use a V-Core Lift to build and strengthen your pelvic floor and correct any underlying issues.

Q: I just had a baby – when can I start this?

A: Well, you probably won’t feel like doing Kegels right after giving birth, so I suggest waiting a few days. Although you can start anytime, if you have pain, stop and wait a few more days until you can do the exercises without pain.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes! Try everything out and if you’re not satisfied just let us know within 14 days for a full refund.

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